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  1. Is it weird that I think this Max looks quite a lot like the old Max?
  2. Same! I swear I watch this show just so I can take part in this forum. Last season's Bachelorette was my very first ever! This is my first Bachelor! But I think that Colton is gay and not out due to his family/upbringing/home state?
  3. Haha! He hit him with the door! I though you meant that he punched him. I sort of buy being knocked out BY A DOOR, not by Dylan McKay, heh.
  4. I really wish you would have gif-ed Dylan's "Whoaa--aaaaaa". :D
  5. I don't even try to understand the plot lines anymore. They make zero sense and everyone is annoying.
  6. IDK why everyone is making these absurd faces but they're about the only entertainment value this show has left!
  7. Maybe she would have had chemistry with Steve if they had ever really gone down that path...
  8. They also have their gang colors all mixed up. One's wearing blue under red, another is wearing blue under brown and one is just not even trying and wearing black and gray. Is it still a thing that TV shows can't use gang names?
  9. Of course! How could I have missed that? Maybe because we've never seen him smoke until now, lol. On the bright side, since he jus started smoking this episode, it should be pretty easy for him to quit!
  10. Dylan's back! And so is his "I'm so cool, everything bores me" face. Who wouldn't look in the direction of a fight happening right in front of your face? Dylan! I mean, what if he needs to dodge a stray punch? Steve almost crashes into Mrs. Teasley in that gif. I've never seen these eps but these plotlines are hard to follow. They make no sense. What's the deal with Matt hiding his smoking? Is he not supposed to smoke because he's a "good guy" and only bad guys smoke?
  11. What happened to this podcast? Is it over?
  12. Is his memoir worth reading? Does it have interesting 90210 gossip?
  13. What a douche move for him to refer to his parents as "Jim and Cindy" again --- one last time for good measure! I do wonder if everyone in this cast just hated each other by this season. I never saw any of these episodes, it's only interesting in this podcast format, lol.
  14. I also don't get the point of the webcam at The Beat, where like....four people work and one of them's not even around. Riveting!
  15. I don't understand what is going on with Piss-Face David and Sophie. He seems to hate her 99% of the time...except for when he's sleeping with her. I wish Steve would just punch him in the face and we could be done with it. I never watched these seasons....is there any chance David will be one of the ones we never saw again??
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