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  1. Scaeva

    S04.E08: Coushatta

    Poor Werner was a goner the moment his wife got mentioned. No way he makes it out of BCS alive. That he and Mike were bonding probably didn't bode well for his chances, either. Mike probably is going to be the one to do it.
  2. Scaeva

    S05.E10: Cold War

    I think some of the comments made in the thread about Sam's weight are unduly harsh in that they don't give him enough credit. I'm not in disagreement that his weight was a major factor in why he won, just that it wasn't the only reason why we won. A positive mental attitude and a willingness to endure suffering are also a big part of why anyone wins on this show, and Sam has both traits in spades. Throughout the entire run of the series there have been plenty of other obese or heavy-set contestants that didn't last nearly as long as Sam in either of his seasons, tapping because they were terrified of the animals, or missing home, or couldn't endure the solitude for a day longer, or because of the misery of being exposed to the elements or being without adequate food for days on end. A lot of the more fit contestants also tapped because they had reached a mental breaking point.
  3. Scaeva

    S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    Empathy for the animal you've killed also doesn't make you any less of a hunter, or a man. That dude is infinitely more badass than any modern American/Canadian who hunts. He also had empathy for the animal he killed.
  4. Scaeva

    S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    I have to side with the producers (sort of) on that, in that I think it would be impossible to give every contestant a camp site with an equal availability of resources, no matter how hard you tried. Animal life isn't going to be equally distributed and things like easy access to a river are going to make some sites better than others. Food availability could also change depending on natural cycles. (i.e. game migrating w/ seasonal changes) I think the best the producers can do in terms of fairness is to have the contestants draw straws and have which campsite they get be determined by chance. I can't recall now whether it was ever explained how contestants ended up paired with particular sites.
  5. Scaeva

    S05.E04: Mongolia's Wrath

    Maybe somewhere in the U.S. or Canada that might be a law, but this is being filmed in Mongolia. It's quite possible hunting laws are very different there.
  6. Scaeva

    S05.E01 Redemption

    Statistically wolf attacks are extremely rare. Wolves aren't inherently aggressive toward people and usually wolves are much more inclined to steer clear of humans than actively hunt them. They are capable of killing people of course and it isn't entirely unknown for people to be hunted by wolves, so you have to respect that they're wild predators, but among the list of things to be concerned about in Mongolia a wolf attack would be somewhere near the bottom. If any of the contestants have a close encounter with wolves it's much more likely to end similarly to the encounter in this video clip (2:18 - 3:35), or this one from Montana, with the wolves doing their own thing and mostly ignoring the human. The History Channel often exaggerates the danger they're in from wolves for some manufactured drama. In a prior season from Vancouver Island that even included stock footage of a wolf appearing aggressive masquerading as footage from that season. It's lame.
  7. Scaeva

    S02.E05: Akane No Mai

    There is even a player created meme poking fun at a similar thing in popular role-playing games created by Bioware. Westworld & Shogunworld having copy-pasted storylines and character types was brilliant because it mimicked something often seen in video games.
  8. Scaeva

    S02.E03: Virtù e Fortuna

    I'm willing to suspend disbelief on that because the humans with guns are just civilian corporate security, and prior to everything going to hell in a handbasket probably didn't have much opportunity to hone the skills they'd need to assault a fortress. It's probably not a situation they anticipated. Going about it like rank amateurs has an element of believability to it Now if the Chinese military shows up at some point and looks just as inept, I'd be fully on board with the action scenes needing to be better choreographed.
  9. Scaeva

    S02.E01: Journey Into Night

    They were also wearing the weird blue camo uniforms of Chinese Marines.
  10. Scaeva

    S03.E05: eps3.4_runtime-err0r.r00

    Did anyone else notice that toward the end when Angela had to meat the hazmat suit guy (forget if it was before or immediately after), behind her on the wall is the slogan "We're on your side," except one of the rioters had spray-painted an X over it? Maybe I'm reading too much into things but it made me wonder if that was a foreshadowing of the Dark Army sending Irving to take care of Angela at some point, the same way he's likely going to take care of the woman who saw Angela. Angela did just perform something Elliot was supposed to do, and Whiterose had stated in an earlier episode that once Elliot was done with Stage 2 he could die for them. Did Angela just take Elliot's place as a loose end to be tied up?
  11. I think wanting them to tap out early is most likely right. The later start was probably planned with the hope that it result in a faster win and lower production costs. Next time they'll probably start in December. LOL
  12. Well said. I was rooting for the father & son team but the brothers deserved to win. You can't survive 75 days on arguments and they lasted longer than any other previous Vancouver Island Winner, and they did with two mouths instead of only one to feed. I suspect they were the victims of reality TV editing. The producers decided to focus on their quarrels rather than the stuff they did to survive.
  13. Scaeva

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Disappointment is coming.
  14. Scaeva

    S07.E06: Beyond the Wall

    They're probably saving it for the last episode when Jorah Mormont, having teleported from north of the wall for the meeting with Cersei, dies saving Dany from the assassination attempt Cersei likely has planned.
  15. Scaeva

    S04.E09: My Brother's Keeper

    I sort of feel sorry for the brothers because they probably got the jerk edit. 95% of the time they probably weren't arguing with each other or calling each other names, but because that makes for less compelling TV by the reality television rulebook, it gets shelved to make room for clips of them snarking each other. They probably get along better than the impression the TV series gives.