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  1. Did anyone catch Derrick talking about getting $100 before Julie announced the rules of High Rollers? Or am I delusional?
  2. He used record albums to decorate the walls in the Detroit Pride house, not 45’s.
  3. The way Lucy speaks to her employer is reminiscent of Zoila and Jeff Lewis. At first her insolence was humorous but it got old as time went on.
  4. As regarding Louis, I’m reminded of the time Brianna called Brooks an opportunist. Next thing you know, Theresa will be buying him a new set of teeth and dropping him off at a cancer treatment facility.
  5. Why are they now referring to the master bedroom as the primary bedroom on several HGTV shows?
  6. When did the term “master bedroom” become “primary bedroom” on HGTV shows?
  7. According to Big Blonde Hair, Kit was wearing one of Cynthia Rowley’s designs.
  8. I know someone who served time in Angola, Louisiana’s state penitentiary. He had a tattoo on his face that looked like a small ink spot. He told me it signified that he had done hard time and was a way that other former inmates could recognize each other, almost like a badge of honor. He also told me that the teardrop tattoo means the person committed murder. I think Ivan’s brother is a very bad dude.
  9. Paula wasn’t Fresh Meat. She’s Real World Key West.
  10. I recall thinking that the way Braunwyn was with Tamara during their make out scenes bordered on sexual harassment. It appeared to me that she took advantage of Tamara’s impairment and was the aggressor.
  11. My friend, whose Lakeview house was shown on an earlier episode, told me that the buyers are actors. He said he was home during the 3 hours it took to film and he was disappointed in how little they showed of his enormous house. His house was not selected by the fake buyers. No one who lives in New Orleans considers any property on the North Shore (Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington, Abita Springs) to be part of the Big Easy. In fact, many New Orleanians move to the North Shore to escape the big city problems (crime, taxes, poor education system, etc.)
  12. No, I haven’t talked to him about the show yet but do intend to do so soon. What does inquiring minds want to know?
  13. Imagine my surprise when I recognized the Lakeview house on last nights episode as belonging to a friend of mine. It is still on the market for $1.6.
  14. I recall Ian saying that he rocks because it feels like something inside of him is loose and rattles around. I can identify with that. I can never sit still and always have to be shifting my weight from one side to the other or shaking my foot. When I’m standing I rock back and forth. I’m aware of it but can’t stop myself.
  15. Tonight on WWHL, Sonja, with a sexy J, said Luann did have sex with the pirate.
  16. Makani was on a reality show in 2017 called Stranded with a Million Dollars.
  17. Grant is phoning it in, literally.
  18. I can’t stand Ninja. I don’t know why.
  19. I laughed out loud at Kris being tackled. I had to watch it over and over. Even after I found out it was a fake Kris, I still enjoyed the scene. Such a shame it was all just a big prank on Kim.
  20. I beg to differ. What are you basing your assessment on? As a Loyola law school graduate I am insulted. It is the only law school in Louisiana that has a night school program which allows those of us who have to work a full time day job to also continue our education after work.
  21. I’ve been to Reagan’s shop in One Canal Place. It’s small and by appointment only. No one was actually working there.
  22. Chris Harrison is the comic relief for this season.
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