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  1. OMG, I know -- I thought I read the screen wrong when they provided her age! They said she was 35 correct?
  2. Was a bit under-whelmed with Dr. Mercy. It was mindless tv. I'll stick with Dr. Lee.
  3. Is there a forum/thread for Dr. Mercy?
  4. MissT

    The Royals

    She looks like she needs a meal. Seriously very thin.
  5. Wow -- Bravo!!! I'm with you all the way. I remember when this happened and I watched the documentary 2-3 times over the years. I still wonder, all these years later, how her son is.
  6. In the picture with Ember, Jackson's legs are so bowed. I hope he's not in any pain. He looks like such a happy kid, I hope he will be able to get them corrected soon. They both look so cute.
  7. MissT

    The Royals

    The second picture looks like she's saying to herself "he' touching me, stop touching me!!!!!, hurry up and take the picture and just post the damn thing "
  8. I don't post very often, but read everyone's comments and I appreciate everyone's insight and snark. I have not watched the show in a long time, as it just got ridiculous. But, I just can't go on without making a comment on this whole stupid wedding. I appreciate that Amy found love again. Heck, I'm 54 and would like to find another love (but I'm content where I am). She is acting like a 21 year old girl -- for goodness sake. She had a beautiful first wedding (from what I've seen) and was married for over 20 years (albeit not always happy years)!!!! Seriously, I think this whole
  9. MissT

    MLB Thread

    Yes!!! I teared up totally. I thought it was great with the theme song playing. I was waiting for James Earl Jones to walk out.
  10. MissT

    The Royals

    But why marry him? Was it arranged? She's much younger then he is. She had to of known his history of being a womanizer and multiple paternity suits. Obviously, I'm not in their circle but even I read the news. She had to know this going into the marriage, so I don't feel too sorry for her. Also, he's not what I call handsome like his father.
  11. MissT

    The Royals

    That's their story and they are sticking to it. Very odd
  12. I actually hate when Julia watches a cook complete an entire dish and says "Well Done". She does it ALL the time. It drives me nuts, like she's their superior or something
  13. I cannot imagine why Dr. Lee and the other doctor would think they could remove that in an office setting. I'm no doctor, but that poor man needed to be put under sedation in order to remove that. I can't imagine how much pain he would have been in. Not enough numbing solution could have made him comfortable. I have watched all her shows and youtube videos, but this was disturbing to me. They should immediately made arrangements for a hospital operation. The clips from next week show they did make that decision.
  14. MissT

    The Royals

    Does anyone have news on what surgery Princess Charlene had that she is staying so far from home this very long time? I find it odd. Does Monaco not have good hospitals? JMO but I think she's purposely staying away.
  15. I've seen the movie a few times and I agree that his father did not help him deal with the loss of his mother. It seems that he dated rather quickly, but they don't give a time line when she died. Was it a few months earlier, a year, two years. I love Shirley Jones and I Ronnie Howard. I don't think Glen Ford was the best pick to play Eddie's father. I think he's a boring actor.
  16. I agree. I was looking to see if Missy and Tim's daughter was in the wedding. I'm sure she was. You can't have everyone on camera. Some people may Not want to be. Anyway. I don't care for Ree or her food, but it's their money and they can spend it how they wish. It did look beautiful and Alex seems like a very nice person. Chuck seemed very frail looking though.
  17. MissT

    This Is CNN

    Cannot stand Don Lemon. I never watch his show. Would never miss him. He is the biggest whiny ninny on CNN. He makes everything about himself. CNN has many other talented reporters that could take his spot.
  18. I agree... she's a real chef unlike Ree. I really don't mind her, she makes some good food. "Giada at Home" is the thread on this forum.
  19. I read that long ago about Giada. Her sister as well. Her father was a scum bag. Apparently she participated in various organizations to help abused children. So as much as she's very attention seeking, I think she's handled it well. This probably should be in the Giada thread.
  20. Just watched the episode. I understand all families are complicated, hell my family has issues, all families have issues, but this family is toxic ! Anna needs to move out and live her own life. I agree with someone upthread saying Amber is jealous of Anna. The talk Amber had with Liz was just a way of her trying to turn Liz against her sister. As a mother that's a horrible thing to do.
  21. Again...., who is the Brits sister???? I think Kevin is walking his sister down the isle.
  22. I'm sorry, but did I miss something ? Who is the British guys sister ? I think Kevin will be married to Madison in the future. At least I hope do. They are good together.
  23. Elliot Gould is 82, has he been ill? Just curious.
  24. Mauricio's mother looked stunning. I loved her dress. I didn't care for Ree's dress. I was staring at her eyebrows though. So orangey looking. She looked nice years ago when her hair was brown/auburn. I will say again, the wedding did look beautiful. I wish them well.
  25. As much as I don't care for Ree or the gross foods she makes or the fake personality, the reception tent looked gorgeous with the flowers from ceiling, etc. Alex looks beautiful and I do wish her much happiness with her new husband. I can't imagine how much that cost.
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