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  1. Sunspot2003

    S01.E05: Moo Shu to Go

    So Mama Lightwood is a piece of work but I really hated Jace this episode, Clary's hair looks a colour that might just exist in nature now so she came off better by comparison. Alec was great as always, but I really love the layers they're adding to Isabelle. Luke is finally in the show and hopefully will be a far better character for it. Next week look to be a bit more Magnus heavy and I can't wait.
  2. Sunspot2003

    S01.E04: Raising Hell

    Now this is what I signed up for! Loved Magnus (I shall stop calling him Mike Chang now), loved Alec (as usual) and loved them together, I have a ship! Luke better be moved into the A plot soon though, it's like he's on another show.
  3. Sunspot2003

    S01.E03: Dead Man's Party

    So book people tell me, is Alec supposed to be this much cooler and smarter than everyone else or is it just that Matthew Daddario is the only one of the main 5 that knows what he's doing? This episode suffered from a whole lot of Clary and Jace and no Mike Chang, I never want to see that bike again. I want a bracelet that turns into a whip.
  4. Sunspot2003

    S01.E02: The Descent Into Hell Isn't Easy

    As a former Vampire Diaries viewer they seem to be making Clary very Elena when she needs to be a bit more Katherine. The silent brothers were suitably creepy though, and I am still on board for hopefully a lot more Mike Chang.
  5. Sunspot2003

    War And Peace (2016)

    I'm in the UK so started to watch this a couple of weeks ago, when not even Gillian Anderson can keep me tuning in you know a show has problems.
  6. Sunspot2003

    S01.E01: The Mortal Cup

    Haven't read the books or seen the movie, but came for the Mike Chang staying for the Mike Chang.