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  1. I'm not sure I agree with the recapper characterizing Claire's thing with the king as rape. She knowingly and willingly went into this situation expecting that sex would be payment. She choose to take this risk to free her husband, and give up her "virtue" (as she put it to Mother what's-her-name).
  2. I have a hard crush on Murtagh. What's not to like?! The only thing I have to say about this episode is that there was a moment where Jamie was wearing his kilt and he sat down. As he sat down, he hiked his kilt up a bit so when he was sitting his knees were showing. I actually said "thank you" to my computer screen when he did that. I don't know why, but those legs in that kilt...rawr!
  3. TV Anonymous--To answer your first point, I think it was pretty clearly states in S1E1 that Claire had an interest in botany that had nothing to do with her nurse training. I believe she mentioned (in voice over) that Frank encouraged her interest. If you have knowledge of plants, part of that knowledge might include medicinal properties (and wouldn't be surprising for her to explore the medicinal properties of plants given her nurses training)
  4. Ah, ok. Thanks for explaining that. I felt like I was supposed to know what that was all about in this episode, but they must be going to explain it next episode.
  5. I haven't read the book yet, and yes! I was totally confused about why the attackers suddenly ran away. I thought maybe I missed something from earlier in the episode (I watched half on Sunday and the rest today) so I assumed I just wasn't paying attention. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out what 'la damn blanche' is. I was coming here to ask what that was all about when I saw your comment.
  6. But thing about your own history (let's assume you are american). If you traveled back and in time 200 years, how much do you think you could recall about a specific event that you learned about in school? Reading this discussion, I tried to think about the American Revolution and what I might be able to say about it...to be honest, not much! And I know I learned about it in school and I personally find history interesting and yet I still would be useless were I in Claire's shoes. Regarding Claire not absorbing much of Frank's interests...my soon to be ex husband has a rabid interest in a
  7. Sarah's interjection's during Gil's chat with Brandon were perfect.
  8. My favorite: Jamie to Claire: "I wouldn't change ye to save the world" and then he kisses her.
  9. So, on the podcast feed in iTunes this episode is listed as Season 3 Episode 25, but on the boards here it's episode 26--Just an FYI! I'm not sure which one is supposed to be correct but thought I'd mention it. Tara's yell "THE EEEEEEND!" cracked me up. So much pain in that yell!
  10. What did you guys think of the change to the opening song with it switching to French? Overall, the song had a different cadence to it. I'm going to have to go back and watch the episode again! I always pick up on stuff I missed the first time.
  11. I haven't read the books yet (working on Outlander) so pardon me if this is obvious in the books...but the newspaper article about Claire, that becomes significant, no? It's an article that would possibly exist later when Geillis researches the mysterious disappearances. I adore Murtagh.
  12. I spent the evening at my BFF's house, going through her very large containers of high school memorabilia. I came across our school newspaper with the list of senior superlatives. It was fun to read. The only objectionable-ish one was 'shyest'...I figure shy people probably don't love having that pointed out to them. There was a 'best legs' category but I think that was done in good fun. We also went through her scrapbook, which featured many pictures of us in very 90s clothing. Last but not least, she saved every note/letter I ever sent her and in one them, I kid you not! I mentioned
  13. I'm new to the show, thanks to the free streaming on Starz. I can't wait to join in on the season 2 conversation--I went and read many of the S1 threads already. I just started reading the first book, but I have been spoiled by the book threads (willingly!) so I have an idea of what goes on. I'm looking forward to seeing how the story gets from here to there.
  14. I think one major reason modern women who have breech babies are sent to have c-sections is the liability issue. Breech babies can be delivered vaginally, but there's always the risk that the head will get stuck (which become a major problem since the rest of the baby is already out). Doctors don't like to take the risk when it comes to that nowadays, particularly when you can whisk a mother into the OR for a c/s. Back then, there wasn't much choice.
  15. My Blaze T-shirt came in the mail today and I am SO happy!
  16. I'm not a legal expert but I'm pretty sure that minors cannot enter into contracts. If he actually had a signed contract, he would have needed a lawyer or at the very least, his parent(s) involved.
  17. I'm just going to say, that when you guys announced The Blaze t-shirt is now for sale, I yelled "YAY!" and clapped my hands while I was driving. I'm that excited for it. Can't wait to get it!
  18. I swear when it originally aired, it felt like it went on for-ev-er.
  19. I actually LOL'ed at the comment re: going five inches deep vs just-the-tipping. You guys kill me!
  20. I'm pretty sure that Losing My Religion is not in the next episode. When I watched it a few months ago, it was so annoying that they obviously put a filler song in that I started to google looking for a list of songs by episode to figure out what song they had replaced. That's when I came across the link that lists all the songs (the link can be found in the music thread or the seasons 1-3 thread).
  21. I'm going with a one-two punch of low flow shower head + faulty styling products. I nearly died reading this! And then this: I read that comment before I clicked to see the visual aids and I could not imagine what you were referring to until I scrolled down and saw what you were talking about. Nearly choked on my ginger ale, but yes, I agree, that's exactly what it looked like!
  22. I'm sorry about your mom :( I hope everything is ok now, although that must be pretty traumatic to lose a limb.
  23. I posted this in the seasons 1-3 thread, but it belongs here, too! This link lists the songs that were used in each episode. http://www.fanforum.com/f265/90210-music-thread-1-a-62851104/
  24. Funnily enough, just the other day Big was on television (love that movie!) and I was wondering what Ruehl was up to and then just like that, she was on life in pieces! This show cracks me up. James Brolin kills me in this role.So funny!
  25. When I got accepted into college, fat envelopes meant you got an acceptance letter and paperwork for things you needed to know--like how to send in your deposit, forms to fill out etc. This was in 91/92 Does anyone remember the movie How I got into College? And the girl on the phone yelling "Is it fat or skinny?!" about the envelope she had gotten in the mail? I watched this episode a few months ago and omg, was it a chore to get through! UGH. Definitely a nonac-worthy episode!
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