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  1. Odelia

    Unpopular Opinions

    Agreed in regards to hating Piper, ugh such a boring and stick-in-the-mud character, I never liked her after about the 1st season.
  2. Odelia

    S09.E21: The Viewing Party Combustion

    It seemed like her and her Charmed "sister" (Billie? or was that her.. the sister anyway) basically ruined the entire show.
  3. Odelia

    S06.E16: Mack Z vs. Abby Lee

    By the way, this is random but about Brynn, I saw some pictures of her siblings, does anyone know if these are full, half or step siblings? https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/11203094_10205456543587223_7510630491845259652_n.jpg?oh=b495f6e9f720dd1a6a1306b9d7be6faa&oe=57786230They look the same but how is Brynn so small and her little sister so big!
  4. Odelia

    S06.E16: Mack Z vs. Abby Lee

    Woah, she's really really good in those two videos :O Maybe she's so nervous on the show that she pales, or they just want her to appear like that. Wait, when was Jordyn Jones on Dance Moms?
  5. Odelia

    S06.E16: Mack Z vs. Abby Lee

    Kenzie did look great at hiphop! I wonder, is hiphop something you'd be better at if you're short like Kenzie? Somehow I feel it would be easier for someone like Kenzie than say, Ava. Where can we see Maddie doing hiphop? Jojo could have won if her choreography wasn't so lame. Brynn just looks too skinny when she does hiphop.
  6. Odelia

    S06.E16: Mack Z vs. Abby Lee

    Abby hinted more than just the Ziegler's will leave, and I'm scared they will use the minis to fill out the team. Finding more dancers who can emote like Maddie would be better, none of the minis are interesting at all.
  7. Odelia

    S06.E16: Mack Z vs. Abby Lee

    Possibly, in the sense that when she stops wearing bows it will be like "a big thing", kind of like when you always do well at things you have such pressure every time in case you don't, I mean people expect something of you.. well people expect bows from Jojo so she might feel that she can't stop. Right now I think she likes the image she has of blonde with bows, but who knows about the future. I feel bad for Brynn but she could never be Chloe, because her mother isn't as funny. ^Agreed about the phones, it irritates me so much when people do that when out to dinner.
  8. Odelia

    S06.E16: Mack Z vs. Abby Lee

    It's okay, she should be able to wear whatever she likes, sneakers instead of heels, bows, whatever. I like them :D
  9. Odelia

    Netflix Picks Up A Second Season Of Fuller House

    Ugh agreed, I always hated Joey, as a kid and when I re-watched as a teenager and still now. I'd like to see all three sisters reunited.
  10. Odelia

    S06.E16: Mack Z vs. Abby Lee

    Mackenzie looks much more like her father IMO, I think she's very pretty though (despite being ridiculously short). It's funny how they like hiphop now but in the first couple of seasons they claimed to hate it (or was that Paige/Chloe/Brooke?).
  11. Odelia

    S06.E15: Melissa's Announcement

    I don't think Maddie was acting as an 8 year old, she probably really did want Abby's approval and love back then, but now she's kind of acting above that :(
  12. Odelia

    S06.E15: Melissa's Announcement

    Yeah, also when Abby took Maddie to dinner again, Maddie was blank the whole time. Abby actually cared about Maddie and Kenzie so it's pretty sad they're acting like that. I also think Kenzie already knew they were leaving, she has been in the background in past episodes when mums were speculating and looked like she knew. I agree that it's so strange how Kalani turned out so well, but I'm wondering how much of a part Kira played in raising her.
  13. Odelia

    Dance Moms in the Media

    That's a really weird video for her to upload, why even xD Gosh though I didn't realise Maddie was so petite.
  14. Odelia

    S01.E02: Moving Day

    Yeah, DJ was always boring. Michelle was a brat, but more interesting than DJ. Stephanie was queen, obviously. I don't like the oldest son and the baby isn't really a person yet (and not cute like Michelle), but the middle kid is great!
  15. Odelia

    S06.E14: JoJo Steals the Show Show

    Oh wow, like what? She always had a nicer side that made me wonder, like in the past they would air some nice bonding moments between her and the kids.