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  1. Irl Maria was 22 and the captain was 47 when they got married. for the movie Julie Andrews was 29 and Christopher Plummer was 35 during filming so it was much less of an age gap.
  2. Imho, LaGuardia is the worst airport in NY besides being a hassle to get to the runways are shorter than most airports and anytime I’ve flown in or out I’ve been convinced we would end up in the freaking water - which has happened! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nydailynews.com/new-york/plane-landing-laguardia-airport-skids-runway-article-1.2138523%3foutputType=amp
  3. So I went to the college that is the *actual* “rival” of Ithaca College and this lady was like 100% the poster child for IC - 50% haughty that she went to school in Ithaca and 50% huge chip on her shoulder because it wasn’t actually Cornell 😂😂😂 the house was gorgeous but going to be a crazy amount of upkeep and they were shady as anything so it was an interesting episode
  4. I finally realized “One Song Glory” is SO much better than “Your Eyes” because Glory is an inner monologue - anyone whose ever tried to write something creative knows there is sometimes a massive disconnect between what’s in your brain and what finally makes it to the page.
  5. I thought Vanessa did a great job with the vocals and she’s as cute as a button and I didn’t really get a “Maureen vibe” from her acting - Idk if it’s because she was so clearly excited to play the role or what but in Over the Moon especially it seemed like she was “in on the joke”(the “joke” being that over the moon is terrrrrible) My boyfriend (who is not the fan that I am) loved Jordan’s performance because of how cheery it was/ what high self esteem he seemed to have - I was trying to explain that those things are the exact *opposite* of Marc’s character but he wasn’t hearing it lol.
  6. I think it was a Catch -22 it was a moment of extreme terror for Nell (Arthur falling/dying) and it seems like the Bent Neck Lady (BNL) often showed up when she was really upset - therefore when Nellie/BNL merged/went back through time/her memories the BNL was going to appear because she already *had* appeared (it’s my least favorite time travel trope - what’s the point in going back if you can’t change anything?)
  7. Your post is spot on, and your user name is A+++ It’s always such a nice suprise to find other people have read the other (slightly) obscure books you have!
  8. Oh man, I’m sorry to hear that, it’s such a hard loss, even after so many years. Your comment really struck home though because in my family there was a similar sort of distinction- my maternal grandma (who at the time lived about 2 miles away) was just “grandma” but my paternal grandma (who lived halfway across the country) was “grandma firstname”
  9. Just rewatched the whole episode and here are some things that stood out even more the 2nd time through (On not returning glass casserole dishes in a timely manner)”Other people are dying and their relatives are getting food in Tupperware” To Bev, after she said a mother should never have to bury their child “Mom, you’re 92 you’re going to bury us all” Chuck’s, deep legit concern about the “truck through the house thing” not just being an expression “Seen a little too much action in Nam, Joey?” 1000% spot on Dan Conner The gag of them all sitting around the couch was top notch - I cackled the first time I watched (DJ’s “my ass is wet!” also made me laugh) The scene on the porch between Marcy and Dan is some of the most honest, fucking deeply painfully relatable acting I’ve ever seen -on this show or any other. The convo in the garage between Dan and Darlene was a little meta, but just this once it’s understandable. In my family the corn holders go in a small ziplock bag in the silverware drawer/on the outside of the utensil holder thingy Dan helping Mark pick his seat mate was fantastic - as an adult I’m so team Enrique but I guess it makes sense that he’s got a thing for dark and brooding lol. DJ and the girls in the kitchen was another moment that was just so authentic to the characters and the situation that I’m really really looking forward to seeing how things play out. Finally that last scene, just give Goodman all the awards please. Honestly I’m so happy with how this episode turned out, here’s hoping they can keep the quality consistent/even better than this episode.
  10. Ugh, David’s Mom was an abusive, alcoholic nightmare - it’s the reason Roseanne let him come live with the family (he was planning on running away) so hopefully it’s just something the writers decided on and not an indication that they are in touch with the “other” grandma.
  11. Yeah, I mean I know it was like a 1000 years ago, but Jackie was a cop - makes perfect sense to me that someone would let her know what was going on ESPECIALLY when it’s a bombshell like that.
  12. I thought it was just Ted Mosby I found insufferable, but I’d like to print this out and mail it to the writers because I’m pretty sure they don’t get it. He’s getting paid so little for this it is insane - I’ve been involved in community + school theater for 30+ years and here is a very conservative breakdown $2000 for the year 1 show in the fall and 1 in the spring =$1000 per show about 12 weeks of prep & rehearsals for each = $83.33 per week I’ll be generous and say he’s only at the school for 4 4 hour rehearsals a week = 16 hours a week at a rate of $5.20 an hour. Hell at $4000 a year at least Rosie Perez was getting above minimum wage. the fact that he’d throw his entire family under the bus at what is so clearly a time they could use more support *at home* is just so aggravating, I ended changing the channel about halfway through and not feeling like I was going to miss anything.
  13. Betty made the decision to do the striptease on her own (even if it was a stupid ass decision) Chuck posted that picture of Veronica without her knowledge or consent and changed the image to imply they had been sexually involved - they are 2 completely different situations.
  14. Spiritof76 did a great write up of it, about 1/2 way down the 3rd page of the Naya/Santana thread
  15. Ugh, you’re so right, they are both creepy misogynistic assholes. Nilsa is a bit much but that totally seemed like a set up - he was just so *mean* about the whole damn thing.
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