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  1. Just getting around to watching this episode now. I am woefully behind this season. But it must have been a long enough break between this and the last episode I watched, because I was able to just enjoy this for what it was, a fluff episode. It's always good to see Garth, and I looked at this more in line of Bad Day at Black Rock...not just "normal" but cursed. Even Baby caught it. We'll see what happens in the next episode, but I didn't take this to mean that the last 15 years had been a joke, and that Sam and Dean are not skilled hunters. I think this is just more of Chuck screwi
  2. Just wanted to pop in for a minute to wish everyone who celebrates the season a Very Merry Christmas tomorrow! Wishing health and happiness to everyone!
  3. Danneel was still posting pictures from the lake house in mid-July, so who knows. I guess I don't blame them if they choose to keep their new location a secret.
  4. I'd be surprised if any of their homes are actually listed in their names. But if they did sell and buy a new house, then I'm sure we'll see evidence of it at some point. They do seem to like sharing information, pics, etc.
  5. Yeah, I have no idea where that picture was taken, but it was definitely an advertisement for the brewery. Hell, they could have multiple houses for all I know. They aren't inviting me over anytime soon, so it doesn't really matter to me if they sell their house or buy a half dozen more. I just thought all the speculation was interesting. Edit to add...if they are looking for a new house to move into and remodel, more power to them. It's way more than I'd want to take on with all they seem to have on their plates right now, but maybe they thrive on that sort of thing. Makes me tire
  6. I'm not sure where all of the speculation about the Ackles' selling their home is coming from? I know people were talking about it after seeing the pictures of Jensen and Zeppelin making lunch the other day, and that it didn't look like their kitchen. But I'm not sure that means anything. They had been visiting Jensen's parents over the holiday, so those pics could have been taken in their kitchen for all anyone knows. Anything is possible, so they could be moving, but it seems like quite a lot to take on right now with the jewelry thing just happening, and the supposed opening of the
  7. God only knows what was said this most recent time, but I don't blame them for being upset. The kids are getting older now, and they go to school with other kids. Kids who may read things online themselves, or be told things by older siblings, parents, etc., which they then repeat to Jensen and Jared's kids. Hearing horrible things about their mothers and fathers would be awful. I'm not saying that's what happened, but if it hasn't yet, it probably will eventually. I don't get what is lacking in some people's lives that they need to be this shitty to absolute strangers. But it's ev
  8. Thanks! I'm happy Jensen got to work with someone he likes, but I still think it was hardly worth it. I almost didn't recognize him at first. I suppose it was harmless enough.
  9. Why in all of their 15 years did they not allow the boys to keep their beards once and a while? It would certainly have been more realistic to have them not shaving when they're out on some long monster hunt, hanging out in abandoned buildings with no water, power, etc. Oh well, at least we got to see it once. I thought it was an interesting twist to have the son be the monster. I really wasn't expecting it. As much as I liked Benny, his appearing in Sam's dream seemed silly to me. And if you blinked, you'd have missed the scene. I'm guessing Jensen just had a chance to bring
  10. Finally watched this last night. People are dropping like flies around here...Rowena, not-Jack and Ketch. Rowena got a good death, but it still pissed me off. Are they really going to spend the rest of the season just killing off everyone? I certainly hope not. The argument between Dean and Cas was pretty contrived, as well. How long was Cas gong to wait before telling Dean that it was all just a ploy to get the weapon and become all-powerful? I really didn't like that scene. I don't necessarily have a problem with Dean directing some misplaced anger toward Cas, but it could have b
  11. I hadn't heard that he'd actually touched any of the cops, just that he supposedly was waving money around, which people took to mean that he was attempting to bribe the police. I thought the other guy that he put in the headlock was actually his friend who was trying to calm him down? I'd be curious to know what set him off. Again, not condoning any of it, but the details are sketchy at best.
  12. Have any more details come out about the supposed assault portion of this arrest? I know he was drunk and disorderly, and supposedly hit two people, but did he beat them, or punch them, or exactly what did he do? It's difficult for me to get a real sense of just how serious this assault charge is. I haven't heard anything about anyone actually being injured from what happened. I'm not at all condoning hitting anyone, period, but it does matter just what type of assault we're talking about. As for Jensen's comments, I thought they conveyed just the right message. Jared was an ass, b
  13. Yeah, I have to say the Batman pics just aren't doing it for me. I don't want him to play a cartoon character. I get that superhero movies are huge right now, though I don't understand why, so I'm sure that's why he'd love to be a part of one. I just wish they weren't so popular and that Hollywood actually made some other types of movies. I'll keep hoping for some Amazon, Netflix or HBO limited series to be offered to him. I might have a long wait...
  14. We'll see what happens in the next few days. I hope he attends the con as scheduled, makes a brief, one-time statement about what happened, and everyone moves on. I don't think we know enough about what actually happened to form any real opinions about his therapy, whether or not he has an alcohol problem, or anything else. I will assume that if he needs help, his family and friends will see that he gets it. Lucky for him, he has some really good people around him.
  15. I've tried my best to stay away from as many spoilers as possible. I'm hoping to enjoy this final season of a show that I loved. It's had it's ups and downs, but it's been a fun ride. I'll wait to watch tomorrow without commercials. Please let them be up to the task of sending this show out with a bang!
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