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  1. I still remember Roger Allam's brilliant line reading, "her curtsy could best be described as...shallow.". And lordy it was. This one is definitely shocking. Thoughts to Damian and the family. She was a wonderful Anna Karenina in a 2000 miniseries opposite Kevin McKidd and Stephen Dillane.
  2. He had been in a vegetative state the last few days, his family took him off life support an hour ago but yeah it’s official. Damn! 2021 is gonna make me lose my mind. *shows self door*
  3. The same reason Woody Allen hasn't gotten film distribution the last few years or people can't rewatch the Cosby Show. Even if people can disassociate the art from the artist the project as a whole is still tainted by association, unfair or not. At best they still should drop it on streaming like they have with the award films and let people decide to watch on their own.
  4. No. Jessica Walter hurts! At least she's resting with Ron by her side 😢
  5. Wow. And given that he arguably plays the second main character it would be, as the article states, tough to pull an All the Money in the World and recast/reshoot. And Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French ARE playing Miss Van Schuyler and Miss Bowers!!! Damn this movie had so much potential.
  6. He had some great spots on The Larry Sanders show too. RIP George.
  7. Given the two year delay and Armie Hammer's disgrace, it is increasingly feeling like this film is dead in the water.
  8. Just look up the remarks he made about Michael J Fox and Chelsea Clinton and that's why there is absolutely nothing nice to say about the vile Limbaugh.
  9. https://consequenceofsound.net/2021/02/christopher-plummer-dead/ Leachman, Tyson, Holbrook and now Plummer. 2021 is coming for the old guard.
  10. Three out of five director noms are women!!! Damn straight!
  11. Damn. I know he had some abuse problems in later life but his cancer announcement was only last week. Watched so many SBTB reruns.
  12. I guffawed so hard at the Eric impression. Stephen said everything so perfectly although I found myself wishing Trevor Noah and John Oliver weren't on hiatus. I was annoyed at Klobuchar (as well as Kinzinger) side stepping the question of holding certain Senators accountable but I know she was also shaken. Oh to be a fly on that wall in the room of fighting Senators. In all fairness at least Cruz and Hawley need their asses thrown out.
  13. Ugh. 2020 gotta 2020. MF Doom died on October 31. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.www.complex.com/music/2020/12/mf-doom-dead-49
  14. Airplanes are the biggest variable going between "safe" countries. Even if they stuck to spoon fed flights they can't control who is on the plane with them. It's sad the last season was kind of a bust because we're not getting this for a while.
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