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  1. I took Midge wanting to buy the apartment not just as a link to her old life but as a solution to take care of her family. Her parents are miserable in Queens and her kids don't really have a steady home. She was buying the apartment with the intent that her parents and kids (and Zelda) would live there, give both a sense of security and familiarity. After two years of living off her parents, I thought it was one of her more selfless acts. She predicted a steady income (before her firing) and figured that it was best for all parties involved. Even Moishe seemed impressed with her business sense in the deal. We don't know how much of Midge's money Suzi lost. A substantial amount but not all, I imagine it will come up in S4 especially if she doesn't get the insurance money.
  2. I loved the local amore scene. Such a beautiful build up to All. The. Staring! This episode needs a Emmy for production design. Every shot was just beautiful.
  3. Welp. After Midge offered to buy the Apt from Moishe I thought the season would end with Suzie confessing about the lost money and Midge firing her. But once the Apollo set happened I knew she would lose the tour. Really enjoyed the season (hence the two day binge) but clearly Midge still needs to learn what is on and off the table when it comes to her act. And yeah I'm pretty sure that's a series wrap on Benjamin. Still a lot of questions: Did Imogen take Archie back? Is Midge still going to be able to move back to her apartment? How did Abe get a critic gig with one article? Great guest spots particularly Jason Alexander and Cary Elwes. I only wish we got more Liza Weil. It felt like we were going to get more with her and it never quite came together.
  4. I just about died when the inner monologues and the Dune references kicked in, especially when Kyle's eyes went blue. Agreed that this definitely had a more old school feel too. I did love Ike's embarrassment in the supermarket but I also loved that Sheila was in no way ashamed of it. Looking forward to Scott Malkinson's episode. I'm guessing the next streaming service will be a parody of Disney+ even though Mickey already made an appearance earlier in the season. Any ideas on what the final spin off will be? I'm guessing either Jimmy/Timmy, Goth kids, or Trump Garrison given all the impeachment stuff.
  5. kittykat

    S07 Talk

    I haven't done rewatch write ups in a while but I'm almost done with this season and it is SO MUCH BETTER than S6. How is it better? These ways: The route: I know some complain about them not circumnavigating the globe but I don't mind. The South America legs are wonderfully scenic especially the E3 drive through the Andes (or the ocean if you're Debbie and Bianca) and both Botswana legs are awesome. The teams to root for: gone are the model heavy bickering couples. We've got goofy brothers Brian and Greg (the smoking of Ray and Deana will never stop being satisfying to watch), the old underdogs Meredith and Gretchen and some of my favorite winners of all time Uchenna and Joyce. I could listen to Uchenna tell Joyce how beautiful she is while she gets her head shaved on a loop (although I'm sad they split IRL). Gone too Soon: Driving two hours in the wrong direction is fundamentally stupid but Debbie and Bianca refusing to give up and almost catching up at Meatblock was admirable. If they had managed to pass Susan and Patrick that would have been a hell of a comeback considering there was no bunching points after everyone got their cars. IIRC producers confirmed they checked in only minutes after S/P. Another shout out to Ryan and Chuck who could have been great comic relief had they not lost the footrace. Not only that but Ron and Kelly would have been eliminated instead. Ray and Deana: Ray definitely takes the title of Jerkass of the Season. But the fact he was only a fraction the Jerkass Jonathan was shows what a better batch of racers we had. Romber:. I can't deny they are good racers with or without their Ferns and I could NOT stand Lynn and Alex so I was more on Rob and Amber's side. That said, regarding Wreckgate, it would have been the considerate thing to at least SLOW DOWN and at least ask if everything was ok. That was badly done on their part. Time to delve into Family Edition. The only good thing I'll probably have to say is that that really annoying family didn't win.
  6. I'll still watch and I'm happy that he won but hide the results better GOOGLE. I HATE when Google news trending puts an article titled " you won't believe what happened" followed by a picture OF THE WINNER!!! American have three more days. It was at the top of the page no less, NO ESCAPE! I got nothing on FB thank God.
  7. I definitely knew what kouign amann was when that challenge happened. That's one of the challenges I don't have issue with. I agree more with the article with regards to liking challenges having the bakers making something familiar but with a twist. This is opposed to making some five hour thing only professionals have mastered oh and they have two and a half hours and is guaranteed disaster across the board. If anything the kouign amann was a challenge that was an example of the former. Make a puff pastry (which the bakers should know) but form it in a way they likely haven't done. Those are the challenges I like.
  8. I actually really liked the technical this week. It was an interesting pastry with an unusual consistency but it wasn't overcomplicated, which I liked. It reminded me of a spanikopita with a Morrocan flair. It put the bakers in unfamiliar territory without too many crazy steps so I approve. The rest was kind of a mess. Paul is becoming a broken record with his "it's all on the showstopper." What else is new? Steph won by basically having the only decent one. I was hoping David would get his first SB win but the dry filling and open pie didn't pass. Glad he finally won the technical. Sadly Henry's boot was merited. I wish the rabid fandom wouldn't shit all over Rosie but her week was just slightly better, and she did have a nice looking showstopper.
  9. Lol not pulling any punches with current trends. ICE, anti vaxxers, and now Beyond Meat. Regarding SHOTS I still love that SP can still throw in random bits of silliness like corralling the unvaccinated kids rodeo style. Still I wish someone had read Liane the riot act about every terrible thing Cartman has done. Preferably Kyle even though no one would take him seriously and accuse him of just giving another speech. At least she didn't let him take a toy out of the toy chest.
  10. I got the impression Rosie was thrown in there as a red herring. To me it was pretty obvious that Michael was going home especially after Alice had a great showstopper so I think Rosie was only mentioned to throw viewers off. Overall I liked her design even if wasn't as refined as the others. The showstopper reminded me of the Schtichttorte technical from season 5 but I liked all the designs. I knew David would get dinged for the small cake but color wise I liked it. I was happy to see Henry win SB, he had a great week. I'm glad nobody pantsed it this week. Michael had a good week but everyone else was slightly better, those are the challenge weeks I like.
  11. Noooooooez! Robert Forster is one of the greatest character actors of our time. RIP Sheriff Truman 2.0
  12. Lisa Berger is from The Hobbit (17.10). She's the one who's pic is photoshopped by Wendy leading everyone to believe she's hot, her popularity skyrockets leaving Wendy very jelly. It's also the second episode Kanye West appears in. One of the best episodes of the last decade.
  13. kittykat

    S03 Talk

    The Amazing Rewatch, Season 3 Episodes 1-7: Duck Season, Rabbit Season, Twin Season! Am I going to make it? I have four more episodes (incl. 2 doubles ) left of Flo and Ian. I can't I just truly can't. Ok I'm not going to quit but all of Flo's talk of how good of a team she and Zach are is just grating. You mean the part where HE DRAGS you and carries your pack everywhere? I did enjoy the early runs. Tramel/Talicia and Dennis/Andrew were sad boots. There seemed to be quite the airport scramble from Mexico to London but how did D/A end up a FULL day behind. Luck of the seats 😞 Diesel gate: it truly came down to who handled it the best. Although the resolution of this whole act of complete stupidity brings me to my main gripe of these episodes... Mid-leg bunching: And I am not talking time staggered busses or boats; I mean when teams have already knocked out a task or two like the Detour, which usually serves to spread out the pack only to knock everyone back to zero because of an ill timed train or boat. Case in point: Portugal. Teams arrive by various planes in Porto and complete the Old School/New School Detour, leads are established. Now everyone must take a train to Lisbon where only ONE more task awaits. I am fully aware bunching must exist and that's fine when it's near the beginning of the leg and the Detour and roadblock have yet to happen but when everyone is forced one task before the pit stop to be bunched again, it just seems like bad leg design. this also happens with the Glacier Cafe in Marrakech when everyone (save A/A who are too far behind) has to wait hours even though 2/3 of the leg has already gone by. I mention this regarding Diesel gate because the 4 teams who filled their cars correctly only landed an hour behind unleaded idiots Flo/Zach and Teri/Ian because of boat bunching. Then there was staggered bus bunching which put JVJ back with the unleaded dorks which was some big bull. I mean there would have been an airport bunch eventually but save for Michael/Kathy and Aaron/Arianne's failure to recover, the whole Diesel affair was almost rendered moot. At least 3/4 of the stupid ass Twin Hunt alliance was eliminated one after the other. This was the season of me yelling RUN YOUR OWN DAMN RACE ad nauseum. I'll end on a happy note because this is the season of the lovely John Vito and kick ass Jill and the incomparable Bald Snark. When I struggle to watch I'll just pretend there's a dozen glazed donuts for me at the end. Next time, Season 3 part 2: Can She Get Any Worse? Spoiler Alert, She Gets Worse!
  14. Damn you quiz. I'm 47% Kevin Stoley, 28% Scott Malkinson ( and I am NOT a Trekkie or have diabetes). Basically I am doomed to be berated by Cartman. In the "less than 10%" I am Clyde Frog (hee!), Heidi, Token, and Lisa Burger. That... actually makes way more sense. Make way for 300. Of course Cartman is anti-vax. Bring it on show. Something tells me South Park loses herd immunity which results in a long overdue Kenny death.
  15. This article perfectly sums up my feelings about the evolution of the technical https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2019/10/the-great-british-baking-show-has-a-major-flaw/599374/
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