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  1. It truly is depressing how many Covid-19 deaths, celebrity or not, are coming in. Stay safe everyone. My dad was a huge Joe Diffie fan so he's really broken up.
  2. I actually like a Great American Road Trip idea. But instead of touring every damn horse ranch in Wyoming, change up the scenery and try to hot every US region. Families have the same car, money provided, production provides gas. Really mix it up, have one leg do a lot of heavy duty driving, visit National parks or wonders (ex. Crater Lake Oregon), outdoorsy detours and roadblocks. Then follow with a leg that most takes place in a Metropolitan area whether it's using local transportation or driving themselves. Imagine a leg dedicated to driving with only a map in somewhere like Seattle (oh you think this street goes through WRONG!) or Boston. The drama writes itself. That way it's a good blend of rural an urban. Don't make it families only. Have groups of friends, coworkers, bride with bridal party, old lady bingo club, I don't know get some interesting team dynamics.
  3. That's what irritated me too. It's why I don't like when the biopic performance wins. It's usually a mediocre movie propped up by a GRAND PERFORMANCE! Rami Malek and Marion Cottilard had similar wins although I enjoyed their performances better. While there have definitely been exceptions it still shows that playing a tragic figure/dressing down is still the path to Oscar in the Best Actress category. Still so happy for Team Parasite! Has any one person ever won FOUR Oscars in one night before Bong did? The Coens won three in 2007 (they were also nominated for editing under "Roderick Jaynes" but lost). I wanna say three for one individual is the former record before last night.
  4. I would be surprised if Joaquin Phoenix didn't come off like a wackadoodle during an acceptance speech. Congratulations, at least you didn't tank my already screwed ballot.
  5. Joaquin winning still no surprise BONG JOON HO I'M SO DAMN HAPPY!!!
  6. I agree it's the commercials. They've removed best picture spots, reduced montages and we're still over. We still have the in memoriam too.
  7. 20 minutes and six awards left. Folks we're going into overtime.
  8. Where's my favorite Ho at? On stage accepting another Oscar!!!
  9. The most famous instance of this was probably when "Falling Slowly" won best song in 2008 and Glen Hansard talked through the entire speech. After the commercial break Jon Stewart brought out Marketa Irglova so she could give her thank yous
  10. Pretty sure visual effects was the Irishman's last real chance to get on the board. Shutout pending... I had Joker for makeup but Bombshell makes sense as well.
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen in case you forgot the American treasure that is Tom Hanks....
  12. Dammit Parasite, I thought they had editing. I haven't seen FvF yet but from what I'm hearing it's a well earned award
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