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  1. Kids in Canada:. Obviously there will probably be a few reunions with the older kids but there is definitely going to be complications with younger kids. They were given different names, probably don't remember birth parents not to mention those whose parents were killed. Logically maybe half the kids will be lucky enough to find an immediate family member like Rebecca did but it is going to be a tough and complicated process to get kids to families or re home, especially with handmaid children. It could give Emily and Moira something to do. Rita could possibly adopt one. Marthas and Handmaids that stayed behind: not looking good for Marthas since they have an expendable supply it seems. I'm thinking Janine, Brianna and Alma are safe bit not comfortable. Unless they pretend to turn on June and say they tried to stop her, like the Waterfords did with June and Emily. I don't know how this works out but if the three above survive with little to no consequences I'll allow it. Brucey, can you spare a little plot armor for the B team? I highly doubt Alma's kid or Charlotte got out. Janine would have been all over hers and Alma said hers was too far.
  2. She's already watched Jane Eleanor die and had her "I am the one who knocks" moment with Lawrence. There needs to be dire consequences for June. The only thing I can think of her getting out of this is that word gets out in Canada she's set to be executed and maybe her part in the great escape gets out hoping to incite backlash on Gilead against the world. That won't happen. I'll scream when I find out she's pregnant with Lawrence's child which is TOTALLY going to happen. We know Bruce wants Yvonne and Joseph to stick around. I know courtroom scenes can be tedious but they should OJ the shit out of their trials and broadcast it WORLDWIDE! It could be a great lens to view everyone's reaction. Realistically the entire world wouldn't be disgusted by this, other extremist regimes would applaud it and it would be interesting if we learned that there were other countries in fact adapting the "Gilead Model," as was teased with the Mexico episode. But again, world view! Will that happen? Horse. Dead. Beaten. That would be a great direction for June's story. Except I fear they would have her leading the rebels within a week with her "i know all" faces. But it reintegrates Nick into the story since they left us hanging with "Nick did terrible things." last season. It would be a way for June to confront Nick with his past deeds in forming Gilead. I wonder if he was part of the squad that attacked the White House and killed the President or Congress, that would certainly be a big red mark on his accomplishments. But yes June's story has been told. They keep giving us teasers of the world, expand it. Also as discussed in the other thread about the map, it would be nice if parts of rebel occupied US were deemed safe enough to lighten the load from Canada. Seattle or Portland with it's proximity to Canada and being rebel secure would make good strongholds for returning citizens. Perhaps the fighting goes well enough that states can be reclaimed. I know it's a bleak show but I want some good news for the good guys.
  3. kittykat

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Weird I looked but couldn't see the link. Thanks for bumping. Looks like Silicon Valley and Los Angeles were taken out makes sense giving their aversion to digital tech. But with the rebel territory vs Gilead the numbers don't match up especially if Nick is playing both sides. By my count the rebels should be wiping the floor with Gilead with most of the borders locked in as well as a large portion of Texas and ALL of Florida. Are England and France providing aid or are the rest of the UN barred from interfering? But how do I know because the show never explains this lest they lose out on their quota of 50 June faces an episode.
  4. kittykat

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    I remember looking on Reddit or the like about how a speculative map shows that Gilead proper is really only the Midwest and Northeast. The rebels control most of the borders along Canada. The South and areas east of the Rockies are where the fighting is. By the looks of things major cities like Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle (if they weren't destroyed, do we even know TELL US ABOUT THE REST OF THE DAMN CONTINENT) were rebel controlled. The main toxic waste colonies were shown to be where the cities of Phoenix and St. Louis were. Again this map was a theory based off what someone saw in an episode but rebels controlling the west coast would explain supply flow since they would likely not be part of any embargo. It would be nice for the Americans to officially reclaim states and California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho would likely be the first they get back. If they are going into the epilogue portion then the security in Gilead gets worse doesn't it? I wonder if S4 will begin with a mass execution of old commanders as was explained in the book since the second generation were more devout. Also there seems to be a trend of a major female character getting out in the finale. S1: Moira, S2: Emily, S3: Rita. Hopefully in S4 June can get another in her circle out like Alma, Janine or Brianna.
  5. kittykat

    S03.E13: Mayday

    I thought the flashback was a very effective way to remind us that as annoyed and frustrated that we have been of June (in some cases rightfully so) that Gilead is a mysoginist, horrible, disgusting, totalitarian fart bucket and that this why despite our annoyances she is still on the right side of reason and morality and it's why we root for her. I can't even imagine what happened to those poor disabled girls. In the end 52+ kids and a few Marthas are safe. I was already happy when I learned Rita was getting out but then Rebecca/Kiki and the dad and Moira's face when she saw all the girls. 😭😭😭 I was done. But yes Rita got out! RITA. GOT. OUT! June is probably not dead but I wouldn't really mind if this was the end of her tale. Obviously her story lives on through Rita and the girls but I'm guessing she's alive until Hannah is found again. I did feel bad for Luke, that must have hurt not seeing Hannah on the plane. But there is really only one moment that matters. Bitch Bye Serena! The War of the Waterfords ends in mutually assured destruction, beautiful.
  6. kittykat

    S03.E10: Witness

    Welp welp welp, welcome back show! Faith is not yet restored bit definitely a step in the right direction. It's no coincidence that my favorite episodes this season are Lawrence heavy (kill the fecking Waterfords already). Eleanor has been the unexpected MVP of this season and I hope Julie Dretzin gets an Emmy nom next year. The ceremony scene was the right kinds of creepy and everyone knocked it out of the part. I'm spoiled so I'm ready for HIM to bid adios after tonight. I want a Lawrence backstory episode as to what his mindset was when Gilead was created. He obviously didn't give a shit about the religious end of it but figured hey a society where we grow organic food and can clean up the environment, I'll bite. I think Eleanor says it best that this is their penance for letting this world unfold. Of course this was all just ceremony (GEDDIT) for this to be the final nail in the coffin for Serena standing by Fred. Do not make the redemption happen show gods, it's too late even if we're happy to see Checkov's phone again. On the June front I'm glad she finally got to be the provider of information but the part about Janine's son being dead just killed me. As far as the Marthas cooking without a recipe. Once you've done something a few times you pretty much get the gist of the measurements. Baking I agree is a whole different beast but have a few base recipes for bread, cake or even muffins and you're golden. Having worked in kitchens, it doesn't take long to memorize recipes. Even the bearnaise sauce mentioned upthread is derived from Hollandaise, one of the five mother sauces which is French Culinary 101 if you are classically trained. Only two eps behind now. Gotta get in the right mind to watch IT GO DOWN!
  7. kittykat

    S03.E09: Heroic

    I know it's been practically a month since this episode aired because I needed to take a month off from the show for three reasons 1. Throwing remote at TV 2. Wanting to throw TV out window. 3. Wanting to write a letter to Bruce Miller demanding he buy me a new TV. So I'm back and...*gulp* I liked this episode. I agree with the too many close-ups but I'd rather see an hour of Crazy Face than Smirk Face. June's breakdown has been coming all season and Natalie's inevitable death plus the parading of the Gilead Girls did it. The fact that the baby survived was the hope she needed. Does anyone think "she's still alive," wasn't referring to Natalie but her mother? Maybe Yates knows something she doesn't. Also, nice appearance by Gil Bellows I haven't seen him in anything for a while. I liked that it was Janine that told June what she so needed to hear regarding her selfish acts. It wasn't an epic takedown bit just matter of fact, very Janine. I do agree about her Stockholm Syndrome with Aunt Lydia although I also get the impression Lydia sees Janine as a new Noelle. Anyhoo, that happened now I'm gonna watch some real shit go down (I'm partially spoiled but it also got me to jump back in)
  8. kittykat

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

    The Bruce Lee scene alone should get Pitt on the BSA Oscar shortlist. I do agree that Bruce losing a fight and Sharon living is all part of the Once Upon a Time mystique. I thought she was supposed to be Lesley Van Houten but aside from Tex, Clem and Squeaky all the other family members went by nicknames. "Sadie" was Susan Adkins and I'm guessing "Flower Child" (Maya Hawke's character) was Linda Kasabian. I am always amazed at the actors Tarantino pulls in, even for bit parts. He's like Wes Anderson in that he always throws in a cameo for his "regulars". I know Jay Sebring doesn't do much in the film but I can't even remember the last time I saw Emile Hirsch in anything, I barely recognized Dakota Fanning as well.
  9. kittykat

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

    Seems like I'm on the minority but I loved this. It definitely runs long but pacing wise it's very reminiscent of Jackie Brown and Inglorious Basterds which have similar runtimes. Plus I'm a sucker for a Tarantinofied History Revision. I really enjoyed the slice of life along for the ride feel and didn't mind certain scenes dragging out, it wasn't broken down by chapter as most his films are but I liked that. I liked Cliff's wild ride with the Manson girls, Sharon's trip to the theater and Rick's struggle on set and showing he could be a great actor when he's not being his worst enemy. I thought each second act story with these characters really delved into each of their cores. I'm still processing it but I thought the actors all pulled in great work. DiCaprio was good but Pitt was great. Ive never been a Pitt superfangurl but this may be one of his best roles.
  10. kittykat

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    Totally agree. Gwen is my number one pick. I literally squeeeeed when I saw her name but I'm good with any others winning. I have nothing against Lena but she really only appeared in three eps with The Bells being the most screentime. They only showed her body on the finale to get the episode qualification. Nothing against Dinklage but he should have been in Lead and I really want Nikolaj to win. The Ds, Miguel and David all got directing noms too. I'm guessing Miguel takes it again. How many eps got submitted for show category? I'm guessing AKotSK, Long Night and Finale were the submissions.
  11. kittykat

    The Awards Thread: The Golden Throne

    I honestly knew it would get noms but not THIS many. Kudos to all the actors but I think Peter should have been in lead category. That said, I'm pulling for Nikolaj and Gwendolyn in their respective categories. Any of the women winning will be fine though.
  12. kittykat

    S03 E05: Unknown Caller

    OfMatthew had stated in the last episode that she has had three children since Gilead's existence. I'm not sure how much time has passed. Going by Hannah's age I'm guessing Gilead has been in full force about 6-7 years now. Truello put a satellite phone in Serena's purse. I don't think she would face the death penalty. I'm pretty sure her cooperation with Canada involved immunity.
  13. kittykat

    S03 E05: Unknown Caller

    Once again you and I are spirit animals because I loved EVERYTHING about this episode. Easily the best of the season. No unnecessary violence just bloodcurdling dread. Aunt Lydia gave me shivers. June and Luke actually both made smart moves. This is probably the most I've ever liked Luke. Him dressing down Serena was just everything and both Yvonne and O-T played that perfectly. I was glad to learn OfMatthew was only playing the part. I definitely want to learn more about her. I think her being pregnant a fourth time is hitting her. She keeps going through this process and doesn't keep any of the babies. And there is a possibility she has pre-Gilead children. I imagine the continued separations are affecting her as it would anyone. I was worried a full Serena redemption arc was coming and coming it is not with that last scene and GOOD! She is out of excuses. I'm glad we didn't end with a June smirk and got a June YOU GONNA DIE face. I really hope this is the last time she ever trusts Serena again. This is exactly why June said no the first time it was requested, she knew Serena would change her mind the moment she saw Nicole and BINGO! Not that June ever really had a chance to say no, decisions in Gilead for women are an illusion. Glad we peeled back another layer of Mrs. L. Ditch Serena and cozy up to this one June. Clearly the Lawrences as allies are more useful as the hopeless Waterfords. Luke knowing Nick is (hopefully) the father is going to be key in how this goes forward. As I said last week it's looking like a paternity test is forthcoming. In the boardroom scene they did say that they had to tread lightly on the Nicole situation because of their trade agreement. So yeah it would appear so which, WTF Canada.
  14. kittykat

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    I have definitely been wondering if knowing Nicole's location will create an international dispute. Gilead demands the return of the baby but Canada won't budge possibly causing war threats. It would be a way to bring Gilead's human rights violations to the world front but who knows. A way to possibly alleviate this is have the baby and Fred submit to a paternity test. If paternity doesn't rule in Fred's favor then Gilead has no case. However it does put June and Nick in tremendous danger, she would be wall bound via Salvaging and the writers won't have that. Which is why it would be interesting to have Fred end up being the father if that is route the writers take because then it takes international relations into a different level of negotiations and questions. But this is all speculation and having faith in the writers to tell a cohesive story. And considering we all went through this a month ago with GOT spirits aren't exactly high.
  15. kittykat

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    No. We have had pre Gilead flashback episodes with June, Luke, Moira, Emily, Nick and the Waterfords but not Aunt Lydia. I really want that backstory.