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  1. GoodieGirl

    Small Talk: Judge's Chambers

    LOL, we go to Ollies to find cheap stuff for our camp (rugs, towels, stuff that won't bother me if they get ruined), I tell my guy that when I retire I am going to apply to be the Ollie's Organizational Coordinator and just spend all day cleaning and organizing their shelves and store fronts. It would be a dream come true! My parents were friends with a woman who did this, she was a widow with no children and when she passed my parents helped clear out her house and get it ready for sale. My mom said there was a walk-in closet full of things that she'd likely purchased as gifts, she was a sweet lady who always had a little trinket when we visited her, unfortunately most of the items were covered in dust, spiderwebs and, um, mouse droppings so they had to be disposed of.
  2. GoodieGirl

    Unpopular Food Likes/Dislikes: Table for One

    We are kindred spirits. I remember sitting at the table while my brother and sister ran out to play tag and ghost in the graveyard and hide and go seek while I sat staring at 4 fat brussel sprouts on my plate. And like your pup, our german shepard/lab mix, who would eat freakin' 4-day-old-rotting-in-the-sun-dead-groundhog, would not touch those sprouts! I can still remember chewing on those cold, bitter knobs of leaves, choking them down with gulp after gulp of milk, praying they wouldn't come back up. Ewww! Everyone raves about SOURDOUGH, I think it tastes like stinky feet. I'd rather eat bruss....never mind, I'll take the sourdough....
  3. GoodieGirl

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    this is one of my favorite movies and if its on TV, I'm watching!
  4. GoodieGirl

    Pet Peeves

    I have the same problem, and they start around 7:30am, I get it, it's summer but geez, I'd like to not hear that until at least 9:00am....
  5. GoodieGirl

    Pet Peeves

    I have a husband of a friend who constantly refers to his wife by his nickname for her instead of her actual name on FB. Think "Honeyplum" or "Sweetiecakes". The thing is this woman is a high level manager at my place of business and, IMO, it's demeaning. I always wonder why she doesn't tell him to knock it off.
  6. GoodieGirl

    Tiny Houses ad nauseam (except Tiny House Nation)

    I don't mean to kickstart a possibly dead thread, but these tiny home stories got me going. I just moved from a 2200 sq ft house to my fiance's 900 sq ft house. He is kind of a pack rat but I figured I could clear out stuff as I acclimated. Well, his mom ended up having to move in with us (temporarily, but for a while) and now we are a crowded house of 3 adults. Throw in the times one or both of his teenage kids decide to come sleepover and I am now in full on claustraphobia mode. Rooms are brimming with stuff I haven't had time to go through and our shared space is a nightmare to maenuver with 2 adults, let alone 3 or possibly 5. Anyway, I always thought the tiny homes were a terrific idea to live modestly and reduce clutter but now I am of a different mindset. I couldn't do it. I am biding my time until MIL moves out and we sell to move to slightly bigger space.
  7. GoodieGirl

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    This. Wow, you are exactly right.
  8. GoodieGirl

    Pet Peeves

    Ugh! Why do people who are waiting in a long line for whatever reason, once they get to the gate/register/whatever decide, with a line of people behind them, to start asking a bunch of questions that could easily be answered by someone else NOT handling the transaction??? Today I was picking up a race packet during my break, there were 4 people in line when I arrived and the line behind me quickly filled up as I waited. I get to be the next person at the table and the ding-a-ling in front of me, after being handed her packet, literally leaned against the wall and put her foot up (knee bent behind her) against the wall and began a series of questions regarding the weather for the race (taking place this evening). WTF? Go ask the employees who AREN'T handling the packet hand outs!! Better yet, princess, don't stand there whining about "what if it rains, where will we wait?" "But there's no tents, we'll be soaked before we run." OMFG, sweetie, if the rain is an issue, DON'T GO! But I need my packet so get the f--- out of my way!
  9. GoodieGirl

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    Did you eat at Buffalo Wild Wings in Upstate NY too??? I swear this is exactly what happened to me the last time I ate there. We waited 20 minutes for drinks, and as she set them on the table I could tell she was going to speed away again so we quickly ordered our food. Waited another 20 minutes, with empty drinks, for our food to be delivered by a different waitperson, and he too sped away before we realized we had no silverware. We flagged down another watier who gave us the silverware and fled too. The food was wrong, but we were starved so we ate it and then waited and waited and waited, no one came back. We went to the hostess and asked for our check, she said "Oh I'll send someone over." We told her no, we'd wait right there until she got it. She seemed flustered but did as we asked, we paid, with no tip and left. I never went back and that location has since closed.
  10. GoodieGirl

    What makes you dump a book?

    I got through the first 5 or so, I just got tired of her never being prepared, always trying to figure out which of the two male leads she wanted to be with and her constant state of bafoonery.
  11. GoodieGirl

    Pet Peeves

    @theredhead77 I wish I had your guts, there have been several times where I could hear the full conversation over the music on my earbuds and have wanted to let them know but since I go to a gym that is a "no judgement zone" I was afraid that would be considered judging. I have talked to the kids at the desk, they are sympathetic but I can tell they have zero interest in getting involved. I am just amazed that people who pay money to work out basically use the gym as if it were their personal kitchen table. When I want to discuss issues with my bestie we get a glass of wine, sit on the couch and hash it all out. I would be embarassed to do it loud enough where 30 perfect strangers know what my doctor found at my last gyn appointment. And don't get me started on the conversations I've been subjected to in the locker room....
  12. GoodieGirl

    Pet Peeves

    @PRgal just reminded me of one of my pet peeves at the gym: I go to the gym to work out, I have gone with a friend or my daughters on several occasions, on none of those occassions did I feel it necessary to carry on a full volume conversation, over top of the sound of the treadmills/elipticals/weight machines, so that everyone within a 5 ft area can hear that my sisters's best friend's neighbor's daughter is quitting school to move to California. Or that they made THE MOST DELICIOUS casserole for the church picnic last Sunday. Or that the doctor said that growth on her inner thigh is infected and will need to be lanced. And it's always women that I experience this with, wth? If you have the breath and the time to have such major discussions, then maybe a gym isn't the best place for you, maybe you should go to a coffee shop or a walking track at the local park.
  13. GoodieGirl

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    It's sad how money and fame can transform a person. Sadder that they start to believe their own hype.
  14. GoodieGirl

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I'm sorry but I disagree, changing test scores so your child gets moved up the list to get accepted is cheating, and it takes away from someone else's child who DID do better on the test due to their hard work and preparation. Schools may be doing away with this type of testing (and I support that, I hate standardized tests) but USC hadn't so Ms. Huffman did, in fact, cheat. And some other applicant who didn't cheat missed an opportunity to go to a top rated school. I hold no ill will towards the child involved, and rather than probation I'd like to see her and Ms. Loughlin be sentenced to paying the tuition for 5 non-priveleged children who are attending USC through loans/scholarships/grants and whatever else they could cobble together to have an opportunity to a better life. Something neither the Huffman children or the Loughlin children will ever have to struggle with.
  15. GoodieGirl

    The People's Court

    I don't think I understood the depths of my JJ/JM addiction until I was no longer able to watch, and reading the descriptions on Primetimer is way more fun when you know what/who they're talking about! @AngelaHunter, no he was tall and intelligent but a lying cheating jackass nonetheless! And definitely no loss!