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  1. I always wish this was true in real life. Any time I've been broken up with or had to break up with someone it was a miserable, usually tearful, quite often angry event. Never once did it go well. And never once did the person I was breaking up with "understand" or walk away without an insult or argument. Along with that, being on the receiving end was never pleasant and I can tell you that there were a couple times when I did not handle it quietly or graciously. LOL, agreed, plus I am very sensitive to foot odors so if I catch a whiff I'm going to gag. Me too, I always ask m
  2. I was prepared not to like him earlier, but the guy is slick and I find myself hoping he continues to play. On a purely superficial note: I find his whole look very attractive, his skin is just beautiful.
  3. Yep, I vaguely remembered Erika but had NO CLUE who Heather was. I don't think I will have to commit her to memory though, she won't be there long. Me as well.
  4. Totally agree, I inherited a dog when I married my husband and he inherited my 3 cats. He'll even tell you that he much prefers to be a cat owner than a dog owner, and we both love the dog, but he's way more work. Plus our cats are fine when we go away for the weekend, the dog has to come with us or be boarded which costs $$$$. We've both agreed that when Bodhi crosses the rainbow bridge he will be our last one. :( At some point when my oldest daughter was young she started to beg for a dog, we'd only ever had cats but her best friend got a Lab puppy so she wanted one. One hot summer
  5. LOL - both my daughters helped out on Mother's day in the Floral Dept of the grocery store they worked at, both of them said "how the hell do you not know it's Mother's Day until the day of??" By the end of the day men/children were leaving with bouquets of Baby's Breath because that's all that was left. Unbelievable. My pet peeve today: Watching the couple on the elliptical machines in front of me at the gym this morning "wipe off" the machines with a dry paper towel after they were done. There's another gentleman who wears a mask and latex gloves while he works out, he drips sweat every
  6. This is why I can't have feeders, freakin' RATS! We are also near a lake and several restaurants, I miss watching the birds come to the feeders, especially in the winter.
  7. @Mondrianyone it still nauseates me to this day. If I hadn't been so panicked and grossed out I might have looked into just getting a replacement for that part. I ended up going with a thermal cup with a lid that also has a gasket but is removable for cleaning. Healthy Human Insulated Tumbler Cruisers with Stainless Steel Straw & Clear Lid - Keeps Hot & Cold Beverages 2 Times Longer - Vacuum Double Walled The
  8. You just reminded me of the time I went to rinse out my water bottle. The part through which you drank had a gasket that was fixed to it, it didn't come off. I only used this water bottle at work, only used it for cold water. I thought I was pretty diligent in rinsing it every day and letting it air dry. One day I went to rinse it and I tapped the lid against the sink, black stuff splattered on the sink. I tapped it again, more black stuff. I started taking my finger and running it around the gasket and got a bunch of black slimey mold. I was so disgusted that I'd been drinking that for months
  9. My pet peeve for today: That my husband waits to tell me that we are out of something, (in this case coffee), until it is completely gone. I've told him before to let me know when it's getting low, then I can be sure to put it on the list to buy (he hates grocery shopping) so we don't run out of it. ARGH!
  10. This happened when I was giving birth to my 2nd daughter, we heard a lot of yelling and then saw a woman getting escorted out while she muttered under her breath. My husband overheard (I was not paying attention for obvious reasons) the nurses saying that it was the mother of the baby's father and that the daughter in law didn't want her there because she was trying to direct the labor events.
  11. Betty's never let me down. I got a BC cookbook as a bridal shower gift 31 years ago, every recipe from it was fantastic. I purchased a newer BC cookbook 2 years ago and it's even better. I've tried a couple recipes off of Pinterest and Food Network but they were either overly complicated or not that good. I stick with the tried and true. My pet peeve today: those who are coming back to work now that schools have started and apparently forgot how to drive. The expressway I use has been wonderful for the last 18 months and now it is going back to the "oops, forgot my exit is here" an
  12. That's refreshing to hear!
  13. Same here, when it was just the girls and myself, working full-time, running them to practices and events, it was important for my sanity and health to let go of freshly prepared everything. Now that I have a bit more time on my hands I don't mind making from scratch, but I do love the pre-cut veggies that my Wegmans offers! If I can shave off 10-15mins of chopping peppers/onions/carrots that means I get some extra wine-sippin' time! Glad he's leaving soon, I dealt with a young boy on a minibike for 2 or 3 years at my old house. He'd zip around on the street unsupervised for hours on
  14. My laser spa (chin, pits and lady bits) has pretty discreet check in/out area BUT where I used to get waxed had a big sign that said "check in on FB, tag us on Insta, make sure you review us on google!" and I was like, who the hell is gonna announce to their family, friends and coworkers that they just got their cooch waxed???? omg, this is a huge pet peeve mine, store pharmacies are not private! When covid exploded they put plexiglass up and put a red tape line on the floor so you stood 6 feet back from the counter. I had to shout through a mask, through plexiglass from 6 feet away t
  15. I used to always wonder how bad he stunk! All that exertion, sweating, rolling in the dirt without a shower in 24 hours, that man had to have bad body odor and nasty breath! I liked giving out candy to the little ones, always so cute!! Things have changed so much in recent years though that I don't have as much enthusiasm about Halloween. Between having to worry about allergies or having decorations that might scare or offend it just stresses me out. I just decorate for fall minus my witches and spiders and make sure the house is dark on the 31st so no one knocks on my door.
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