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  1. Ugh, me too! I moved in March, (address change) got remarried in June, (name change) and needed to upgrade to a a Real ID before the deadline. I had to bring 3 pieces of mail to confirm my address, my divorce papers and new marriage certificate to prove my name and my passport to confirm my identification. Your husband will have it easy compared to the 2 hours I spent there......
  2. I feel your pain @meowmommy, I have a difficult time reaching the top of my Jeep*! I don't mean to shame anyone who has a physical difficulty in reaching the entirety of a large vehicle, however, your windshield, rear windshield, headlights and taillights are all reachable, and necessary for you to drive safely. *I'm going to invest in one of those extendable snow scrapers this year to help with this. I've had the snow slide onto my windshield one to many times....
  3. or worse, slide onto your windshield if you brake hard.
  4. Agree. Agree. I think bio mom was curious, and maybe thought they could be buddies, but then grew tired of being a 'mom' (I use that term very loosely in this situation). Heck, the woman couldn't even be trusted to care for a tiny puppy, no way she could handle a real life adult/child who needs emotional interaction on a regular basis. That woman was cold, cold, cold.
  5. My husband said this exact thing!!!! Agree, I don't know what the 'abusive' situation was in her adoptive home, but this poor girl got screwed by both families if that accusation was true. The good news is she seems well-adjusted for someone whose family 'abused' her and whose bio bitch mom rejected her. I pray her future holds nothing but good things, because she has suffered enough. Was I only one that wondered if the weekend event was a swinger's party? Just seemed odd that the daughter was unable to reach either of them for some time and there was no elaboration on what they were doing. And bio bitch and her stupid side-ponytail with fake colored hair extension needed to size up in that latex dress she was wearing, could see her thong panty lines a long with some puckers on her butt cheeks.* *disclaimer - I'm no Gigi Hadid, but neither did I recently meet and reject my bio child because I'm a cold hearted bitch.
  6. Since my area got hit with 12 inches of snow from yesterday afternoon through this morning, I am once again faced with one of my biggest pet peeves: Drivers who don't make sure to clear snow off all of their windows, headlights, brake lights & tail lights. WTH?? I saw a mini van that had only used the wipers to clear the snow of the windshield so they could only see directly in front of them!! I saw a car with the entire backside covered, the window and all of the tail lights & brake lights. Numerous cars with the headlights blocked. My god, driving in the snow is hard enough and now you have impaired your skills even more because of lack of visibility????
  7. I purchased one of these cheapies from Target for $120, to use for a seasonal clothing dresser in my closet, put it together myself. Within 3 months one of the front cross boards broke when I pushed in an overstuffed drawer. I still use it since it's in a closet and I don't care how it looks but as @AngelaHunter says, they are not built to last. My thought as well. What. A. Train. Wreck. All of them made me want to take a hot shower and scrub my skin, ick! I truly think the plaintiff knew what he was getting and hoped he wouldn't get caught. Either that or he is just as stupid as the dimbulb defendant with his gross mush mouth who looked like he crawled out of septic tank to make the taping. They all deserved each other.
  8. I'm sorry, I just don't get how women can look in the mirror and think those thick, plastic, cheap doll-grade lashes make them look attractive. I saw an older woman, probably in her 60's wearing not only those tacky looking lashes but an even tackier looking fake ponytail extension, curled to the nth degree. It is bad enough on a young girl, but this woman was so desperate to relive her youth, it was sad really.
  9. I think mom threw in the towel on that girl a long time ago, I've known these moms, my daughters had friends whose parents had no clue what they were up to, and did.not.care. These same parents would defend their little lying, thieving, brats to the very end too, always using the "what could I do?" defense. I do not think that girl was pregnant, and I pray she never becomes so. Dumbo boy should definitely be thanking his lucky stars and EXCELLENT parents that he is not attached to her for the next 18+ years. I guarantee she will make any man who does knock her up miserable for the rest of his life.
  10. Speaking as someone who has used dating sites, NOT TINDER, you would be surprised how stupid people can be. I always met my 'match' at a public, non-alcoholic place (coffee shops) during daylight hours but I have a coworker who had no qualms about meeting a stranger at a bar at 9:00pm or later.
  11. One of my favorite drinking establishments is a dive bar with 3 stalls, unfortunately one has been broken for 2 years so I know your struggle. I've always said if I ever owned a bar I would have a ladies room with 5 stalls and a long vanity with a huge mirror and good lighting.
  12. Gotcha @Byrd is the Word, that's a good point. I think some equate parenting with having to control everything they do, even if its harmless in the long run. It's too bad this guy is more interested in making sure he has the last word than building a relationship with his son, that is what will have more of an affect on whether the kid ends up being successful in life.
  13. @Byrd is the Word Yes to everything you said. At first I was firmly on Dad's side, and then I slowly started slipping down the bench to the other side the more he talked. The fact that Dad took his kid to court OVER A DOG tells me pretty much all I need to know. Pets and children should not be used as pawns to get your way. Side note, I kinda got a "Duggar" vibe off of Dad: spawning a bunch of kids, living on what sounds like a farm with horses and such, and trying to control every waking minute of his children's lives....weird.
  14. She definitely played the damsel in distress very well, methinks it is not the first time or will it be the last time. The whole "my child is disabled" defense was another attempt at gaining sympathy for her case. I did not find her attractive, especially watching her head slant, mouth sneer every time she talked. I'm sure she turns on the charm for the likes of the Plaintiff who don't get a shot at many women, let alone one who may be slightly good looking. Her demeanor was very "I can do way better than this guy." As if. Sounds like she may reel them in with some the cute little girl thing but they don't stay long once they get a look at what she's really like. There's a sucker born every day, they just don't all go to court to get their money back. I'm glad JJ called her out with the "You are NOT a prize!" JJ was not referring to her physical appearance, but more of the fact that she had no job, no discernible income, had 2 children (18 years apart, wth????) with no baby daddy in the picture and she still has to ask mommy and Byrd for money to pay for her lovely hair.
  15. I was fine with this decision, even if it wasn't legal. The Defendant didn't look or sound like she was in any shape to take care of a pet rock, let alone a dog.
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