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  1. I used to enjoy that show in the early days, but then it got so ridiculous. every episode you got 1. Bar cart or 2. an ugly "conversation piece", usually a coffee table with "wacky" paint job or a chair with some "fun" fabric. I wish they would revamp it to a how-to of repurposing or just restoring flea market items and having judges decide the winner. Exactly.
  2. I got that beat, one of my FB friends is hawking a 'take care of your pelvic floor' class, there are different levels you can sign up for, all via Zoom, but they start at $49.99/month up to over $100/month. Her post are "How often do you masterbate?" and a pic of a cave that simulates a woman's vulva pinpointing the clitoris. Look, I'm no pearl-clutcher and I am not offended or disgusted by any of it, it's just what I consider too personal to share on a public forum. Private group or not. No one can see that you've looked them up, thank god. Let's just say I am very much a "FB inves
  3. Omg, I was taking them because I heard they could help with lowering cholesterol, worst mistake of my life. Extreme hot flashes, face turning bright red, it was horrible. I hear ya. I had a coworker take credit for a gift I arranged, ordered and set up. Although I had discussed it with this coworker, and she paid her share, it was my idea and I did the work. Hearing her accept all the thank you's and not saying "BexKeps did all the work, I just signed the card." was gut wrenching. Never again.
  4. I sleep in a t-shirt and undies, with one sheet and a very thin blanket. The blanket is supposed to be cooling and supposedly doesn't hold body heat. It's made out of bamboo product, I tell you I still wake up in a sweat and throw them all off.
  5. Hahahahaha, this is my mom! Growing up it was a running joke to see what she would run over on the mower, she has a lead foot on that thing and apparently couldn't see a small tree stump/tonka truck/plastic garden gnome so it all got shredded. I don't know how many blades my dad had to replace because of her excuse "I never saw it!" It got so my dad stopped planting trees because she would mow over them repeatedly, even after he'd mark them with stakes. And the stakes got mowed as well. OMG, this is starting at my house. I run warm anyway, add in the beginning of menopause and I am sw
  6. I called a tree company to come grind up a tree stump in my yard. He told me he'd call me back with a date. I waited a week and called again, left a message. No return call. Waited another 2 weeks called again and left a message. No call back. I get that you're busy but could you just say "yea, I don't have time?" I finally found a different guy to come do it. I'm hearing a lot of construction companies are either A) swamped or B) can't get people to work the jobs or C) a combo of both so I'm trying to be patient but in March I put down my 10% deposit to have my driveway and paver patio
  7. We have this issue with a company wide email that is sent to congratulate us on a certain list we make every year. You'll inevitably get 20 people who will reply to all with "Yay for us!!". It's an eye-roller every time. My mother got mad at me for telling her to stop including me in her family email about her brother that was very ill (he was a major asshole, he was such a prick that none of his 4 children had anything to do with him and did not attend his funeral when he passed) because all the aunts and uncles on the email would reply to all and my inbox would be flooded.
  8. Can we please be done with the Duggar's now? I can't believe people are still interested in this family that does nothing but breed.
  9. I walk my dog on a 2 mile loop, one day I counted 7 piles of poop, and 5 bags of poop that someone left. Why bother to bag them up then? I will never understand what the big deal is about picking up YOUR dog's poop? What does your yard look like? My dog's leash has a little poop-bag holder attached to it (looks like a fire hydrant), he poops, I put the bag on my hand inside out like a glove, grab the turd(s) pull the bag up around the turd(s), knot it and carry it home with me. Why is this so hard for some people?
  10. Agreed, I actually like the sound of lawn mowers and most tools, it's kinda soothing in a "summer is here" way. I also don't mind children at play with normal yelling voices, arguing, calling for each other etc., but these kids were screamers. I thought the kids themselves were wonderful, the two girls loved to come help me plant flowers and would come sit with me if I was relaxing in my chair. Their brother was a handful, like to grab the hose and spray his sisters instead of the plants but he was fun. The screaming I could have done without though! ;)
  11. The family that rented the house next to mine had young children who did nothing but scream at an ear piercing level the entire time they were in their yard. They were a nice family but it's jolting to be sitting in my living room and hearing a scream that sounds like someone is getting murdered for an hour straight. They moved last fall and no one has moved in since so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I have a peaceful summer. This has been my motto as well, it not only keeps me from "over shopping", it also helps me keep my closet under control. I like this idea even bet
  12. I love fall an early winter, however living in upstate NY January, February and March suck. Its gray and cold for all 3 months. I lived in CA in the late 80's, I loved the sunshine at first but after a 2 years I really missed the change of seasons. While I'm not a winter enthusiast, I do love a good powdery white snowfall in the winter and the trees and flowers budding in the spring.
  13. Regarding what I bolded in your post, EXACTLY. Just doing a google search will yield you a pretty close estimate of what it would cost. Some folks assume because the materials that may be used in the work is not expensive that the price of the labor should be cheap as well. Not so, which brings me to @Bastet's post: The actual physicality of the job is what costs you the money. If it was easy and the materials were cheap then why would you need a repairperson to do the work? They are doing the work you don't want to or can't do, and should be paid for that ability to do so. I do
  14. Omg! How do people not realize what a labor intensive job that is? I give care givers a ton of credit, it's physically and emotionally exhausting! Being married to a man who does home repair type work I have firsthand experience with how some people expect you to do hard manual labor for minimal pay. My husband has to go into spider web filled crawl spaces, dusty attics full of insulation and dark, damp, dirty basements. He has to climb a ladder onto high, steep roofs, he has to bend and twist around existing appliances, shelving and pipes to take care of your issue, yet when he quotes a
  15. When people on social media (FB) ask for a recommendation and add "reasonably priced", drives me nuts! "I need help with landscaping, possibly building a retaining wall and trimming trees & shrubs.....but reasonably priced." "I need a shower torn out and replaced....but reasonably priced" "I need childcare 5 days a week, 8:00-5:00pm....but reasonably priced" What do you consider reasonable? Have you called around to get estimates? Are you just hoping someone will take pity on you and do it for a fraction of the cost? I just saw my first example (above) on FB just now,
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