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  1. Alton is totally in a relationship with his baby momma. I loved how Kelly Anne blew up his spot while Jisela tried to act unbothered. And Darrell's laugh said it all. "Player Alton" lives on.
  2. Exactly what I was trying to say. It seemed more like him trying to detract from the fact that he was dead last.
  3. Watched this one super early thanks to being up with a newborn! In my last post I blasted the eating challenges but boy did the "Flagpole Sitta" montage soften the blow. I freaking looove that song. And Alton was killing me eating that pile of poo like it was a gourmet meal! Yes is fantastic. I always remember him as the levelheaded self-assured kid on RR Semester at Sea (which is on YouTube btw... still great to rewatch) who scoffed at his professors who thought he'd flunk out, and who tried to squash animosity amongst Veronica and Ayanna. He was always so confident yet laidback and
  4. Sounds harsh but I hope Aneesa wins so she can finally stfu. I loved Alton and Darrell talking smack. "I wouldn't want to be paired with Easy I tell you what." "Jisela this ain't for you!" Is it me or is Alton a little less sharp these days? He just seems slightly more confused about things. It can't be age because he's only about early 40s no? I'm also really over the eating challenges. It's very lazy at this point. The peppers are more than enough. What if someone has a seriously bad reaction one of these days?
  5. 1. Syrus is not too bright which is why he's never succeeds at these challenges. 2. I thought Kelly Ann said Alton was married?
  6. I agree her and Irulan were always stick thin but she looks unhealthy now. I gasped when she appeared on camera this time around compared to her first appearance in Vegas where it didn't really register.
  7. I really felt bad for Katie. She's obviously grown and I sense embarrassment for her actions on previous seasons. She seems like she wants to prove to herself and everyone that she's not that person anymore but had Trishelle lure the old Katie out again and you can tell she regrets it. I don't know what Trishelle's issue was. Was she drinking? Why did she feel like Katie should rush up to tell her anything? Homegirl was hungry and probably thinking of a gentle way to break the news that it was Kendal. Just because Derrick's thirsty behind wanted to break the news first doesn't mean Katie
  8. BOTS I is uploaded on YouTube somewhere. I love how Arissa is all "zen" but telling someone to go f themselves on the trailer. I wonder if she'll even speak to Alton since they were on bad terms during that crazy Vegas reunion. Does anyone remember her yelling at him "Bone out, negro!" Lol she always had the most interesting slang.
  9. I rolled my eyes at Big Easy's celebratory yelling after the team win. He ain't do ish yet again.
  10. I was shocked at Kendal's skin too. I noticed on her Instagram that she has a skin and joint condition called Ehlers Danlos syndrome which causes skin to be bruised and stretched easily and joints to bend easily. That explains the splotchiness of her skin. I wonder if she'll address it. I think the ladies and gentleman who have gained some weight over the years look pretty good. I'm really proud of Jisela's performance!
  11. Not giving him excuses but I noticed Bryan's behavior kinda coincides with him injuring himself and not being able to wrestle. I'm wondering if he's beginning to feel insecure about everything and Brie is massaging his ego by allowing him to say and do whatever. Still not right at all.
  12. Bryan got some damned nerve "dicktating" Brie's wardrobe while he walks around looking like the long lost Hobbit. He needs to stop because his look is not poppin. At all. I hate how Brie just submits to him so far to the point that she not only allows him to throw out her clothes (ones that most likely attracted him in the first place), but she lets him get away with talking about Nicki badly. That's a huge no no. I'm sure if Cena spoke badly of Brie he would be on the couch until he apologized. I just see Nicki sticking up for her sister despite her dimwittedness because she's a sweet person
  13. Damn! at Justin's challenge pic. He is too fine. Speaking of fine, why haven't any of the ladies try to get with Nyle yet? I would have been all over that and learning to sign like nobody's business! Ashley got played. Hopefully she sees what Mikey is really about. I actually love Devin and find Bello super annoying. He's just mad he's not in the DNA clique. Justin and Nyle. Mmmmm. And Dallas...oh wait. Crap. Hadassah is a super sucky model.
  14. I'm still stuck on how Hadassah did not know what "profile" meant. It's not just a modeling term, dear. Has she never heard of this even in the pageant world? I would have kept that one to myself. Also...I loved Dallas...so cute...so gone. I'm very here for Justin and Mame.
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