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  1. Blue Chihuahua

    The Last Kingdom

    I loved yesterday's episode and I, too, am impatient for the next one! I'm loving the book series as well.
  2. Blue Chihuahua

    The Last Kingdom

    I was inwardly cringing every time someone said England or English in the show and I have to admit I wasn't as devastated at the hall burning and Ragnar's death as I was when it happened in the books. I think it's because we didn't spend as much time with him and Uhtred living with his family as we did in the books. I was more attached to the book characters. Still, really looking forward to future episodes! :-)
  3. Blue Chihuahua

    The Last Kingdom

    I loved it! I have read some of the books (in the middle of book 5 now).
  4. Blue Chihuahua

    S03.E13: The Wrath Of The Lamb

    My fanwank is essentially they survive, Will gets taken to a hospital to recover, and Hannibal deals with Bedelia and is free to begin hunting Alana. I'll spare everyone the details. I really don't like the thought of "murder husbands". Never have. Their relationship is unique, so much more than that. That was why I loved the books and movies and the whole universe Harris created. Any relationship or encounter with Hannibal is beyond anything normal. Unique, as I said. That's what made it compelling to me. It was different. Not your average serial killer novel. I never saw it as anything even approaching sexual, and I never will. I think it's just too mundane for Hannibal. That said (very ineloquently), I would also like to say I will miss the show very much. It is right up there with "The X files" as one of my favorite shows ever. I'm glad we got the seasons we did, and I'm glad I was introduced to the wonderful actor that is Mads, but I'm greedy and want more. Third time NBC has let me down. Three strikes and you're out NBC. ETA: Is it wrong that I was a little disappointed in Hannibal's escape? I was hoping for something a little more...clever?, elaborate? I don't know. I was just a little underwhelmed, especially considering the escape in SotL.
  5. Blue Chihuahua

    Hannibal in the Media

    My station is showing it at 2 in the morning. I'm recording the entire night's programming just to be safe.
  6. Blue Chihuahua

    Cast in Other Roles: Side Dishes

    Has anyone seen "The Salvation" with Mads and Eva Green?
  7. Blue Chihuahua

    Spoilers and Spoiled Speculation

    Ok, that trailer gave me chills! Can't wait!
  8. Blue Chihuahua

    Cast in Other Roles: Side Dishes

    This please. I read the book a few months ago and pictured Mads as Odin through the whole thing.
  9. Blue Chihuahua

    Cast in Other Roles: Side Dishes

    I'd forgotten about "King Arthur". And I just watched it again a couple days ago! I have watched "The Hunt". I actually watched it in spurts. I agree, pretty upsetting, but phenomenal in terms of performance.
  10. Blue Chihuahua

    Cast in Other Roles: Side Dishes

    I avoided Bond movies like the plague until I found out Mads was in "Casino Royale". I actually liked it! Favorite one of his is still "A Royal Affair". Close second is "Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky". Sorry to say I haven't seen many Hugh Dancy movies although I liked that Elizabeth I mini series he was in.
  11. Blue Chihuahua

    Cast in Other Roles: Side Dishes

    I've been putting off watching "Torremolinos 73", but I might have to watch it now.
  12. Blue Chihuahua

    S03.E02: Primavera

    I was thinking there was something of about Abigail, but never made the connection so the reveal surprised me. Also my signal kept going out from storms so I missed quite a bit. I was glad of the reveal though. I liked the actress and the character, but if she'd survivedthat it would have been too much, if that makes sense. Hello Will, I missed you! And glasses too! He needs to keep those on. Loved the visuals this week, but looking forward to next week. I did get to see nightmare antler thing and agree Caelicola that it's very Pan's Labyrinth. That was my first thought. Also loved the introduction of Pazzi and glad I got to see the old picture of Mads.
  13. Blue Chihuahua

    Small Talk: Let's Chew the Fat

    I read David Tennant was up for the role of Hannibal, which I can't really see. At all. Although I'd love it if he were on the show in the future. My poor fangirl heart would explode after I screamed like a little girl!
  14. Blue Chihuahua

    S03.E01: Antipasto

    I don't usually comment because anything I would write lacks intelligence and insight, unlike other comments I read on here. That said, I'd just like to say a couple of things. One: Damn! That about covers everything from Gillian Anderson to Mads, to Eddie Izzard,to that poor Dimond guy. Felt sorry for him. Two: I missed you so much show! Ok, I lied. Three: loved the whole beginning. *coughbikerhannibalcough*
  15. Blue Chihuahua

    Hannibal Lecter: Hannibal the Cannibal

    I'm about halfway through The Hunt now. I have to watch it in snippets because it's heart wrenching, and this is from someone whose heart rarely gets wrenched watching a movie! I adore A Royal Affair as well; it's one of my favorite movies! I've been trying to get my mother to watch it by telling her it's in Danish (she's 1/4), but no luck yet. Also, I think this hiatus is already doing weird things to my brain. I was watching a friend's kid the other day and we were watching Frozen for the 80th(?) time. Only, this time when the song 'Let it Go' came on, I kept replaying the scene with Hannibal going out into the rain from the finale in my head. I admit, it made me crack up! And it's only been nearly two weeks so I can't wait to see what my brain comes up with in the coming months.