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  1. My husband noticed this and I didn't see it posted anywhere yet. Both the little girl who Davos speaks with in Ep. 2 and the boy that runs into Winterfell to watch the troops marching at the beginning of Ep. 1 are carrying a leather satchel and wearing a brown cloak. Could they be little sparrows or Faceless men? The leather bag looks like the one that Arya carries. There is some sort of insignia on the bag that can be seen as the little girl walks away, but it's hard to make out.
  2. According to this article, she has lived in the United States since 2016. It seems like she comprehends a good bit of things being spoken, but I can also understand her wanting to use an interpreter. https://www.indiewire.com/2019/01/marie-kondo-tidying-up-netflix-interview-spark-joy-america-1202036441/
  3. I may have missed it on this site, but what channel/streaming service will be showing this? I'm very curious to watch this show. The book is a bit over the top, but really makes you think about your things and letting objects go.
  4. Yes! My husband graduated from Berea. I really hope they feature it.
  5. Tom Colicchio tweeted right before they sat down to eat " If you’re watching, some damn good food is about to happen." It was amazing how well the chefs were able to pull off their dishes in those conditions. Although I do have to wonder whether there wasn't a lot of production help behind the scenes. When they first pull up to the campsite, it was completely covered by snow. After a few shots of the chefs trying to clear away so much snow, the cooking area looks much more cleared out than could possibly have been done with just a few shovels. That was even more apparent when t
  6. Dear Lord, Shirley. Yes, Katsuji is a Spanish-speaker, but he has so much potential to throw a wrench in the works.
  7. Joe is on Stephen Colbert tonight. This should be good.
  8. I think I finally put my finger on why this season is so "meh" to me. There's a fine balance between adding twists and games to the competition, and just throwing a challenge at the cheftestants and saying "have at it." The Brunch mash-up challenge seemed to be so rushed, with no clear parameter beyond "Oh look, it's the Cronut guy." While it can be gimmicky, this episode would have been so much better if the chefs had to spin the wheel or draw knives to combine ingredients or themes. They just seemed to flounder with the concept.
  9. In addition to the stink-eye from the dishwashers in the Blue kitchen, the server's comments to the judges about how diverse the menu was and had all kinds of elements was spot-on. Tom's expression was priceless. Their menu lacked a theme at all, and certainly not the theme of Southern Belle at all.
  10. I don't think this has been brought up yet... Did anyone else think that the letter to Jon was sent by Littlefinger posing as Ramsey? Earlier in the episode, he manages to get the Knights of the Vale to march North. Getting the Jon and the Night's Watch to come a'running to Sansa in Winterfell would also play into his plot.
  11. I'm still trying to figure out why the episode was named after the WWII bomber. (and BTW, I took my family to see her in person a few years ago. Simply amazing to get that close to such an important piece of history). FiFi is the last operating B-29 in the world. Maybe it's meant to be a reference to things or ways of doing things dying out. Or maybe I'm overthinking it.
  12. At first I was really surprised and annoyed that TOAST! was the basis for an elimination. And by the time a food trend hits something like Top Chef, it really has jumped the shark. But in this case, the toast really was just the vehicle for the main components of the dish. Carl failed not because he put fish and cheese on toast, but because he combined fish and cheese. He might have lost had the challenge been to create a pasta dish or the perfect amuse bouche, if he still used that fish cheese combination.
  13. None of the dishes really stood out. I think some of the blame for that is stretching it out into lunch and dinner services. That really seems to have diluted the whole thing.
  14. That's a good point. Even if the food, labor and other expenses were donated or purchased at a greatly reduced price, the idea of a gluttonous feast still doesn't sound right when fundraising for hunger.
  15. Oysters! I keep thinking of dishes that would have met this challege. There are endless possibilities of oyster toppings. And obviously they're easily served in a shell (but not on a dirty rock). Plus the judges were trying (too hard IMO) to project this gluttonous, decadant vibe -- they would have had a field day with oysters. (edited for typos)
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