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  1. I didn't get as much out of this first half of the season as others did. It felt a bit like Lucifer had jumped the shark, except that I always will love seeing these characters even if the plots are tired or contrived. The whole Michael thing has been done in every possible angel-related series known to man. We get it, Michael is an asshole. #overplayed. I would have liked to see the Dan finding out angle explored some more. He's the only character who is reacting appropriately to such news, and I get that it's a dramedy so you don't want to get too deep in the fact that our protagonist is the actual devil or that Chloe is having sex with the actual devil, but we have dealt with a little bit of heavier stuff with Lucifer's feelings and obligations, so having that Dan subplot as the 'deep end' I think would have been a nice addition, but it seems it's not going to go anywhere at all and like all other characters Dan will just accept it. Stellar acting by the actor though in that moment when he was seeing Chloe defend Lucifer. It looked as real as you'd expect anyone finding out this info to act in real life - confused, horrified, aghast, and terrified all at once and he showed all those emotions perfectly. But otherwise everything seemed a little too contrived to me. Demons have no souls because they are created, but all of a sudden Maze isn't created, she has a mother who supposedly birthed her and gave her up. And all of a sudden Maze has deep feelings even though she has no soul which is supposed to be the premise for feeling most any emotion. I don't like it. It has fundamentally changed the Maze character into a lesser being IMO. Mazakien was supposed to be hell's most ruthless torturer and successful soldier to Lucifer and now she's a sniveling mess. Stop. I AM excited for Garcia to find out though. So that's something to look forward to.
  2. I also liked the show and I was shocked at the actions of the mom at the end. But I still don't understand the Grand Jury thing at all. Maybe I'm just dumb but I interpreted the wrap up as that the Grand Jury was to see if the wife's actions were intentional, which makes zero sense because it seems like they would be questioning her, not someone else who happens to be related to her. And even if they were interviewing others to make sense of her actions it still didn't make sense to me that they wouldn't interview her at all and she would only find out she wasn't going to get in legal trouble fromher husband having a Grand Jury trial. What was I missing there?? It truly made no sense to me.
  3. @LibertarianSlut That was a great breakdown of the James storyline. I know James has been an ass, but I honestly never felt James got a fair shake. Katie was flat out horrifying to multiple people, as was/is Jax, and it just gets brushed off, but everyone went after James hard core. Also, I agree that the reunion show with them all attacking him when it was brought up that he helps his family was straight up like Lord of the Flies disturbing. They ALL tried to justify their gang attack on another human being by making a false equivalency between themselves buying some fancy presents and a person literally giving thousands of dollars constantly to family members who would guilt him if he didn't have money to give them.
  4. Yeah, I have thought for a while that there was something more than the knife situation or why would we still be seeing this questioning (when the knife thing was brought up at the beginning). And I'm glad to hear there is one more episode because the current episodes ARE numbered "1 of 7" all the way up to "7 of 7" for the Job episode, so I'm going with you guys and maybe they just numbered them wrong. If that was the end it was a terrible ending. Wait! I just went to the Apple TV+ page and it says "Season 1" so is this no longer a miniseries and now it's a regular show?? Hmm.
  5. I am binge-ing the After Show clips on Youtube and watching these, I can't wait for the reunion show. It didn't feel like much happened this year, AND like many of you I wasn't a fan of the new people during the season, but now I actually like some of them. And one I particularly hated was that new brunette girl who is super confident in herself and young and basically takes a constant stance of "look at these boys falling all over me" and to the women she's like "okay old person". lol But now, those same personality traits, I kind of love about her because I think she puts some situations/people in their place - not to their faces but during this after show - so I think she will be a real asset at the reunion to cut through some BS. She calls out Lala about being up in James' business and ragging on Raquel ("what is she 30, and engaged? Like why does she even care...?"). She calls Stassi and Katie hypocrits for ragging on Raquel about her puppy party. I think her presence boosts Raquel's confidence, and although I also thought Raquel was annoying and an airhead, I like her more now too. So I feel like the feisty young one might cause the old crowd to be called out and then be able to make them feel 3 inches tall when she responds with some condescending "aren't you like 30?" LOLOL (and I'm over 40, but I work in a University and younger people DEFINITELY throw that shade often because there is really nothing we can say back - "well... you're young!" hee hee okay. lol)
  6. I like cnet for tech stuff but I will stick with science for how light water droplets are and how they suspend in air and eventually fall. Also, I mean, it's nothing to get mad over. If you like to use your toothbrush out in the open then do so. It's like you're mad at me for your poop mist. LOL
  7. I hope others are watching this because I am SO confused!! So this is a miniseries, not a series. And it says "episode 7 of 7" on the descrip of this episode. I assume that means this was the last episode. We did get the resolve of the guilty party but beyond that we get nothing. I still don't understand what the entire purpose of that grand jury trial the dad was going through was even about?! The miniseries started and ended with him being questioned and we never know why. What a terrible plot hole!!
  8. Is there a reason this forum just stopped updating?? the show is finished but I don't want to talk about it on episode 4 topic.
  9. Same, 40+, same, I have always found him utterly repugnant. And worse, not only is he unattractive, he's stupid. I hate stupid people. Disability? It's the southern way. Ew. Every time that water splashes infinitesimal droplets of water, so light that they float on air, rise up, and some make it out of that bowl and settle on all the things. Puke.
  10. I keep my toothbrush in a drawer and think it's weird and gross to leave your toothbrush just chillin' out with the poop air in your bathroom. That's disgusting. You are literally washing your mouth with your own poo!! Cover up the toothbrush and get it out of the open air of the bathroom. So gross! I have to agree. I didn't realize it even was the finale until reading the comments here. Agreed. Kristin doesn't have a roll if not included in the friend group. This is something I really wanted to address. I read every comment and no one mentioned the reality of that moment. I realize that because of this show nothing will likely happen addressing THIS incident, but Max just may, at some point in the future when he is no longer young and on TV, find himself learning a hard lesson about sexual harassment. He has thrown that "I hired you" line in Dayna's face a few times during PERSONAL conversations about their relationship that have zero to do with their working relationship. Max needs to learn to keep these things separate. Constantly bringing up his status as her superior during discussions about their previous sexual relationship comes off, to me, like he's basically telling her he can fire her whenever he wants because her actions bother him personally, not professionally. That's textbook sexual harassment!! He needs to get his shit together! And Jax - Jax clearly has a drug problem. It might be a combo of coke and roids, or who knows what, but you aren't constantly sweaty unless you are high or coming down. I agree that Jax got married to pull attention and that he had no actual interest in being married. Jax has been looking for ways to remain relevant since the TomTom announcement, and he has ragged on that en devour every chance he possibly can. He even tried to get the Toms to turn on Lisa in the beginning. I also agree that he will knock Brittany up as his next effort - if he can still get it up by then.
  11. Forgot one last thing - Rachel was high AF when she was being reemed by what's his name for missing her shift.
  12. Now that I'm done skeeving over Sheena wiping her crotch across a deputy's neck I can finally consider the rest of the episode. I don't agree with you guys about Sandavol. Or... maybe I agree that he wanted to show himself as the good guy but I don't think it was for "superiority" reasons, I honestly think it was because that pastor was so vile that he wanted to make sure everyone knew absolutely that he did not for one minute accept what that pastor was saying. I"m not trying to pretend Sandavol is some great human, just in this case I think his motives were slightly different than what the majority thinks was the motivation. I found it ridiculous that the whole group had a meltdown at just asking Jax why he didn't act sooner to get rid of the pastor. That's a legit question. And there is no way J&B didn't know all about his beliefs. I honestly think Brittany is more upset that he is no longer officiating than that he is a bigot! And let's all take note that "he is a family friend" - meaning her family is absolutely fine with those types of friends!! She's as "Kentucky" as they come!! She is a hillbilly who stalked a reality star across the country to sleep with him into a relationship and a part on the show. I"m hearing Reba MacEntire's (sp?) "Fancy" playing in the background as Brittany walked out the door on her way to the big city. It seems like that song was Brittany's blueprint!! And last, I agree that Arianna has changed drastically and for the worse and I think she is grasping at anything to keep herself on camera.
  13. Unfortunately there isn't a 'vomit' button.
  14. Jax and Brittany doth protest too much! I don't follow a single one of these fuckers on social media and even I knew that bigots, homophobes, and racists, seem to surround Brittany and Jax! Thay are as hillbilly as they come!! I have zero doubt that Brittany's family have confederate flgs flying, and as a Michgander myself, I know perfectly well that the UP, where Jax is from, is the backwoods Deliverance version of Michigan!! They are outing themselves with their little tantrum about something as simple as even mentioning the word "pastor" and they flip out!
  15. That seriously looked gross! It literally looked like Sheena was "wiping" herself on his head! It was sick and if I were that guy I would have been like 'bitch, get off me!'
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