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  1. I've been in a crummy mood all afternoon, but when Sarah said, "Oh, look who'll kiss anyone with AIDS now!" I laughed so hard that I scared the cat. So, thanks for that.
  2. I also completely blocked Jade out from my memory, so I YouTubed them, and I actually remember liking what was probably their one song: https://youtu.be/wZ9HG0nGe-g
  3. "Winchester-House-esque panels to nowhere..." Best.
  4. I feel just a tad guilty chuckling at those I Hate Brenda letters considering how unwell ShanDo is IRL these days.
  5. I watched this ep a few months ago, so I'd forgotten about Andrea's Mama Cass/Janis Joplin thing. That GIF is everything!
  6. Best Carpool Karaoke ever! Everyone's so cute, and having a good time, and JK with the rhymes on "Guns & Ships"! That shit is HARD.
  7. That ER episode! Oof, my heart. I got teary-eyed just hearing this Canon presentation. Now I've gotta dig out my DVDS.
  8. It had more of a cult following, but the lead character in Lost Girl (which just ended actually, so there's some space to fill) was a succubus, and that resulted in a lot of the sexxay. ETA: Ah, @jael beat me by two minutes! haha
  9. BRB, actively trying to work "cat butt mouth" into everyday conversation.
  10. "It's like I'm not Brinda Wash, it's like I'm Brinda Beverly Hills!" Season four, and she still can't say her name.
  11. I had an ankh necklace in the early 90's, too. We all had a time back then, didn't we?
  12. It tickles me when they give ShanDo a line with a tough word in it considering she couldn't even pronounce any easy one like "basketball" properly. Last episode she asked Brandon why he was betting on so many "basketbaw" games. *snort*
  13. I used to loooooooooove this song. I had the soundtrack album even. I think I actually still have the cassette somewhere.
  14. "It's like two Klingon warships about to do battle in the Revlon aisle of the drug store." [crying-laughing emoji x 1,000]
  15. That, uh, dinner scene was completely overly dramatic. Obviously, they were leading up to something, but at that moment, I figured he'd collapse or toss his cookies just out of frame, surely nothing as graphic as projectile blood vomit...which scared the ever-living shit out of me. And I'm not easy to scare.
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