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  1. castersugar


    The mini-casket Cassie brought up was to transport the remains to Haley's hometown. The sister is planning to have them transferred to a full-size (probably nicer) coffin for burial.
  2. castersugar

    S03.E07: To Build a Better Beta

    Huh. They actually used Phil'z coffee cups. I wonder if it was a product placement?
  3. castersugar

    S03.E06: Into The Woods

    If you input that URL into a browser, it actually does lead somewhere, although the closed captioning misquoted "sex" as "six".
  4. castersugar

    S05.E01: The Wars To Come

    It seems they're combining his backstory with Strong Belwas's.
  5. castersugar

    S05.E01: The Wars To Come

    I was hoping they had swapped out Rattleshirt for Tormund, based on the significant looks Tormund was exchanging with Mance during the burning. Not that I want Tormund gone, but I want to see the Mance at Winterfell storyline. According to the IMDb listing for this episode, another character was rumored to pop up again, who didn't. That was kind of a bummer as well. I hope we see the rest of the flashback with Melara's "lack of a future". Also: wasn't Maggy the one who warned Cersei about the valonqar?
  6. castersugar

    S02.E19: Sabotage

    Terry's bit about the Icelandic yogurt was amusing to me, because last week when Holt came into the lunch room to give them the brain teaser, he was eating Icelandic yogurt. (It's the same brand I buy, which is why I noticed the cup.) Why he'd get so worked up about it, I don't know, though.
  7. castersugar


    I was so looking forward to seeing Paul & Storm on the show, too. They are actually really funny guys, I just don't think that format was the best showcase for their type of humor. I've seen them in concert with Wil Wheaton, Chris Hardwick & Adam Savage, and they were all improving off each other for 30-40 minutes at the end and were really quick & funny.
  8. castersugar

    Last Tango In Halifax

    Did they just drop an F-bomb on PBS? I could've sworn Celia did in the car with Alan, but my CC conveniently didn't caption that line. I can't recall ever hearing that on PBS before...
  9. castersugar

    S04.E04: Oathkeeper

    Was the implication that Lady Olenna was supposed to marry Aemon Targaryen? I don't remember that from the books, but they're of an age... Also, in the books I thought Margaery's knowledge of Joffrey's murderer was more ambiguous. Or am I remembering that wrong as well?