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  1. I guess Igby Goes Down for Kieran Culkin. I like Emile Hirsch for the role simply because there is something about him that makes me want to punch him in the face. I wanted to punch him in Alpha Dog, The Girl Next Door, Killer Joe and pretty much everything else. He's annoying.
  2. ScortiusoftheBlues

    Is 'Trophy' The Perfect Episode Of Law & Order?

    American Dream might be my favorite Ben Stone episode, but Indifference is great as well.
  3. ScortiusoftheBlues

    Casting Television To A T

    Madame Secretary is SOOOO bad. The promos are unintentionally hilarious.
  4. ScortiusoftheBlues

    Casting Television To A T

    I will watch anything where Tea Leoni dies.
  5. ScortiusoftheBlues

    Vote For The Best Law & Order Fantasy Draft Team!

    Had to go with Sarah for basically the douchiest defendant in the history of L&O, which is saying a lot, the Fatch himself. I have hated his smug face ever since. Also the smoothest of smooth Junior ADAs, Paul Robinette. That fade was on point. and hey it's that guy whose name we never cared about who went on to die on the toilet on The Sopranos who has 2 lines to Chris Noth in every episode until he gets busted by Mr Big in the Chris Noth L&O TV movie.