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  1. I see you still managed to get the Marcellino dinner plate incident in there again. That poor dinner plate really got to you, didn't it?
  2. Why is it always poor innocent animals that have to be traumatized by the squeezyrubs of these gross people? My ears perked up when Matt's mom was like, I dunno, I have never bailed his dumb ass out. Good for her. She knows exactly who and what her son is. She's tried to give Caitlin the benefit of that experience/knowledge...but to no avail.
  3. Should be the name of a book about these people. This amazes me, and yet...you can buy fake nails, and fake eyelashes and fake hair so...why not?
  4. LOL just as my cable box reminded me that this was coming on, my sister asked if we should order some pizza delivery. Of course I said yes, so I was able to enjoy all the pizza drama while munching on some of my own. OMG I used to work with this young girl who did this ALL.THE.TIME. and you have to understand that this girl was whiter than Gwyneth Paltrow. She and I worked in a close-together group of desks with three other women who were black. I could see them roll their eyes when she did her "blaccent", but we all took a "sorry for her" attitude because the girl had a horrible family life/upbringing, so nobody wanted to be mean to her. However, one day she asked me for some lotion-I was famous for always having lotion at my desk, because super-dry hands--and then started complaining, "My skin is so ashy..!!." I couldn't anymore and said, "You know, Gwyneth, I don't know if you realize this, but you are not actually black." Everyone exploded into laughter and to her credit, she did too.
  5. No, and I agree. He looks fine and the proposal was lovely. The only thing I wonder, they identify him as a writer, but a writer of what and where? I want to live in Clinton's parent's house! It is lovely. Agree with all this. When you're really done with someone, you don't keep telling them you are, you just pack your shit and walk. She's still hoping he will see the light and come back to her. And yeah, I have been played in my past and I am insulted at the low-level, low-quality, half-assed game that Michael is able to shove at these girls and have it work. WHERE IS ANGELA?
  6. I missed the purple dildo too!! Must rewatch...
  7. This is just wrong on every level, especially when you see banksters/financial fraudsters who rip people off for millions of dollars and do almost no time. OK, rant over. Red Roses, you mentioned a case where the murderer brought his son along to commit the crime, was that by any chance the Beth Carpenter case? That particular was SOOOO mind-boggling in so many ways, that particular detail about the murderer dragging his son along was just icing on the cake. For those unfamiliar with the Carpenter case (I am a true crime junkie, so I don't expect everyone to share my lurid fascination), here is a summary that mentions the hitman bringing his son along: http://www.cnn.com/2002/LAW/08/02/ctv.carpenter.trial/index.html
  8. But it's not up to Michael's mother to tell Megan to butt out, that is up to Michael. Mr. Player is never going to do that, of course, which is why, really, Mom needs to tell Sarah. I felt so bad for Caitlin and the counselor was right, Matt needs to be totally "deprogrammed" from prison mentality. He needs to see some kind of counselor, he needs to get a job of ANY kind, he needs to generally show that he intends to make at least a minimal attempt to do what Caitlin asked.
  9. I wish she would tell Sarah what's going on. It's information that Sarah needs to have. It's not fair to keep it from her when she sees Sarah going on about making things work with Michael. Also, I agree 100% with whoever said that Sarah needs to tell Aviannah the truth about where her father is. That was my exact, immediate reaction.
  10. Oh yes, this shit is taken super-seriously when you're on parole/probation. The slightest infraction can get you arrested, whether it's being 10 minutes late, not filing a change of address/new phone number, not taking a scheduled drug test, not paying the parole fee (in some states you have to pay a monthly parole fee, it's not a huge amount but still, it's something else you have to do, month after month, year after year), not staying away from known felons...It's a lot. Is it fair? It might go overboard, but OTOH you are getting out of a prison sentence or getting out of prison early, and telling the courts that they can trust you, so if you're smart you'll suck it up and fly right. Some convicts actually refuse to take parole, they prefer to just finish their sentences so that they're actually free when they get out. They'd rather work hard to get their sentence reduced on good behavior and have no parole burden when they're released.
  11. HaaCHOO, that is sad, for those women and for that lonely young man. I mean, there are strip clubs that are swanky where the women are beautiful, and there are some that are middle of the road, but it sounds like for whatever reason, he liked the low-down places. It's nice that they were kind to him, at least.
  12. My ex-bf was a bit of a connoisseur of strip clubs and one day he and a friend decided it would be hilarious to pop into a sleazy section of the red light district at lunchtime. He said the "girls" on offer were genuinely terrifying and that after they ran screaming out of there, lunch was the last thing they wanted. Or women. Oh, and I call one of my cats "pretty girl" too!! So funny. Although it comes out more like "peeshy peeshy peeshy durrrrrrl."
  13. My friend's daughter that I mentioned in another post also went to prison on drug charges. Although she took the opportunity in prison to get clean and has remained so, I remember her telling us that prison was the easiest place in the world to get drugs. I'm also from Maryland, where we had an enormous prison scandal with convicts knocking up guards and drug- gun-running inside the prison, and I am certain this is not an isolated incident. I recently read an interesting AMA on reddit from a former convict who ended up turning himself into the police for a series of nonviolent crimes. He did three years in prison. One of the things he repeatedly said was that basically, prison sucked, but it was also one of the best opportunities you ever get to work on yourself, figure out what you need to do and in his words, figure out "what was so wrong with my head that I couldn't function in normal society." He said there's tons of opportunity in prison to focus on yourself and get yourself straight if you want it, but he also said that most people just treated it as a "holding pattern" rather than the opportunity it is. I kept thinking about this show while reading that. These convicts seem to be of the "holding pattern" type.
  14. I think that's it exactly. "This time it will work" is the underlying basis for many relationships that don't seem to make logical sense. It's sad, but it's not something the person can just "snap out of." Caitlin seems fragile, and she is to some extent, but she has a practical and survivor's sense about her. I think that in the right environment of support, she could climb out of the emotional swamp she's in, hold down a job and make a decent life for herself if she didn't keep getting wrapped up in the drama of replaying her relationship with her mother. Michael's hideous claws were discussed earlier, everyone seems horrified by them LOL. They are GROSS. I have no idea if long talons a thing among young men, it isn't among any of the ones I know, although lord knows that's not my age group.
  15. To those of you who doubted my sanity in rooting for Tracie and Clint, can I just say, they got matching tattoos!!! And hers, which may or may not actually spell "Clint," is on her RING finger. I think I stand vindicated. I LOVE Caitlin and Matt's little cottage in the woods. How is it that deadbeats and ex-cons can afford more nice things than me? And for the first time I actually liked Matt tonight, too.
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