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  1. I think the Finola in suspensia is actually a clone of the Finola from the pilot episode who experience Kieran...that was the closest she’d ever experienced debris and touched it before touching the piece tonight.
  2. When Ash got into the car the driver stated that “Otto says George located the piece of debris”. Ash replied “the mans a genius”. While George keeps wrapping himself in aluminum foil maybe that acts as a transmitter for his location instead of shielding him. I’m not convinced especially by Maddox’s statement to Finola about “men like your father are like pieces of debris themselves. When they are in the right hands they can do tremendous good, when they are in the wrong hands they are dangerous”, that George either is the head of INFLUX and therefore that was why Maddox wanted him dead OR whi
  3. I felt the same way when I saw the first episodes of “Nurse Jackie” and she was using a mortar & pestle to crushing percocet and then reglued her Sweet & Low packets because she placed the crushed percocet in her coffee for during her shift. Ugh...of course the running joke was that anytime one of us on shift was having an “off day” on the floor someone (usually one of our trauma docs trying to be funny) would say “well looks like Katie didn’t bring her special Sweet & Low today”....we’d chuckle but it still a bit of a grind in the back. Also can’t watch 9-1-1 either because that f
  4. So with the ending of this episode and the Native America talking about 4 different types of metal and the dark metal wind coming next, are they going in the direction of Native American’s being the forefathers of the alien spacecraft or related somehow?
  5. 2 more episodes are left.
  6. The Pacific here in CA barely reaches 65 degrees during the summer months when it hits 110+ in the Santa Clarita Valley where I live. I grew up in NJ, specifically in Ortley Beach, then Toms River, Forked River and Cape May. In July the Atlantic gets to about 70-73 degrees which is lovely. In fact in September after Labor Day ocean temps get routinely to 75 degrees. Also spent some time in FL and the Gulf of Mexico gets like bathtub water with temps in the high 80’s to low 90’s.
  7. Maybe she feels (since she stated that she is the one at fault for the accident) that her life isn't supposed to get better and that she deserves worse for causing what has happened to their son. Guilt will eat you up alive if you allow it to. I don't think its a question of love because I truly believe she loves Craig and that she loves Dario. I just think she can't allow someone to forgive her before she is ready to forgive herself. Truth be told that day may never come for her. I also think that there is more to the accident than just her getting in the car and driving off with their child.
  8. I think the reason why Julia can't forgive herself for driving the car that day is because she either was drunk or possibly high off opiates (not an uncommon problem for many women who either work or stay home to care for the house, etc.) Craig's incessant "I forgive you, I really forgive you" can't get through to her subconscious because she has not forgiven herself for that day. Maybe she and Craig had been having an argument about her drinking or pill popping and she grabbed Dario, got in the car and took off, only to have an accident, that the end result was their son having a lifelong TBI
  9. I just don’t understand why women especially one like Catherine Zeta-Jones would resort to either going under the knife or inject Botox or a myriad of fillers on the market into her face. She was stunning when she stared in the 2 Zorro movies and in Chicago. She or the doctor who did those procedures should retire. She looks nothing like she did when she was younger. Eventually time catches up to all of us.
  10. Interesting episode in that the debris was controlling people, even Finola & Bryan and the rest of the team, and not in a good way. I think more on the torture with Anson & Craig would have been a better go round than having the young girl be central in the episode. Apparently from whatCraig learned from Anson they are going to raid where George is but Craig clued Ferris in on that when he should have shut his mouth. Maybe George will tell Finola that Ferris (I’ve long suspected that she’s working for Influx and against the coalition) isn’t to be trusted and is a double agent or
  11. You may be right that it’s an illness but I’m wondering if it’s an addiction and not an illness since it was mentioned that Maddox pulled him out of a prison in Afghanistan? The picture Bryan pulled from the clones pocket was of a woman who looked like she could have been from Afghanistan. Did she die as a result of something that Bryan did and he was charged and convicted in her death? Maybe the injection that Maddox sent is something close to suboxone to keep his addiction in check. Also, has anyone noticed the small snippets when the credits for the episodes are shown at the end of eac
  12. So I figured out what was happening to the older people who touched/held the piece of debris. That’s was fairly easy. What had me baffled is what envelop was given to Bryan by a lab tech, to which Bryan says “why so early?” The lab tech responds “Maybe something came back in your bloodwork?” The tech leaves and Bryan opens the envelop, takes out the black case and then injects something into his arm. No notes, no test results, no directions yet Bryan instinctively knows where to inject whatever it is he’s injecting into his bloodstream. Now a few episodes back he was fully cloned and then half
  13. I didn’t put this piece together until my husband was watching this episode and said to me “Hey hon, I know this might be weird but the guy from the CIA is named Craig and his wife is Julia...don’t you find that a tad bit strange since that is both your name and mine?” My response to him “Babe, I think you need to get your hearing checked”...so what does he do? He rewinds the scene and holy shit it is our names...we have a son but he’s not Dario, he’s simply Craig Jr....lol...first time I’ve ever watched anything that this has happened.
  14. Yes. Bryan who was searching the cornfield for Auturo (the child who was lost) came upon it as he went from the cornfield into a muddy area that had been plowed at some point and was used as a harvesting area. The reason why some of the people died is because as the ME stated “they got into their cars to leave only to die once they got back to an oxygen based atmosphere and rain that wasn’t chlorine based but instead H2O. The spaceship according to the very beginning of the 1st 2 episodes states that “Three years ago images were captured of a wrecked alien spacecraft moving thro
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