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  1. I feel bad for her. I think she might still be hung up on him, although I think it's fairly clear at this point that she's low on his priority list. She's defending him and talking about how "extremely handsome" he is, while he's out there living his life and having a good time. Just take a look at his Instagram -- no mention of Catherine, the show, but plenty of pictures of him with other girls, going out, having fun. Like others have mentioned, Graham actually seemed like a fairly normal teen. I doubt he honestly expected that Catherine would develop such deep feelings, without even me
  2. I think that's a fair reaction, because it seems rather bizarre to use someone else's picture to catfish people online if you're attractive enough to lure them from your own pictures and/or attractive enough to have no issues dating/meeting folks offline. Although, this ignores the reality that sometimes people are just bored and want to talk with someone -- without any real interest in forging a relationship, romantic or otherwise, with them -- and might want to use a fake name/picture to do so, so that there are no real-life ties to that online connection.
  3. This was such a disturbing episode. On one hand, I was genuinely concerned about Spencer's mental health and had trouble finding his delusions funny, because he seemed so dead serious that he was dating Katy Perry, despite incredibly obvious red flags that he wasn't. Why in the world would Katy Perry call herself Katy Perry online? Or post unreleased versions of her songs on YouTube? None of it would make sense to anyone with half a brain, so I can only imagine that there were some deeper mental issues at play (or that Spencer just really, really wanted to be on TV, and was willing to look ins
  4. Yes, I completely agree. Jared's attraction to Jade early on last season also makes sense in terms of type. Both Caila and Jade are very girl-next-door pretty. Ashley I. is very beautiful (in my opinion) and should have no problem attracting guys, if she tones down the crazy. She needs to learn that you can never truly persuade someone to like you (and honestly, why would you want to?). Even if they "give in," it's usually very short-lived until they find someone they actually like.
  5. Emily is delusional if she thinks she's prettier than Caila. While Emily is certainly not ugly, it's fairly clear that she puts a ton of effort into looking as good as she does, while Caila looks very naturally and effortlessly beautiful. There's nothing wrong with make-up or 'trying' to look good (I love make-up as much as the next girl!), but I can see how Caila would appeal to more men -- especially one like Jared, who previously turned down Ashley I. (who is also very attractive, but has that same sort of artificial look about her as the twins do). In contrast, Jared was very interested in
  6. Exactly. I don't doubt that Jordan might settle down with someone but I find it highly unlikely that that girl will be JoJo. He doesn't seem that into her, besides perhaps being physically attracted. In most of their scenes together, it feels like JoJo was pulling teeth in order to get some validation and reassurance from Jordan. It's especially noticeable since she's the one with all of the power -- yet was doing mental gymnastics to turn a blind eye to Jordan's overall hesitation. I don't know, from the very start, I've never felt any real love for JoJo from Jordan (whereas, looking at the p
  7. Pretty much. I loved the last minute save from Jordan with the phone call to her parents and the letter -- JoJo was begging him at every turn to give her something that would validate her ultimate decision to pick him and he wasn't making that particularly easy for her.
  8. Soraya (JoJo's mom) was spot on in her assessment of both Jordan and JoJo. She knows that Jordan is a trust/insecurities disaster waiting to happen. She could also tell that JoJo was too blinded by her love for Jordan to listen to reason and had made up her mind at that point. Her reaction to Jordan not asking her father's permission was too hysterical for it to have been anyone else but Jordan. I loved Soraya's interjection in the middle of JoJo's meltdown that she also needed to be asked -- not just the father.
  9. I thought her response to him was rather weak. But then again, it's hard to defend her final two -- one most definitely dumped his ex to be on this show and is laughably insincere (ILY on the first date? Yeah... either he's not genuine or he's mentally unstable), while the other is, rather obviously, desperate for fame (wasn't he using that celeb-only dating app for a while, even though he's not a celebrity in any capacity and most people would never connect the dots between him and Aaron, unless he tells them?) and cheated on his ex? There's not much worth defending, and it felt like JoJo bac
  10. Yes, perhaps. Although, I wonder if they might now get along better since they've both been trash-talked by Andi at this point.
  11. It is so ironic to me that Carly, the one thoroughly convinced of how fake and insincere Britt was being, is now the one with three Bachelor appearances (Bachelor, BIP2, and now BIP3) under her belt, and Britt has faded away into relative obscurity.
  12. I'm not basing my perception *just* on what Aubrey/Brandi have said, but also his behavior -- one episode, when they were coaching each other and going on blind dates, he immediately asked whether it would be someone who he'd be attracted to. Another episode, when they went on the "blind" mixer, he initially picked one girl (the same one that Calum picked first), and it was clear that once he saw her, he wasn't interested (even though Calum offered her to him, after he said that she was his first pick) and choose his second choice instead. I also think of a "10" as being more than just t
  13. I am curious to see how the Josh/Amanda relationship plays out. I recently watched a few episodes of 'Famously Single' and if anything, Josh seems like the type of guy who is very picky with his women. He's not looking for anything less than a 10. That adds up to what Andi accuses him of in the book too (it seems like her FS time with Nick ruined his ideal image of her as his future wife, and he just couldn't get past it). So I just don't see Josh settling down with a woman who has two kids from another relationship, no matter how pretty or sweet, because it doesn't square with the kind of wom
  14. To be fair, he probably was, amongst that group of men.
  15. Gio is a nut. I don't understand his whole tirade about putting himself first, and how he's there for his match. Doesn't he realize that even in the (highly unlikely) case that Julia is his match, she wants nothing to do with him, so they would be a match in name only. She couldn't get away from him fast enough when he cornered her. I'm glad that she laid it out clearly for him during the match ceremony, but he still didn't seem to get the hint. So sad. The weirdest part is that I do think that Kaylen is still hung up on him, which is why she went off on Francesca. While I do think France
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