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  1. Penman61

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    Agree that Bonnie needs to say those things for closure and she's right to hold an abuser accountable, but...damn if it isn't just sad to imagine that--as the show suggests with the single tear--that Bonnie's mom can hear everything but can't say anything back.
  2. Penman61

    S03.E08: Unfit

    I guess I analyze fictional characters for a living (teach Lit), but you know...sometimes a backstory (at least a LOST-type one) is not necessary. Some people, irrespective of dating history, are just sadistic shits, and some political/social systems reward shit people's shitty behavior. Gilead is obviously one of those systems. And a backstory is especially not necessary if it just reinforces hoary misogynist tropes about a woman not being fully human without a man. Ugh.
  3. Penman61

    S03.E08: Unfit

    Wait, how have we not talked about the outro music choice? "Que Sera, Sera" by Doris Day? The popular song equivalent of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ? Since I'm sneer-watching at this point, I choose to think this is the writers' subconscious cry for help, like, "Hey, what can we do about the WRITING, you should try WRITING, it's hard to do WRITING, and anyway nothing matters, lol, what will be, will be?" (Also bonus PSA: Doris Day was a phenomenally nuanced vocal talent way, way beyond that overplayed chestnut. RIP.)
  4. Penman61

    S03.E08: Unfit

    [Me, at that penultimate long, static shot of June standing in the trail of blood)]: Well, at least this episode isn't ending another closeup of Moss's (admirably tiny) nose pores... [Me, milliseconds later, as the camera inexorably swoops into yet another goddamn motherfucking closeup of Moss's nose pores to end an episode]: Jesus tapdancing Christ.
  5. Penman61

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    List of people on this show who need therapy: Celeste her sons Renata Mr. Renata Maddy Ed Nathan Bonnie Mary Louise Bonnie's mom Bonnie's dad The principal The detective The community theater director His wife's plastic surgeon The ice cream vendor That fucking bridge (talk about enabling!)
  6. Penman61

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    Not that this show is known for psychological verisimilitude, but I'm calling total lazy writing bullshit on Mary Louise's "awesome takedown" of Renata. Renata is in her mid40s, no? So she's been hearing shit about women trying to "have it all" for DECADES. Totally a self-made multi-millionaire woman, was about to be lauded on the cover of a business mag, right? And--in this year of our lord 2019--she's somehow "undone" by some 60-ish low-class frump (as Renata would see her) trying to accuse her of being a bad mother because she "tried to have it all?" The Renata we knew up until this week (granted she's under extraordinary stress atm) would have smirked and slung some shit at the bowl-haircut no-name no-one and laughed--and then STILL have gotten the information she wanted out of ML. The idea that Renata would wither under such weak-ass shit really pisses me off. Ugh, the writing on this show sometimes...
  7. I see what you did there...:)
  8. Penman61

    S03.E07: Under His Eye

    There's really no point in analyzing the plot or characters of this hilariously preposterous show, so how about we take a poll instead: Which of these monuments/wonders does Elisabeth Moss's eternally downturned frowny frown most resemble? 1) The Sydney Harbour Bridge 2) The Houston Astrodome 3) Arches Monument 4) The Gateway Arch
  9. Penman61

    S02.E04: She Knows

    Celeste needs to share some Perry videos, stat...
  10. Penman61

    S02.E04: She Knows

    I did a S1 rewatch right before S2 started, and while Maddy and Ed seemed superficially ok, S1 definitely presented a MAJOR fault-line in their marriage: For Ed, Maddie was "the one" (his words) and he felt she didn't reciprocate that, AND HE TOLD HER OF THIS FEELING--which she didn't contradict convincingly. That's precisely the kind of iceberg (mixed metaphors, sorry) that allows a marriage, especially with kids, to appear to proceed amicably but is extremely vulnerable to a serious blow...like, say, "the one" cheating. Imagine how Ed feels NOW. Maddy cheating completely validates his insecurity. I don't believe that their problem is solely Maddy's problem (as she protests now, as if some lone eat, pray, love self-exam journey will fix the marriage). It's chemistry.
  11. Penman61

    S02.E04: She Knows

    I don't know about ML getting custody of the twins. At the hearing, all Celeste has to do is show key clips from Kramer vs. Kramer, A Cry in the Dark, and (big finish) Sophie's Choice... "Your honor, this woman GIVES HER CHILDREN TO NAZIS!!" Case closed.
  12. Penman61

    S02.E04: She Knows

    Yes! I teach at a college, and students Maddie's age are totally common now and welcomed because they're usually super-motivated and goal-focused and serve as excellent role models to the youngsters. Take my class, Maddie!* (Or don't, because not everyone needs/wants to go to college, amen.) *Re-reading, I realize I sound EXACTLY like Tracy Flick. I regret nothing!
  13. Penman61

    S02.E04: She Knows

    Wait, are we now speculating that Corey (Jane's new beau) is Perry's half-brother? How, precisely, does that happen? I haven't done the math, but that just seems way, way out of any probability bounds...
  14. Penman61

    S03.E06: Household

    As Dorothy Parker never said, You can never be too rich, too thin, or HAVE TOO MANY CLOSEUPS OF ELISABETH MOSS'S FACE. I feel as though I know the arrangement of moles on her face the way Carl Sagan knew the constellations in the night sky...
  15. Penman61

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    Now I'm curious exactly how this is supposed to work, according to therapists' professional ethics: A couple in your care discloses during therapy that (say) the husband inflicts physical violence on the wife. You strongly recommend that they supplement their couples' visits with individual visits. The husband declines; the wife, without telling the husband, takes the therapist's recommendation. So: Is the therapist bound, ethically, to now disclose to the husband that the wife is having individual sessions?