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  1. And they're both tall and lanky! And they both think they're getting the better of ruthlessly immoral power-hungry wolvish assholes but in reality they're getting played because they still have a sliver of conscience buried in all that boyscout ambition that actually makes them weaker among these wolves!
  2. We've had a few decades of cringe comedy in pop culture. Is Succession our first cringe tragedy?
  3. Minor point, but the podcaster's actual podcast that Harrison was listening to has the completely wrong vibe for actual true crime podcasts, unless Gossip Girl Does Murder exists or some such.. (Only Murders In The Building is a glorious example of getting that actual vibe comically right.)
  4. I’m sorry but are people truly arguing that a man can’t be elected U.S. president if his wife has earned money for sex? [cries in 2016]
  5. As I watched the Roy children--again, for the nth time--try and fail to get Logan's approval, it occurred to me that I really, really hope this show does for the Roy family what Mad Men did for Don Draper: Draw us in with the conventional story/character appeals (Don's "cool," 50s-60s nostalgia, ad company intrigue, et al.) and then really lets us have it with just how fully, deeply, and irretrievably damaged the man behind that cool was. It was truly tragic but very satisfying to show us just how shallow all that cool was. Likewise, I hope that while we're all pulled along with the
  6. Why was Kendall's taking photos of Tom outside the diner by his car a problem for or threat to Tom? Proof that they met? How? It's a random photo of Tom, by himself, by his car at night. I guess the EXIF data on the photo would geolocate, and cross-referenced with Kendall's phone would put Tom with Kendall together and... It's probably simpler than this. Please help me. :)
  7. When your shit show becomes a shitshow...
  8. ITA, but this tic of the Roy kids is very, very psychodynamically accurate. Just look at the Trump kids: Same pathology, same enmeshment, same dysfunction, same displays of devotion masking seething resentment. Not hard to imagine the same insane stuff playing out when Trump had COVID that we saw in this episode.
  9. Since Logan is really a fucking monster (despite the actor's protestations otherwise), I'm not surprised that any of his kids have hot/cold sympathy for his (perfectly manageable) suffering. He HITS CHILDREN.
  10. I don't have a blanket prohibition on COVID-19 story lines, but since we're about to go into another surge here in the US (yup, we are, sorry), I just find it distracting and disturbing when something very real, very horrific, and still very, very present is used as a backdrop for "drama," equivalent to an affair or jockeying for a morning show hosting slot. It just yanks me right out of the melodrama. But I guess TPTB have signaled this storyline all season, so...I can blame only myself for watching, lol.
  11. This show's moral and narrative messiness is making me long for the stuffy, cringey clarity of The Newsroom.
  12. Sorry, I don't know how to split quotes into separate boxes, so my answers are in bold.
  13. RIP Mitch, I guess. Your suicide doesn't unrape all the the women you raped.
  14. If recent current events are a model, this is absolutely--and unfortunately--not true. The Chairman/CEO and the marquee anchor for the Obvious Real-Life Network Model both resigned in humiliation over massive sex-related scandals in the past decade. These scandals affected the nearly two-decade dominance of this network...not at all. I'm sure our fictional counterpart show will be full of drama and high stakes intrigue and utter stupidity and cravenness, and I'm sure the writers will use the threat of financial catastrophe to up the tension, but...real life is much, much more depress
  15. Yes! I remember that now. Thanks. :)
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