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  1. Since we didn't actually see Fred's dead head, I'm thinking 1) It's the Season 5 opening image, and 2) This could be the beginning of the Game of Thrones/Handmaid's Tale crossover event everyone's been clamoring for.* *No one's been clamoring for this.
  2. Can someone debrief on that image of the hanging corpse at the end?: I presume it was Fred, but where? Why was it wearing a white jacket/coat? What was the source of the Latin inscription ("Don't let the bastards get you down"?) below the body? What was the inscription's significance? Was it what June saw on that closet wall a few seasons ago?
  3. “I know thee not, old man.” ”Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” ”Sure, Fred. We can Zoom.”
  4. On Free June wearing red: In a show where the story's costuming is actually part of the world-building and about getting the viewer to understand the various strata and how they rank in these fictional societies' hierarchies; which belongs to a segment of the industry--prestige serialized TV--that prides itself on not only accurate costuming but narratively expressive and characterologically insightful costuming; whose episodes are actually DIRECTED by the actress playing the character in question... I think we can be pretty goshdarned sure that the choice of having
  5. Moira, leading group: People are so much more than the worst thing they've ever done. Jeffrey Dahmer: Room for one more? Hitler: If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best. Lizzie Borden: If I leave my ax outside...?
  6. I'm starting to think that the storytelling imperatives of a whodunit and a character study are incompatible.
  7. I feel like this final episode had way too many upbeat storyline resolutions for what the previous episodes' storytelling style led us to expect: Mare keeps custody of her grandson; Carrie is headed to rehab Mare lovingly parts from Guy Pearce, with hopeful promises made for the future Jean Smart admits her parenting failures with Mare; is forgiven Siobhan gets into and goes to UC Berkeley Pastor Maybe-Molester gets his post back; preaches community unity Frank and Wife 2 reconcile and marry Dylan does a character 180 and decently turns $ over to Lori
  8. Wait: Who moved Erin's dead body from the park, stripped it, and laid it out at the creek?
  9. Luke said "wait wait wait" multiple times. He could have meant "Hold on, my love, let me catch up!" or he could have meant "Hold the fucking phone, what is happening here? Let's stop and talk for a sec...", but either way, June ignored him and restrained his wrists and covered his mouth. Whatever degrees of rape there are--and of course, there are--what June did to Luke is definitely on the continuum. The word "brave" is used far too glibly about TV shows and movies, but I really appreciate that this show (which I hate-watched last season) actually dramatized a victim acting out their unt
  10. I've probably been one of the head raggers, so let me say how much I agree that her acting was stellar in this episode.
  11. Yes. Also, that dude who SHOT Colin is 100% responsible for his death. Not Mare. Not Mom. Not the victims. Not the Thin Blue Line. Not Twinkies. No one but the rapist/murderer.
  12. Thanks. That feeling could explain Billy's vehemence. But aren't we pretty sure Billy gave Erin the necklace? Didn't it say "Billy Ross" on the receipt (printed on the form on the left side; the handwritten side on the right just said "Ross.") It's a bit weird for a 30-something male to give his teenage niece a heart necklace, isn't it? Ugh, I hate having to think like this. Uncles should be able to give their teenage nieces meaningful keepsakes! But I guess all the untold generations of raping/abuse revokes some privileges.
  13. I just realized that sexual jealousy would explain the weirdly intense vehemence with which Billy tells John "...because you couldn't keep your dick in your pants." I mean, Billy's intensity when he says that is way beyond "You're fucking up your own life, dude."
  14. Agree. I read the slaps as completing her characterization as an entitled, over-enmeshed asshole parent with control issues, not “wow but it’s ok she’s grieving some people hit lol.”
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