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  1. Critic Matt Zoller Seitz, a fan of the show, echoing my main problem w/the finale. Excerpt: The whole thing is worth reading. YMMV.
  2. I'm afraid in the spirit of the season and for my own emotional equilibrium, I must respectfully ask that you immediately run out and obtain a new imaginary puppy for the hypothetical kid in this analogical scenario.
  3. Thanks for this. A few questions (for anyone): Approximately how many Jedi are there out there at this moment in SW history? I just have no idea whether it's a half-a-dozen or 10K who could have answered Din's/Grogu's call. While the audience might know that Luke is the best Jedi to train Grogu, did Din know this? And am I misremembering that Mandalorians have some skepticism/ignorance about Jedis and the Force generally?
  4. This is a good point that I'd overlooked. Thanks. I also wish the storytellers hadn't overlooked it, because we got no reaction shot of recognition from Cara.
  5. Yes, this is my main problem with the episode and what it reveals about the showrunners' story priorities. I got the same cringey letdown I [Edited to remove future Star Wars reference] EVERYTHING IN THIS GALAXY NEEDS TO ALWAYS COME BACK TO EFFING SKYWALKERS! Now at the end of this season's finale, we come back to the Skywalkers again. Uncanny Luke's reappearance not only reminded of the similarly unsuccessful CGI resurrections of Leia and Tarkin in Rogue One, but also reminded me of Star Trek Into Darkness "My name is ...KHAN!" No one in the story will think it's significant that it's LUKE; it's significant to them that it's a JEDI. The fact that it's Luke is cringey fan-service. YMMV, of course. Still, I loved this season overall, and hope we get back to the edges of the galaxy for next season, but I fear more weaving back into the movie trilogies. Which means, mathematically, that everyone will eventually be a Skywalker.
  6. There's a difference between leaving story lines open and HARMING A PRECIOUS HAIR ON BABY YODA'S HOARY LITTLE HEAD!! (Sorry, I'm still a bit anxious...) Anyway, open story lines, fine. Not rescuing Baby Yoda, not fine. YMMV.
  7. Not helping me manage my Baby Yoda anxiety right now AT ALL
  8. I felt this way, too...but then I remembered that there is approximately .0000000000001% chance that Grogu and Mando are not reunited eventually. This. Is. DISNEY!!!
  9. Actual LOL, and now I want a webseries/YouTube channel of just this...
  10. We're not disagreeing, are we? Both stereotypical depictions--white women in peril, women of color in peril--happen, reflecting the crosscurrents of misogyny and racism in our culture at large. But the original poster was referring to the trope of a woman of color depicted as a hypersexualized and overkilled victim in this show, and that's what I was elaborating on. 🙂
  11. Individual examples of stereotypical tropes can almost always be justified on individual grounds. The problem becomes clearer when you notice a pattern of depiction (e.g., minority women are hyper-sexualized, underwritten, and often brutally overkilled on screen by white men) across multiple works in the culture. This individual show's propagating this widespread stereotype is just one example of many, many shows doing so.
  12. It took awhile (I had to download an app called TimeWastr), but I have the tally so far for 5 episodes: Show run time total: 298 minutes Show run time total, minus Kidman walking around NY alone scenes: 37 minutes Interesting!
  13. Well, Yodito laid SIEGE... ...to my heart when he Forced the Tiffany blue macaron from his stingy classmate.
  14. Anachronism Watch (from memory): "I'll bet her ringtone is "God Save The Queen!" Were there musical ringtones on phones in 1981? "Oh, we'll just have to zhuzh it up!" I never heard "zhuzh" until Carson Kressley used it in the original Queer Eye (early 2000s), and I'm a 50-something urban gay dude. ETA: Screenshot for confirmation:
  15. Penman61

    S04.E05: Fagan

    Did...did they just show the Queen micturating?
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