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  1. Not sure if this is real. Brittany’s IG handle is “thebossbrittany,” not “Brittany Boss.” Seems like a fake account. I’m not an IG expert, though 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. I call shenanigans! Even more so if she’s seen the show 🤢🤮
  3. Yeah that was a major letdown. And the tears in his confessional seemed so fake to me. IDK but I'm already not liking this guy. Something about him seems so...slimy. His only redeeming quality was therapy cat. Take that silly body harness of kitty and just keep him in a carrier when you travel. His tears seemed real to me. I think he realizes how extremely fortunate he was to find a great girl who apparently loved him, despite his past. He blew it and he knows it, which is why he’s so desperate to get her back. I agree with what his mom said in the previews: Melyssa may forgive him, but it will always linger.
  4. Not sure if anyone here has mentioned this: I have discovered a YouTube channel called “Psychology in Seattle.” A psychologist/ professor named Kirk Honda watches scenes from 90DF (as well as Married at First Sight, The Bachelor, etc.), and explains the psychology at play. I mean, we do that here, but he does it earnestly and snark-free! I find it truly fascinating, especially the Darcy stuff.
  5. I think that does make sense, Joan! He tries so hard to curate his (fake) image, I’m sure he perceives her as a threat. Especially Avery, who is pretty insightful and straightforward. I wish they’d do a Facebook Live version of the tell all where viewers pose the questions. I’m not sure we’d get answers but our questions would be 100x better! Most of the entertainment value would be in reading people’s questions and comments as they scroll up. 😂😂😂
  6. I think I’m missing something: Why would he be upset? It would make more sense to me if Avery was the one objecting to his presence.
  7. None, yet. I’d love to just come out and ask her a bunch of questions, but it would be rude, since we’re not close. My good friend chats with her pretty regularly. I’ll see if she can help. I’ll keep you all posted 👍🏻
  8. Yes! Same here. She says she knew Lana was real but couldn’t say anything. Now she says she doesn’t know how it ends (I think she does). His sister is super-sweet and seems very close to her brother, which makes me think David is probably decent, too. However, I give major side-eye to men who’s “type” seems to be young and disadvantaged. 😕
  9. They’re from California (David’s sister is married to a high school friend of mine).
  10. And her llama teeth. He’s my crush! Super-smart and easy on the eyes 😍
  11. She’s as abusive as Geoffrey! She is an overtly hateful, controlling, demeaning, racIst POS. She’s the worst we’ve seen of all the 90DF participants, and that’s in a world that includes Laura, Angela, and Ed 🤮😠
  12. Ha! That is a horrible Photoshopping job! These "girls" have good reason to believe that these men are morons. I mean, come ON! I saw a 2-part Dr. Phil last week (don't judge: This lockdown has lowered my standards) about an elderly widow who has sent over $225K to three scammers. According to Dr. P's sources, scammers often speak with accents that don't match their persona: Guy claims to be Italian, but speaks with a Middle Eastern accent. They said they do it on purpose, because when a mark sees past this red flag, they know they have a live one! I think the obviously Photoshopped pics must serve the same purpose.
  13. Not sure I saw the “crazy” posts, but I just took a peek and the people defending him over there make me 🤮. So sycophantic and over the top.
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