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  1. Or maybe Blake’s friends could just be polite and move on? It really bothered me when the female friend said something about Jazmin trying to be friendlier before she (friend) stops caring (read: “Be nicer or I’ll stop caring/ trying.”). She needs to get over herself.
  2. Being of Italian heritage, I found tonight’s episode (Jimmy Kimmel, Marisa Tomei, John Torturro) especially interesting. Great stories. Even though my family is from northern Italy, finding information before 1900 has been difficult. I see that lines from southern Italy/ Calabria is even harder.
  3. Drinking game for the Barcelona episode: Take a shot every time the boyfriend says, “like.” I liked her, but the boyfriend was annoying. I think it’s his clipped, accelerated way of talking. Also, like, his whole, like, aversion to the color White. Hang some art! Buy a rug! Heck, pick up some paint. Sheesh 🙄 I had to laugh when the agent complained about them nitpicking about unimportant things that could be changed. Has she never watched this show?
  4. Oh, I enjoyed them. Sure, they were a bit “extra,” but they seemed to like each other (no passive-aggressive asides or bickering), they considered each other’s point of view, and they seem to really enjoy each other and their new culture. The apartment they chose was very cozy. The price was right, but everything felt so cramped. When they showed the finished look, I couldn’t even see the kitchen space. I think I saw the same funky tiles on the back wall, so maybe the kitchen wasn’t done, yet. Personally, I would have found a way to make house #3 work. It was light, bright, and spacious. The kitchen could have been finished over time if necessary. That location was perfect and I loved the wood trim on the windows. More Italy, please!
  5. Ah...I forgot about that bit at the beginning. I didn’t make much of it, just because it did seem like lighthearted teasing by Spade. Spade encourages heckling by his guests, and it’s pretty funny. Norm MacDonald and Jay Leno were especially ruthless.
  6. I am LOVING this show! Some nights/ panels are better than others, but I think it’s pretty consistent. I’m a huge fan of Spade’s, as well as Nealon’s. They’re both smart and self-deprecating. I really enjoyed the episode last month with the former Weekend Update hosts: Nealon, Norm MacDonald, and Dennis Miller. I like Annie Lederman. She was on tonight with two other comics I wasn’t familiar with, and I genuinely laughed out loud many times. I have my favorites but I also enjoy discovering new comics. Spade is very generous and encouraging to newbies, sometimes taking them right out of the club and giving them a “tight five” minutes on the show. Definitely a new favorite ❤️ ETA: Kevin Nealon has a show, I think on YouTube (?), where he interviews guests while hiking. My brother loves it. I need to check it out.
  7. I found Blue-Haired Psycho’s affect very disturbing. She thought she was completely justified. You know she learned absolutely nothing from this. I hope all the single guys in Rhode Island watch Judge Judy!
  8. Syngin sounds like a 12-year old. He has just started taking woodworking classes, but will soon be making beds and tables, for SALE, everyone! As soon as this course is done, he is embarking for Space Camp, after which he will be flying to Mars. He deserves better than Tania. I wish someone would mentor him in making real strides towards a career he’ll love and thrive in. Not saying it’s not woodworking, it just doesn’t seem practical.
  9. Regardless of any “enhancements” she may have had, I think Jasmin’s sister is very pretty. Jasmin looks a lot more plastic (and miserable) than sis.
  10. Designing a Life in Italy: The last two Verona properties were beyond gorgeous! 😍 But, God help me, the wife bugged the crap out of me. She spoke with great, physical effort, trying to wrap her lips around those teeth, and she seemed ditzy and pretentious all at once. Her husband and kids seem lovely, so I’m sure I’m just being awful. I feel like HHI is punking me by annoying and inspiring me in the same episode. 😈
  11. I really wish they would focus on two, instead of three subjects. Though, I could definitely watch a whole episode devoted to Sterling K. Brown or Jeff Goldblum. They both seem so genuine in their enthusiasm and appreciation.
  12. Girlfriend looked pregnant to me 😕
  13. She is, to me, a different version of Nicole. Just numb to reality and going on and on....la dee da!! What? Sasha needs a job? Hmmm? Sasha needs a babysitter so he won't look for wife number 4? Her vocal fry does not help. Watching Emily tonight on the “Watch Party” she strikes me as not bright, at best, and mouth-breather dumb, at worst. When she was trying on wedding dresses there were moments when she just stared off and seemed completely out of it. I like Teem and Veronica. I loathe Pao and her OTT “looook at the bay-beeee” crap seems super fake. Argh. Russ is a dolt. Would love to see P & R replaced with Tarik & Dean. No more Danielle, Colt, or Deb, please.
  14. “Angela needs to save that money and buy a bra.” LOL, Molly!
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