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  1. Yes! They were not equals going into the relationship by any definition. Not only was he years older and sexually experienced, he was a royal! She was still a teenager, a virgin, and abandoned by her mother at a very young age. She thought she had literally found her Prince Charming, who would show her love, and whose family would become her family, just like any other young fiancé.
  2. Yes! I think she is also taking pleasure in her success in gaslighting him. She’s pretty awful.
  3. Tim and Melyza bore me, but Melyza got my attention when she said, “Why would you tell your mom I cheated on you. It’s between you and me,” (paraphrasing). Like, are you freaking kidding me, girl?! As is the case with most of these idiots, they totally deserve each other.
  4. Me, too! It’s such a dark, hopeless case, though. I’m heartbroken every time I watch another YouTube video, but I can’t stop.
  5. That’s going to get confusing, Baby and Babi?
  6. There’s a commercial for California Closets that plays relentlessly on YouTube. It’s a woman in her beautiful walk-in closet, fine. She’s thinking about what she’s going to say to the boy she’s adopting (very sweet). The voiceover is soooo distracting! She has a weird, deep voice that does not sound natural. It reminds me of Elizabeth Holmes. It really confuses me.
  7. Ari definitely created her own problems by insisting on moving to Ethiopia to have a baby. I have a feeling her parents went along with the idea, initially, sure that she would come to her senses. They were probably afraid that objecting to it would cause little Ari to dig in her heels, just to stick it to mom and dad. She was such a brat about it, that I don’t have a lot of sympathy for her right now. That said... Biniyam is ignorant and not ready to have even a pet lizard! I cannot believe that he’s spouting this crap about mothers being less loving or emotionally attached (whatever th
  8. Brittany: “Hey Judge...” What a dumbass! Why did she think she had a court date when case hasn’t been filed? Argh! Can she get any more stupid?? Also, why is she laughing?
  9. Hi! I’m a tad behind. Armando/ Kenny timeline is confusing me: Kenny complaining about how hard the adjustment to Mexico is. It’s been a freakin’ week, ding-dong! When did K’s kids come to visit? If it was within a week, why was he crying so hard when he left the US. Kenny is being an insensitive jerk. Shouldn’t he have done some research before the move? I realize that’s too much to ask of most of these dopes. Thought Kenny would be different 😞
  10. 7isBlue


    Just read that Lenore’s house, interior and exterior, were shot at Tony Duquette’s ACTUAL house! https://www.atlasofwonders.com/2020/09/ratched-filming-locations.html
  11. I hope it includes a trip to the Motherboy 2020 convention.
  12. Also, Repulsive and Revolting. Double word score!😉
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