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  1. Yes, Carolyns pants are that pants Martha's been shilling at the Q the past month. Waaay too much large scale embroidery down both legs for my taste.
  2. thank you Jaded. Appreciate you fixing/adding my link. I couldn't get it right and I'm in the middle of crazy Saturday college football here in town. I fill my front & back with cars of fans for the game for $50 buck per car -- my Christmas fund. (crazy that people are willing to pay that for a parking spot, but I'm very close to the stadium and it's this going rate among all the neighbors)
  3. I read an online article about the rise of Slick Josie's Argon Empire. I'll go back and try to find it and add the link. She mentions that she's a different person than what she portrays on the Q - that she shops at Bebe for her skimpy low cleavage dresses for on air. Said that at home she's casual and blue jeans. She also said that she and hubby (ex now?) Bought something like 10 acres of land near the Q and built their home just before the birth of one of her children. She said when she went into labor she, hubby and a group of friends went out into the woods of her property
  4. Brett did cut her off at one point last night (after she'd interrupted him for the 8th time) saying something like "As I was getting ready to explain Shawn ...". She took only a momentary break from yapping. I keep rooting for Brett.
  5. Expect more annoying squeals from Kerstin. Shes mentioned more than once (oh so many times more than once) that she will be celebrating her BD for a month. Said when it's a milestone decade birthday you get a whole month. She or her co hosts keep bringing it up. Ugh!! She sounds and acts like a 5 y/o with the birthday crap.
  6. Yep zoemom ... Graver was no way going to leave $$ on the table and not do her Thanksgiving TSV to be with family for the holiday. (plus as previously mentioned, her family likely enjoys their turkey & some quiet time with her gone for 24 hours) Graver & host did that same wink & a nod giggle about 'not on this channel, but check Q2' comment a few weeks ago too. I suppose it's good strategy for the Q to try to draw more customers to Q2 and hope that they will tune in and become regular viewers there too. Every time I surfed by today, it was another 2-3 hour Graver s
  7. Those do look like man-hands over Kertin's boobs. Ha!! Very unfortunate photo (for her), great snark value for us.
  8. All the TSV patterns are way too busy, but this one on the Elf looks like a bullseye.
  9. Graver mentioned a awhile back that she "wouldn't be doing her usual Thanksgiving Day coat TSV". I only remember this b/c she mentioned it on the night last month when I ordered that other Graver coat which ended up never being shipped to me - when my order,kept flipping from processing ->back order,and back again. (my "Q dosent know what they have in inventory" rant). She just briefly mentioned no TSV coat, look for a TSV from her 11/3 (todays), and then hinted "but I may have something on Q2 for Thanksgiving". Thats all she said about it, kinda was dropping a hint to check Q2 around
  10. I've used both shampoo and dawn dish soap for many brushes over the years. But something about the IT formulations (some products, especially the by-by undereye) have proven to be more of a challenge for just the suds. I'm thinking the little silicone bumpy thing will make the job easier.
  11. Yes Jessica is on with Graver frequently. Really pretty skin and her red hair is gorgeous. She's also a "Wen girl" which surprised me. I just noticed her doing the Wen shows the last time Chaz the spaz was in Pennsylvania for a marathon of shows.
  12. Agree. Ms gourmet-Sharon ... Tilapia = bottom feeding garbage fish.
  13. The Q has had red head model Jessica on for every TSV presentation today. (she started @ midnight kick-off last night). Guess she's their only model available to demo the wide calf boot option. She's very pretty - love her red hair. Shoe shopping with Jane on at 9pm. She's sure to be on hyper-mode with footwear as the TSV. Annnnd ... I caved and ordered the boots. I have a few pairs of Mark Fisher shoes/boots and the fit & quality are great for me. I ordered the black suede with medium calf ... they have been calling my name all day. ha!! Please QVC, do NOT mess
  14. Thanks hummingbird ... I missed seeing your link in the previous discussion. The photo helps me visualize what these are. I think I have seen them @Marshalls before but didn't realize what they were for. I like this one - and for $8.88 I'm ordering this one from Amazon. Merci Beaucoup!!
  15. New digs ... thanks mods. Sounds like many of us wear the CC foundation. Me too, really love it and other IT products. Their Tightline mascara has been helpful to me b/c it has such a skinny-skinny applicator wand/brush that makes it easier to get lashes all the way (especially lower lashes). Big fan of By By Under Eye too. Thanks for all the tips about brush cleaning. I've not heard of the brush cleaning pad thingies before but they sound like a big help. I'll keep my eyes out for them @ TJ's or Marshalls. Are the made of silicone type rubbery stuff?
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