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  1. I get his sentiment, I really do, but wouldn't there be a difference from another character on a completely different show to make fun of another show? Like Flash had Ralph ask why couldn't Eddie get a vasectomy instead of kill himself, would it be ok if Kara made a joke like that instead on Supergirl (following a hypothetical logic of "oh it would just be AK making fun of himself" if AK was still working on the shows)? Idk, it didn't super bother me in the scene, but I did think the joke was kind of dumb.
  2. Sorry, I guess it was more of an association in my head with the way you phrased it. He may not have final say on the casting, but he's the one who pushed those 3 specifically? SA and GG (and possibly MB, but I don't remember, he did at least meet her several times before casting for Supergirl) he made sure were the first people to audition, which ended up being very beneficial to them both (and he knew that). So, yeah, that credit is his. But for those complaints specifically, we don't know what involvement he had with that at all. How do we know he didn't ask for a chem read or fight for CL? Idk if anyone would come out and just talk about it, especially if it involved fighting with people he worked with
  3. Would each of those be Rapaport's fault though? If the network possibly already wanted to hire KC, can he insist on a chemistry read with SA? And do we know if it was him who told her she wasn't "CW"? (She said "they" told her that and SA said "we" had to fight for her, so it sounds like it could have been network people who didn't want her, since we already know they weren't above screwing her over with insisting she go to SDCC after filming her death scene). Not saying they aren't his fault, but do we know that it was him specifically?
  4. I don't think anyone was saying that it isn't still just hanging on or that now it's for sure going forward, just that MP not dismissing it shows that for some reason they want to try to keep it but bts reasons are preventing them from picking it up. Otherwise they would have dropped it. Idk, I still see scheduling as a significant factor. They lost the whole fall and winter season (except for Supernatural, they hope), I don't think that that's nothing or doesn't affect the decision as much. It's one thing to kick the can down the line to May in figuring out where the show will fit and thinking "we'll find a place for it" in a normal tv year, it's another when trying to figure it out when also trying to figure when your already contracted content will air at all (or even film). But yes, I think a whole range of factors are going into the decision.
  5. Knowing that their past hangouts involved ivs, definitely going with this one 😂
  6. I don't think this was an issue of competing with Superman or not recognizable IPs or their niche show. I have a feeling they were thinking of moving this to midseason or spring 2021 (Stargirl's spot now, maybe pair it with a moved Supergirl because of MB's pregnancy) and then scheduling was thrown out of the window with their plans. Then Pedowitz could figure it could be potentially easier to keep this cast around (a la TH and BT, put them in the crossover or in another show) and place their show late in order to pick up more content that doesn't have that chance elsewhere, including another CBS production. If they really rejected it, they would have outright said so, but I think Pedowitz is trying to see if the old plan can fit since he still has some time to make definitive decisions for the 100 and Arrow spinoffs, unlike the other shows. Not saying it will or that they in fact actually have this as a priority, but that's what I'm wondering is going on now.
  7. Wouldn't they at least have to announce the standing of the show sooner than the 100 one anyway because of cast contracts? Don't those expire in June? Would they pay to hold the cast for an extra year with no filming?
  8. I thought Kung Fu was WB and Republic of Sarah was CBS, thus leaving the 100 spinoff (CBS) and the Arrow spinoff (WB)?
  9. Ha, thanks for the retroactive confirmation, Bamford. Next up, actually confirming that LoT was supposed to be a spinoff for Ray.
  10. Idk about that being all on MG and AKeither. Circa s1 AK said he was the one who wrote Felicity's first scene in 103 in the first place anyway (and IIRC he was one pushing for more scenes/her scenes to be longer for that "reward" of having lighter scenes, MG was the one who had the story about needing to add her onto the team if they were going to keep including her that much), so I doubt there was any dissent from him. At the most, I guess he just wanted Laurel still to be a more direct presence for Oliver too for whatever bts/narrative reason (and maybe was the source of KC's original "love triangle" interpretations back in s1/s2/s3 back when he was still involved).
  11. To be devil's advocate, I'd guess he would argue that he's fine with Mia as the Green Arrow and to promote her as such in addition to being all "Girl Power! Canaries!" It just reminds of a joke about Cats. Like, there were articles that came out that had "Cats Star Idris Elba." Now, it's not technically wrong if you want to refer to Idris Elba as being from Cats (or, in this case, want Mia to be an "honorary Canary"), but people aren't going to be clamoring for that moniker to stick and it isn't hard to figure out why (not that Canaries are a phenomenal box office bomb, but more of the sense of there's two contradictory groups present).
  12. Unity is fine, just as long as it's all (honorary) Canaries. Arguing otherwise makes you not a fan.
  13. Like I mentioned before, no one informed them that Arrow dvds are notoriously kind of lame XD. Those quick clips from BL though make me want them more. Wonder which actor or whoever put the kibosh on that.
  14. One time, my friend went on a tour of NBC and met a woman whose job it was to be the mediator between the writers and the network because the network would sometimes irrationally slam down ideas and the writers would sometimes come up with ideas that wouldn't make sense to someone who wasn't in the room helping to write it and the writers weren't even aware that outsiders wouldn't find it entertaining or be able to follow. Kind of makes me wish there was a louder person in that kind of department for COIE.
  15. You mean of the ones not released yet? Because idk that 804 one seemed like the best one to me, although form Beth's interview I kind of get why it was deleted.
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