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  1. I at least give them props for that fake picture of Jack Moore with Jade Bamford for 809 though, it's almost as good and was way better looking than that old family photo of Oliver, Thea, Moira, and Robert XD
  2. Lol, not to mention the bts debate about it. "Hmm, do we get a baby for an outdoor scene that could possibly be hard to handle and that EBR doesn't even want to hold, or do we bring in the adult actress who can emote for the scene that we are already paying to be available for the episode anyway? Hmm, this is tough"
  3. I was thinking that it just wasn't seen in the finale. 809 doesn't clarify it either way, just shows that JJ and Mia clearly have known him for a while and that JJ seems to care about him, so I would still guess adopted at least from 809, unless it actually is specified in 810.
  4. Mia's going to be making sure William eats those blueberry pancakes with the trackers in them every morning for the rest of their lives.
  5. I'm just glad that it's likely it won't be near my top 10 worst list XD
  6. Plus, like one of the main reasons people hated those (and HIMYM) finales is that characters were doing things that were against development or against what the characters would do in general just to get to a wrap up. For all intents and purposes, that is definitely not what happens here. Oliver being gone is a bummer for a finale I get, but the way he died was very much in character, as is Felicity waiting until her kids are grown up and safe to be with him like she promised..
  7. I'm guessing they are keeping the same footage (gotta save that $$$) from 722 but saying it's from the new 2040, and then add an Olicity scene to it.
  8. I mean, what do you mean by "actually be with both of them"? She's already with one of them and they hinted a love triangle. So it's either she'd stay with JJ and they drop it completely or she drops JJ at some point and ends up with Connor, which would be being with both of them at least once, and likely how it will go?
  9. Eh, there it was gross because of the cheating and backstabbing and immaturity and lying that was going on for it, in the pilot no less. Nothing even happened yet for this triangle, other than teasing there might be one. And all of the Arrowverse shows in s1 had a love triangle in it (Laurel with Tommy and Oliver, Iris with Barry and Eddie, Kendra with Carter and Ray, James with Kara and Lucy, Sophie with Kate and her husband), it's not just for Arrow or Vampire Diaries
  10. Yeah, like how Oliver was doing his own tech stuff since Felicity wasn't there. I totally see a conflicted/protective Mia who doesn't want to give William his memories back (since doing it unilaterally is a jerk move), William has a line about wanting to help Mia the best he can because family, sibling scene, cue William getting his own memories back and joining the team.
  11. I saw someone point out how the set is dressed like Robert Queen's office from the flashbacks in 314 where Oliver first saw Felicity, but I don't think they would be that close or have Felicity holding his hand with both of hers if it was a flashback too far back like s1, but idk what's going on
  12. Lol maybe they won't have a tech person and this was a one time thing and they'll do something new, right? Can't change the girl power premise, right? XD
  13. A spinoff directly from the show before it that started this trend for the Arrowverse isn't the one I picture changing it up tbh. Maybe for Superman instead, but I bet they still give it to Lois or another new character. And even the shows that use AI still have a tech person, so that doesn't really make a difference in this case. The show only has 3 "main" characters so far, it won't disrupt the entire show to just let one of the supporting characters do it instead if it makes more sense, even sparingly like you suggested.
  14. Not from the pilot though! They all ended up finding out because they decided they liked writing the mixed team better, so that's why I think they'll end up doing it again. The hook can still be the 3 of them but no way are they not going to involve William in it, especially now that the cliffhanger is him being kidnapped. Literally all of the Arrowverse shows has at least one tech person. They even shoved Dinah into it in this episode. They are going to have one. Might as well make it someone who IS a tech person is just my view on all of this.
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