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  1. In a rare moment of writers’ continuity, Playpen was also the magazine that the campus rapist was reading in season 5.
  2. I’m kind of disappointed that no one made any “Beat Off-ice” jokes.
  3. "Not sure how Brandon is supposed to use Steve's Amex for rent...or at all, given that it doesn't have a magnetic strip on the back." -- I didn't realize Blue Cross was issuing credit cards along with their insurance cards in the '90s. So happy to see Rex again! It's been a while.
  4. I can’t BELIEVE I have never heard about this theory.
  5. I just watched 2 eps of 90 Day Fiancé. I didn’t know I needed this in my life. Stephanie, you are so right, it’s fantastic!
  6. These people need to go back and watch old seasons. When you keep the weak people around for the finals and eliminate the strong ones, it always works. If you're in it for the money, I absolutely do not understand why you'd get rid of Jemmye.
  7. Couldn't agree more- it makes my blood boil. It's insufferably pretentious.
  8. I did NOT remember Jamie Walters making it into the credits. What the fuck. This show.
  9. At my college, the only guys that were into student government were doing it to get laid; otherwise, no one cares. (one of those guys knocked up a girl a few months later, so I guess it worked)
  10. I never connected the two, but you're totally right about this.
  11. Reverend Stringtie owned a liquor store in Beacontown but got sick of all those underage kids trying to buy beer. So he moved to Las Vegas and had to deal with these shitheads instead. Probably why he's still so cranky.
  12. Who is Andrea kidding? You guys live in the dorms. Everyone knows you're boning. They probably even heard you spill the yogurt.
  13. Why is Dan even an RA? The only reason to put up with crappy dorm living and teenage drama is to get free housing, which Dan doesn't need. I mean, his last name is Reuben, so obviously his parents are good with money. I mean that as a compliment. -- Brooke
  14. Why did they do this to Ohhndrea? The writers felt compelled to turn her into an anxiety head-case who delivers the most cliched graduation speech ever. WHY? Season 1 Nana was at least confident and acted like she had two brain cells to rub together (overlooking the "I'm giving you the person on my horse" disaster of course). Next season it gets even worse... Damn, I thought I was just hearing it wrong!
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