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  1. My favorite was when Nandor commented about how faithful the show The Big Bang Theory was to the slot machine.
  2. Me too. I wondered if the show was going to talk about the high maternal mortality rate among Black women, and Darla would somehow figure into it. I sure hope I'm wrong.
  3. A review of this series didn't like that it didn't seem to have a narrative arc, but I didn't mind that. It wasn't a big commitment, and as someone who's lived in a large northeastern city for most of her life, I appreciated having a look at life that's basically the opposite. They can keep the tarantulas out there, though. One thing I wonder about documentaries is whether you have to let the subjects say what they want, unedited, or can they be challenged? I wish someone could have asked Vern if his business had suffered during the Obama years, since he seemed to think the election of a
  4. A friend of mine was on and didn't make it to FJ (it was terrible reading the comments here), and she said that it was probably because of buzzer timing.
  5. I say there's no way that the "robin" answer in the Birding category was a coincidence.
  6. I actually liked the turn that Nicole and Rachel's conversation took. Bravo to Nicole for expressing her dislike of the article--no need for her to pussyfoot around or politely lie about it. Neither she nor Mark seems so terrible so far, apart from apparently cheaping out a bit on their accommodations, so how did they end up with such a horrible daughter? So glad that the bag of drugs was lost and probably won't be returned, because I was bored senseless by the scene of Olivia and Paula doing drugs. Drug-oriented people are not as interesting as they think they are.
  7. That scene gave me so much anxiety, because one of my biggest fears is having my purse stolen while in another city. That's why I would never leave it unattended, for crying out loud. Didn't Connie and Albie rib him about always warning them about pickpockets? How convenient that he somehow had money to get bottled water, at least. Did he borrow the money to get to Barcelona from Kat? She did turn out to be a pretty good person, but asking for money from her was a step too far. I wonder if this was a case of a filmed version of a book being not as good as the book. It seemed kind
  8. I was watching the first part as a recording in installments, a half hour or an hour at a time, and I was surprised when my recording cut off before the end, just as Connie and Douglas said on the phone that they missed each other. I got the episode from on-demand and was shocked to see what was cut off: Douglas telling Albie that he shouldn't consider himself to be special. Holy moly! I've never heard a parent tell their child that. Any sympathy I had for Douglas instantly evaporated. Now I can see why that father-son relationship is so terrible, and it does make me wonder if that was wh
  9. Her accent and some words (such as Mum) and sentence phrasing weren't American, so I had to look this up, and her accent is described as Antipodean in the book. I'm really enjoying the scenery. The walk by the Seine before dinner was beautiful, though the dialogue in a similar walk after dinner seemed written like a play. This is not a compliment.
  10. I wonder about the significance of the title of the final episode: Sacrament. Does this mean that one of the priests had anything do with Erin's murder?
  11. I beamed throughout the whole thing. The reunion might not have been a perfect program, but the key thing, the real friendship, shone through. What surprised me and was also touching was how Christina Pickles and Elliott Gould felt like parents to the Friends friends and how the gang regarded them as like parents. How sweet.
  12. I don't think Lori had anything to do with the murder, and the reason is that a throughline in the series is the closeness of the members of the Easttown High School girls' basketball team all these years later. Mare tried to help out Beth with Freddy; Beth babysits for Dawn. The relationship between Dawn and Mare was frayed a bit when Dawn didn't think the police were doing enough to find Katie, but it was eventually mended. Even before Katie was found, there was a touching moment when Dawn wondered aloud whether she had caused Mare's problems. So I think that whether John was the murdere
  13. Those cliches at the end! A thunderstorm, a killer who talks so much that the intended victim is ultimately able to escape. Were those in the book?
  14. Kevin can't be DJ's father, because Frank underwent a DNA test, and it would have shown a familial relationship.
  15. I liked the feathery dress. It's Hollywood, so why not? But all the dresses she tried on were pretty.
  16. Dang. Missy went to my high school, and neither time it was mentioned was Kate Winslet the one to say its name. Still, a claim to fame.
  17. Yeah, same here. I don't even like the musical guest, who is the most desperate person on the planet.
  18. I might just finish this season out and then quit. The pattern of one step forward (the women finding a way out of this mess) and one step back (Rio immediately catching on or rising from the dead) is getting tiresome.
  19. I wonder why Erin's friend didn't mention the catfish guy when she was being questioned. I know that one kid said something about it, but she wouldn't know that. Plus it's not like the cops are only OK with one person knowing about it--they'd want corroboration.
  20. Well, we got through the season with nothing happening to Mr. Prosper. Whew. There were a bunch of mentions early on about how COVID was especially affecting the elderly, so I thought for sure that that was some foreshadowing. On the other hand, he had to be around a lot of tension between Hollywood and Vi. Awkward.
  21. Brad Ingelsby also wrote the screenplay for the movie American Woman, which is similar in that the main character is from southeastern Pennsylvania and her daughter goes missing. It's really worth a watch, with a very good performance (including a decent attempt at the local accent) by Sienna Miller. The point of that movie wasn't whodunit but the effect of the disappearance on the mother and how her life changes. I wonder if this will turn out similarly--the person or persons who committed the crimes may just end up being strangers, but we'll be watching how the investigations affect Mare,
  22. I thought that Madison was pretty likable, in a quirky way, before she was pregnant, and it looks like that old Madison is back now--she's been funnier and livelier. During the pregnancy, she seemed so morose, but I suppose that being pregnant with twins in a relationship that you're not sure about could do that to a person.
  23. I just read that Annabelle Gurwitch has advanced lung cancer. At 10 on Friday I can be pretty tired, but I don't remember that being mentioned, and I wish it were since it would affect hearing her thoughts on downward mobility. Plus I remember watching her going back toTBS's Dinner and a Movie in the late '90s/early '00s, so it's sad news.
  24. I hope the show is not setting us up for something happening to him. I won't stand for it.
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