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  1. mickiemac

    At Home With Amy Sedaris

    A few more screen shots as the site only allows a certain total size of uploads. If these characters are but a taste of what the 2nd season has to offer then it should be a good one!
  2. mickiemac

    At Home With Amy Sedaris

    So glad Amy is coming back for a 2nd season. There was a 2 minute preview showing some of her guest stars, enemies and friends. I captured some screen shots of some of the characters (Amy, Patty Hogg, Nutmeg, etc.) - her show is so querky and odd which is why I like it.
  3. mickiemac

    S01.E05: At Last 2018.06.09

    What a wonderful series although the 2nd episode was a tough watch as others have noted. Benedict Cucumber-patch was perfection. When I read the previews of the show I didn't care about the topic - that Benny was in it was enough for me. Patrick was finally taking control (to an extent) and it was a nice wrap of all that happened beforehand. I live a rather bland but basically content life in comparison to the characters in this series and wonder how things can get so out of control. I guess when you consider all the factors that can affect our daily lives, most of us are pretty lucky!
  4. mickiemac

    S06.E13: Making Fashion History

    Just finished watching the finale - So glad Anthony won! He was the most entertaining of all contestants this season and his final collection was very upscale and contemporary. I really liked that first classy black dress with the edgy paint splatter and of course his finale peacock dress - drama for days! Of course Stanley (and to a lesser extent Fabio) had a super collection too but Anthony shone above them all. Oh yeah, what's with that Ann Full&Wider - she has the personality of a wet mop and her fake 'charm' is hard to stomach. It was kinda fun to see the designers lack of enthusiasm each time she lumbered into the workspace to critique their designs. She will not be missed.
  5. mickiemac

    At Home With Amy Sedaris

    Thought I'd provide some images of the elusive Nutmeg that was briefly seen on episode 5 (Grieving) in 3 scenes. I've attached the images in the order in which Nutmeg appeared. The first is when she darted into the house, the 2nd was when she was cutting the cord to the lamp (I'm surprised she wasn't electrocuted!) and finally when she was showing Patty Hogg how she made the tissue ghosts. A very odd character indeed!
  6. mickiemac

    At Home With Amy Sedaris

    Thanks so much for clarifying the SMEG refrigerator - I will check their website as I too really like the cool styling and unique colors. As you noted, they may have chosen that brand just for the impact of what might be meant by "that" word. That Amy is always thinking!
  7. mickiemac

    At Home With Amy Sedaris

    Recently finished watching the 'Grieving' episode - it was a riot! That Patty Hogg and her sidekick 'Nutmeg' were just too funny. I got that Nutmeg was 'special' and required constant supervision based on the brief scenes she was in. Of course Amy plays all three characters in addition to a singer during the services for her fish. Some of the episodes are kinda flat but overall it's a very different kind of show that appeals to someone like me as I have a rather quirky sense of humor. There is so much going on and the script is packed with things I think go over most peoples heads. One thing I noticed were the letters (SMEG) on the refrigerator door. There is a word that has those first four letters and I was wondering if it's a reference to 'that' word. I looked ahead in the guide and there is at least an eighth episode but no reference to a 'finale'. I've seen Amy on many of the late night talk shows and she is wired to the max which explains her broad yet intense activity on her At Home show. It is good to have something creative/different and refreshing to watch.
  8. mickiemac

    Mr. Selfridge

    So glad this series is back along with Lady Mae! I loved her in season 2 and was so disappointed she wasn't in season 3. Anyway, I noticed that PBS had the first episode on at 10:00pm to 11 so I recorded it. I looked ahead in the guide and the episode was repeated again at 02:00am until 4:00am so I recorded that too. I watched the later recording first and it ran for about 128 minutes and it ended with Harry arriving home to find that his dear mother had passed away. They then had a few scenes of the upcoming (2nd) episode. The remaining 1/2 hour was filled with previews of upcoming PBS shows for the Summer. It looks to be a good season on PBS! After viewing that recording I scanned the first 1 hour recording then watched the last few minutes. That ended abruptly with that young black girl getting in line to apply for the sewing job - that was it - nothing else so it was a good thing I happened to look ahead and get the full first episode. If I recall when they begin a new season it is usually longer than the 'middle' episodes - not sure why they didn't broadcast the full first episode in the 10:00pm time slot. I have yet to view the most recent (2nd) episode as I like to stack up several then watch a few back to back. Now on to Lady Mae - she is absolutely delicious in her role. She says so much while actually saying very little! I read in an earlier post up thread that she is in all 10 episodes - certainly something to look forward to. Overall I really enjoyed the start of the final season but since I've read up on Harry Gordon Selfridge (as I'm sure others have done too) I hope the finale isn't too depressing. Mickiemac
  9. mickiemac

    Season 3 Discussion

    Bonnie is 'working' as the superintendent/fix it person of the complex where both Bonnie and Christy live. Christy has been studying to become a lawyer/legal type while Rosco is involved with his father/Candace and Violet with her older boyfriend. They both have 'dropped by' a few times this season but the focus has been on Christy and to a lesser extend Bonnie. I like that Christy has been taking the high road morally and otherwise where Bonnie seems to be having more fun than Christy. Of course the interaction between Bonnie and Christy is critical to the show and how others react to them - IMMHO of course. This episode was entertaining and I loved the scene where Bonnie was all gussied up and rocking that dress and Christy said 'how come I don't get to go' and Bonnie said 'cause you have to stay home and clean the fireplace Cinderella!' in a nasty tone while wiggling her hips!!!
  10. mickiemac

    Season 3 Discussion

    As others have noted, the episode w/Rosie O. was great. I must say that season 3 has been consistently good - always entertaining and funny whereas there were a few episodes with season 1 & 2 (don't recall which ones) that were just OK. Allison is truly as master of timing and her comedic talents were unknown to me before latching onto Mom. I do hope Christie gets a break this season and has some good come her way. Just about all the characters are great - especially the guy who plays the aspiring lawyer and Mimi Kennedy is a hidden gem. I recall an episode from season 2 where Bonnie and Christie had dropped in on Marjorie at different times while she was watching 'sausage' porn - she was very nonchalant about it yet both Bonnie and Christie where startled and intrigued - their reactions where so funny! I so look forward to this show each week and hope it has many more seasons yet to come. Mickiemac
  11. mickiemac

    Season 3 Discussion

    I discovered this show when it began back in season one. Mom had replaced some other show that I liked and wondered why they put this 'crap' on. I began watching the show and fell in love with it. Allison Janney is 'GOLD' as are Anna Farris & Mimi Kennedy (mother of Dharma on Dharma & Greg). Since it was a new show I had doubts about it returning for a 2nd season but hoped it would. It did and now season 3 is here and I so look forward to each episode. I DVR the show and have most of season 2 and bought season 1 on DVD I like it so much. I've seen Allison on Ellen and she has a wonderful sense of humor which is probably why this show is so good. The first episode of season 3 was a riot - June Squibb was priceless. I recall she was on an episode of Mike & Molly and played Vince's old girlfriend/wife in a May/December hookup that went sour. She was killing it! Anyway, hope this season stays as good as the previous ones have been.