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  1. I just watched this show the first time. I know I know late to the party. Man it was definitely binge worthy(thanks Netflix!) except season 8 gosh it was really terrible ( did not like Robert California despite how great JS is). Loved the cast chemistry and the acting, it had such funny moments mixed with heartwarming. You realize when you are watching a great show when you get second hand embarrassment for the characters (i.e Phyliss wedding Michael Scott's behaviour ) . I love Jim and Pam to pieces, seriously one of the best couples on tv they had, believable from start to finish. Every
  2. First Tyler now Kirsten WTF GH? So who's next off temporarily, shall we take bets?
  3. I think even though Alisan won and deservedly so, all four will be just fine. Hannah has Pharrell in her corner and even though those songs do nothing for me they are popular apparently. Laith has his own groove and fanbase and Adam L in his corner likely after the show,I see good things for his music future. Adam has Blake who I'm sure will pull many strings to get those mediocre country songs out and about, sorrynotsorry. Nice finale if a bit long and some filler stuff of course. I enjoyed all the bring back performances except for Adam's, really not trying to pick on him but so
  4. I'd say Laith was the most even of the contestants last night. Every performance was done well. Loved his original so much and the duet with Adam was so entertaining! Hannah's original is just awful, is that what goes for hits nowadays? Gross. I did like the Police cover of EBYT and like Adam I am protective of that one. Alisan bored me with her original, but Somewhere she killed it and agree with others her duet with Christina highlighted why even though Alisan has range, she doesn't have that something extra that Christina's has. AdamW is just not my cuppa, nothing stood out to me at all it
  5. Okay first Kiki and Dillon now Carly and Finn have my interest. What the hell is going on here? Either my tastes have gone downhill, heh or maybe the only thing the writers can do is pair up characters with chemistry these days.
  6. Man this show is boring. I hate Carly tis true but damn when did she get all lets hold hands and sing folk songs everyone? Sonny and Anna..whatever. There is literally not much that interests me these days, well Finn is mildly entertaining. And of course will be interesting what BH's next story is. RH gets better with age even if he is stuck in Franco/Nina hell. If Kiki and Dillon were the best thing and I hate her ass what does that say?
  7. Last night it struck me that I like everyone on Adam`s team. I will miss Brian but Owen is such a great choice he does make covers his own. I actually like Daniel, his voice is smooth as butter. Christina was definitely reacting viscerally to Nick going through, he`s just such a weak singer. I knew Pharrell would pick UnicornEmily to go through, she is different just didn`t care for her and that Paul Simon song. Mary Sara going over Katie bugs me, Katie sounds like TY and her voice is more pleasant. Of course matter of taste. At least Laci is gone thank god
  8. Though I'm saddened BB and KSt are spitting up, I'm also convinced noone stays together anymore. At least its amicable.
  9. I have only been watching here and there. But God what is it with Sam and whatever man she is with being a purse holder?? Never seen anything like it on any soap before. And I've watched a few. Oh glad MEaston is back, just love seeing him on my screen can't help it
  10. Perhaps its a kneejerk reaction to what's going on in my own life BUT Valerie had no damn business staying with that kid, she should have got the aspirin not him. Lulu should have kicked them both to next Sunday for the whole thing.
  11. That was most awesome Michael hating Sonny ah good times, then of course wasted like everything and everyone else on this stupid show!
  12. I think Liz getting chewed out by Carly is about what I expected to happen. I am a Liz fan but seriously they could have put a bit more drama in it all. Liz saying she's a town pariah when noone except for Jason and Carly spitting nails at her moreso Carly doesn't exactly scream pariah. In other news Val and Dante can kick rocks I'm officially Lulu in real life and it sucks hard. Off to watch Mondays episode
  13. Weighing in on the last few shows yes Liz isn't being very nice to Sam but again I think she's just mad at being outed and lashing out. I'm not pleased with how she's treating Laura though, she needs to step back a few. I really liked the Franco/Liz scenes and I usually hate Franco. Perhaps RHo toned down a bit. I really hate the writing for Carly because she's actually right about most things these days and that is plain wrong to me, I hate this bitch why does she get to truth tell ?*sigh* Love seeing Robert again Maxie's hair is atrocious Less said about Nina the better
  14. I will join the the chorus of those let down by Lake scenes. BH was great but BM only had anger and his delivery was a little flat. I wanted more, so much more its been over half a year of lies come on show! Samtrick/Emma stole the show for me. I became pretty indifferent to Samtrick over the months but their scenes yesterday were so well done. Kudos to JT and KeMO and little Brooklyn I teared up at Emma's reaction to the split up. Understandable she wants her mommy, would have liked more of that acknowledgement throughout the time her mommy has been gone *sigh*. I will miss Patrick won't lie
  15. So glad to find the forum for this show! Rewatching the show courtesy of Netflix and man it was so well written. Watching with hubby and we both agree Winnie is horrible. Her and Kevin are horrible together. Sorry Kev/Win fans but she does nothing to deserve him. He clearly was way more into her all the time, you actually feel sorry for him half the time. I also enjoy the family dynamics more than Kev and his friends. All in all such a strong show though, all the seasons were well written. Well minus a few clunkers in the 4th season. The dentist assistant and Vet episode come to mind.
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