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  1. Mao: I think that the line means to signify that she is expendable to Dawes and wasn't as important as he let on. Which is funny because Miller mentioned the same thing while he was being interrogated by Dawes and co. I am not sure about blonde lady. I wonder if that is going to be plot point in the next season. I was thinking that she could have probably been OPA or may have known something about the ship that Mao was on.
  2. Word to whoever mentioned that a regular inpatient treatment would actually make her work on herself. Whos to say that when she gets out and goes back home, she won't just couch surf (Which is terrible because if you are not busy doing stuff, you are stuck in your own head compounding the problem). Poor Nova's college fund is going to spent on rehabs for her mother. I guess if she got better she wouldn't be able to play the victim anymore.
  3. Unless there are bed bugs, you only really need a bed, a bathroom and a place to eat breakfast when traveling for a foreign country. Most people will be out doing stuff.
  4. I did turn off the episode because I couldn't listen to her moaning and complaining. I had second hand embarrassment for her. I wonder if all those people were paid to encourage Whitney on. I am with other people in that i don't think that she realizes that carrying that much weight around her probably causes all her joint/pain issues. On a shallow note that medic dude was really hot.
  5. What I can't believe is Jax is almost 40 and still acting like he is 20 years old.
  6. I am vegging the crap during my vacation days and watching Dr phil. This chick Sierra has to have at least something wrong with her. She seems to milking her cry sessions for all she is worth.
  7. If I were Asa and dealing with Jacksons, I would get a hand written will as to who takes of baby if anything happens to Asa. Then again I wouldn't trust anyone from the Jackson family. Despite MJ having terrible fashion sense, she does seem real. I feel her pain in regards to her father.
  8. I keep seeing Judy Reyes as carla from Scrubs. She does an amazing job. I for one love love the over the topness of this show. I think the undermentioned character is the bug eyed doctor! He seems to be dipping in to his own stash, which is no 1 rule of doling out drugs.
  9. Anfisa and Jorge need to break up already. Just get that green card and run. I am really sick of Danielle and Mohammed. They need to get off my screen. Loren just drives me nuts. If you miss NYC that much you shouldn't have left. Quit whining and complaining.
  10. Landon is an annoying drunk. Plus, I am 30 years old and even I need a bathing suit with a little support. Just saying Landon. I felt for Craig tonight. They are showing up on time(one of craigs problems) and Naomi has to make a dig at him. They just need to break up and not be miserable. I like Craig calling everyone a bunch of children. ahaha
  11. I loved the pilot! If anybody is so brave as to a list of all the music that was played during the episode I would be eternally grateful. I already figured out the first song, but am stuck on the others. I thought that Virginia(Tran's character) was going to end up being an undercover cop or something. Halfway through the episode and I realized that I might just be wrong. This definitely replaces Invite Only Cabo for my Sunday show.
  12. Watching the episode with the mom (Tina) and her two sons that hate their parents. I think that this family might not recover. The sons feel that they are right and the parents have no clue either. None of them feel that they have to change their attitude/behavior. Me thinks that older bro has been poisoning the younger one. Hey at least when they kill someone driving under the influence they might change their behavior or not.
  13. Finally found the thread!!! I kept telling my fiance that you don't by a woman a random ring, if she expressed interest in getting engaged. He should have listened to his friends. I think that he is stringing her along. I got to say that I always repeat the lines that the Australian uses.
  14. Blondor was five shades of crazy. You have to be pretty bad for the father to have full custody. I know self awareness isn't strong with this one, but this crazy behavior is only going to drive the daughter away as she gets older.
  15. You know I hope Sonja doesn't rehash the Tom was my lover all season long. Even her friend is getting sick of listening to it. I don't know how I feel about all the makeup she is wearing in her talking head. i like the straight hair, but it is too much makeup.
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