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  1. Lyndy

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    This is maybe the dumbest thing to be annoyed by, I realize. But I was super annoyed by how inefficiently Sam and Jason cleaned up those toys. From what I've witnessed, parents of small kids can clear a living room full of toys in less than a minute. I know, I know. It's a dumb thing to notice. There are obviously bigger plot holes here. It just bugged the hell out of me.
  2. Lyndy

    Wishlist: Hoping for a Cure (Or Not)

    Hi. New person here with a spotty viewing record over the last few years. What if (hear me out), we returned Michelle Stafford to her rightful place as Phyllis on Y&R and sent Gina Tognoni (who I love) over to GH to play Nina? Maybe I'm nuts but would Nina be more interesting if Gina were playing her?
  3. I wonder this too but I imagine there are several factors. First, who would that person be? Certainly ex-Scientologists would know about the abuses but couldn't claim firsthand knowledge of current abuses. Anyone still in the Sea Org, even if they disagree with the policies, would be too scared to speak up. And if CPS does show up, everyone would be on their best behaviour. "Nothing to see here!" If CPS in Florida or LA is anything like it is around my hometown, they are so understaffed and overworked, they wouldn't have resources for a truly comprehensive investigation. Social workers would probably know there was horrible shit going on and not be able to act on it.
  4. Lyndy

    S14.E03: Go Big or Go Home

    Definitely more to him that Richard Fish. But... Richard Fish was one of the all time greats, wasn't he? I'm not disappointed to see the Grey's Anatomy version of this. Just over here, patiently awaiting the announcement he's been permanently added to the cast. Also, now I'm disappointed that he didn't get to interact with Cristina Yang.
  5. Lyndy

    S14.E03: Go Big or Go Home

    I wondered this too. Has the show finally realized Amelia is horrible and they need a convenient excuse for a personality transplant? This tumor's gotta be olllldd then because she was equally terrible on Private Practice. Also, Greg Germann can stay. I forgot how much I love that guy. I especially love how easily he shuts her down.
  6. Lyndy

    S02.E01: A Father's Advice

    I'll join the chorus of people calling for the end of horrible Toby. And it's not about the Kevin vs Toby thing and whether he should be annoyed at what he sees as co-dependancy. It's that temper tantrum he threw on her birthday. His instinct is to get all petulant over how he thinks he's being treated unfairly. Not that his fiance freaked out and could maybe use some moral support. No, she went to her brother and not him and now he's butthurt. It makes me think he doesn't want to support Kate so much as be seen as the guy who supports Kate. "My fiance succeeded because I, a hero, helped her!" And also, of course she told Kevin and not Toby. She obviously didn't want to disappoint him after all of his cheerleading about the audition. I hate this guy so much.
  7. That's a really interesting perspective. From what I understand, in the Cdn province I'm from, the assistant coach would have been culpable as well, even if he reported to a superior. If you know of abuse and don't report it to authorities (police, not your boss), you are responsible. So there's a very set procedure in a school when a child reports abuse or when a staff person discovers it. Both of my parents were teachers and have had to do this more than once. In every case, the police and Child & Family Services were immediately called and there was a cop and a social worker in the building inside 20 minutes. They take that shit seriously. In this Scientology case, it's such a messed up perspective. They have such mistrust of authority, they'd rather victimize a defenseless child than break the stupid rules about outsiders. Did the that Sea Org member ever have even a twinge of doubt? How do you justify that to yourself? By not believing her?
  8. Does anyone else think Leah and Mike need to start a support group with the women from Escaping Polygamy? I mean at least they'd understand the stress they're under. The inaction of the adults in this situation is just awful. But also the legal implications. Statute of limitation aside, there are legal ramifications if a child discloses abuse to an adult who then chooses not to report that to authorities. At least there are where I'm from. I mean isn't that the reason the Penn State officials were charged?
  9. Lyndy

    Escaping Polygamy

    I was really struck by Jesse coming to terms with potentially threatening behaviour from the AUB. Whether or not that was a laser from a weapon, he really believed they were exhibiting aggressive behaviour and it seemed to break his heart.
  10. Lyndy

    The Keepers

    So lawyers out there. How much of the church's response is out of fear of litigation? As soon as they admit their wrongdoing, that's hundreds, possibly thousands of lawsuits, no? I mean, they're obviously not going to do the right thing for moral reasons (sadly). Maybe the bad PR is less of a problem than the millions of dollars they stand to lose. All this to say the Catholic church in Baltimore is extremely messed up. How many hundreds of lives did they ruin trying to cover their own asses? This kind of story seems to repeat itself everywhere and I always find it appalling.
  11. Lyndy

    S10.E01: The Pilot

    Haven't been a regular viewer since 12 took over. Nothing specific against this Doctor but when he was introduced, he didn't seem to be having any fun. Even when 10 got really emo about everything, he still had a sense of adventure. This episode really made me feel that spirit of fun again. I really like Bill and I think she has great rapport with Capaldi. I'm definitely in for a few more episodes.
  12. Lyndy

    S03.E07: Season 3, Episode 7

    I respect Chibnall for wanting to end it here even though I will miss these characters so much. Can someone cast Tennant and Colman in something else great? I love every scene they're in together. I love the friendship between Beth and the Reverend. There's something very sweet about their interactions. Also, I'm trying not to be callous but boy am I sick of the Mark Latimer Pity Parade.
  13. Lyndy

    S01.E13: Tape 7, Side A

    As a person well into my 40s who is not the intended demographic, I am unashamed to say I binged this whole thing over the wkd. There are so many things I think they got right here. They depicted that sense of powerlessness you feel in your teens. The hemmed in feeling from adults who mean very well but unintentionally transfer their anxiety to their teens. The cruelty of kids who are predatory, whatever the reasons. People of all ages not seeing past their own issues. Really good storytelling. And as a grownup, this show more than most teen shows depicted teens who are doing very adult things but are still very much children. Some of these kids are mean little shits but lots of them are making bad decisions because they're young, emotional and deeply confused. Generally I don't have nurturing instincts but man did I feel protective of some of these kids. If I were a parent, I'd be educating myself pronto on school policies regarding disclosure of abuse or depression. Mr. Porter was very well-meaning but catastrophically wrong. My parents were both teachers and in their situations, there were strict protocols in a situation like the one when Hannah discloses the sexual assault to him. He would immediately have to call her parents and speak to the principal. Very likely a social worker and a cop would be inside the building in less than an hour. Unfortunately, I think there are so many situations where the policies are so wishy-washy. I was oddly stressed by everything he did wrong in that meeting despite his intentions. When Clay says, "we all have to do better" I was practically yelling at my TV. Yes, Clay! Starting with the damn school!
  14. Lyndy

    S04.E15: Self Control

    Great episode! Except... if Simmons is dead but she also just entered The Framework, are they going to do a 'buried alive' thing here? Because NOPE! I will FF through that shit. Also, look, this is really great storytelling. I've just never liked alternate reality stories on a TV show. To me, it feels like the story stalls while they figure out how to get back to their real world. Think I might skip the next bit. Some pretty stellar work from Elizabeth Henstridge and Chloe Bennett, though!
  15. Lyndy

    Doctor Who in the Media

    Fraid you're right there darkestboy although it would be a fun experiment. Tennant endorses Olivia Colman which, yes, she'd kick ass but frankly I need her to be free to be cast in some high profile project wherein she completely steals every scene she's in from some posh actor who was supposed to be the star.