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  1. RadioActiveRich - You must be a genius of Einstein caliber. How did you know? So very right on. I'm the founder of Skullduggery, Inc. so I know. If Marcus had taken over, I'm sure I would have been paid by now 30+ years later!!! It's now summer, 2017. Skullduggery, Inc. management still owes me $784,000.00 plus interest and increasing by $500.00 a week. Their mounting debt to me was never mentioned in the show. I did all the work and took all the risk. The Koehl "buisness (sic) geniuses" trashed my product line of fossil skull replicas and allowed others to take over the marke
  2. Skullduggery of course. No question about it. Marcus caught on to their scam to take his millions and then pay themselves bonuses and exorbitant salaries until the money was gone, hoping to hit him up again for more money after that first 1.3 million was pocketed. Marcus is no fool. The Koehls are failed businessmen with delusions of grandeur, and they don't seem to realize it. I'm so glad Marcus put them in their place with his "blow up" ---- "You want me to give you millions, have no control, and go stand in the corner?" I believe his language was more 'flowery' than what I quot
  3. Yes, I believe that "possessed" objects can transmit a demonic spirit. Also, if you have a resident ghost, you can provoke it into action by fighting in the house, screaming at each other, disturbing the peace, etc. Have you read my other posting on this forum?
  4. So annoying The ID channel's promotion of the Missing Women program that begins tonight. A "lady of the night" with pink hair and piercings shocked that someone is "Killing people with LOVE"!!! They are NOT killing them with love, you idiot. They are killing with hatred.
  5. I want to see some resolution in a TV program. These Disappeared programs always leave us hanging. Never any resolution.
  6. I am the 50% owner of Skullduggery, Inc., the California corporation. The founder and owner who was never mentioned in the show, Steven Gagnon. I am the screwed owner who is owed $700,000 and will never see a cent of it!! http://www.4pka.com I only survived by walking the 40+ mile round trip to eat the free handout food at the Salem Oregon Rescue Mission once a week. The Salem Oregon Rescue Mission saved my life with the free food, no doubt. There was a time before I learned of the Rescue Mission where I had nothing to eat for a long time when I was so weak I couldn't stand up. I m
  7. Second comment by me. I own 50% of Skullduggery, I'm mortified to admit. What a bunch of infantile toy products. I can’t believe Marcus would want any part of this business. After finally buying the second season DVD’s from NBC and viewing this episode, it's obvious to me that the Koehl’s never had any intention of selling any interest to Marcus. They couldn’t have sold any part of Skullduggery, Inc. without my approval. They just played him to get what they could out of him. I understand that Marcus is only interested in a NASCAR licensed line of toys. Then Stephen Koehl was so eag
  8. I am 50% owner of Skullduggery, Inc. I'm embarrassed to admit. What low-life people I've enabled to "Play" a generous and well-meaning man like Marcus. These jokers, the Koehl's, ripped me off almost 30 years ago. They say their father Peter III "bought" the company from me. Their father is NOT a majority shareholder. It's 50/50. Those two pathetic "boys", who call themselves "the boss" don't own any shares at all. The truth is the Koehl's played me too. They never paid me anything at all for my years of hard work. They still owe me $700,000.00 in deferred pay, which I'm sure I
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