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  1. ChuckWagon

    S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

  2. ChuckWagon

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    I read Fated right before The Hanging Tree...good stuff! Will continue the series after I plow thru Monster Hunter Inc. and the Innkeeper series. Simultaneously anxiously awaiting and dreading the last Kate Daniels...while all good things must come to and end, just sucks this good thing is at its end.
  3. ChuckWagon

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    The Hanging Tree (Peter Grant #6) .... which I found from recommendations on this thread. Love this series!
  4. ChuckWagon

    S07.E18: Over A Cliff

    This. Exactly this. And my befuddled mind kept waiting for David to jump up....shot to Red holding a decanter in her hand, that smirk on her face...pan to Cyrus falling to the floor, not broken. Totally defeated. A defeated, no an annihilated, Cyrus is much more satisfying than a broken Cyrus. I'll live, in the alternate ending world, where a literal broken Cyrus is pretty darn satisfying.
  5. ChuckWagon

    S04.E12: Ask Him about Stella

    Not well. But, hey, welcome to our hell.
  6. ChuckWagon

    S07.E07: Something Borrowed

    This is just so god-awful. How did we end up here? How does it even get fixed, except for waking up in a bed in Vermont from a dream? Could Quinn be in on it with Papa Pope??? The man's a killer...two shots to put Quinn down? I don't think so. 2 shots is for effect. Papa Pope...my transference is from Eureka! I loved Henry! *sigh*
  7. ChuckWagon

    S04.E08: Live. Live. Live.

    Yeah this. And... maybe I missed it, but why was it part of the plan to plant the card on him? What explanation could Michaela possibly give to Tegan on how Simon got his (now printless) fingers on it? Ha! just realized as typing this out Michaela was literally left holding the bag.
  8. ChuckWagon

    S07.E05: Adventures in Babysitting

    That's my guess...Liv showing Mellie just who's boss. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  9. ChuckWagon

    S03.E03: Always Bet Black

    Agreed. Annalise is nothing if not a skilled actress...my first thought after seeing the flyers was the house went up to cover up a confrontation gone real bad with Hannah/Marcia Gay Harden, who would totally have it in her to post the flyers. You'd have to love the character closure of losing Hannah to a Code Black ;)
  10. ChuckWagon

    S22.E11: Finale - Night 2

    This! And the story edit on her last night, about constantly looking in the mirror, did her no favors...of course she's looking in the mirror. Its a dance studio. Just how they did it. I thought, self, if there were a next week of voting, I'd probably 'penalize' her for it. To the point made over and over with regard to who wins....it is Y amount dance ability and X amount likability with the X factor :) playing a larger role (in most cases) in voting for a lot of viewers.
  11. ChuckWagon

    S22.E11: Finale - Night 2

    Agreed! Adding in the positive relationship with Val and she/they were, in my opinion, enjoyable. I work, don't watch GMA so had no going in bias to her. I came out a genuine fan of hers. Cringed when Bruno called her a "weather girl"; Hmphed when she straightened his ass out. lol Wish Wanya had made it into the finals...another partnership that was enjoyable to watch.
  12. ChuckWagon

    S07.E22: End

    What was the point of doing that to Kurt and Diane? Why go there?
  13. ChuckWagon

    S12.E22: Mama Tried

    Hear that. Just about killed me to defend Penny but some days I have to go thru the list of names in my head and gleefully yell! out the one of the CW jr. standing in front of me when I come across the right one.
  14. ChuckWagon

    S07.E20: Party

    In the scene on the bed with Hannah, when A asked why they were getting married, the only 'reason' I thought I heard was "TAXES". FWIW, I got married so I'd never have to go to the dry cleaner again so who am i to judge?