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  1. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    General True Crime Shows

    I hope you aren't referring to Paula Zahn's VERY Pre-DICT-able PA-ttern of SPEAK-ing, which is almost distracting to a fault. . .? And I'm stuck on 48 Hours on the "nice" mom who was recently found after *many* years of searching after secret life as call girl (sad for parents, esp dad) and girl who had "70s starlet/soft porn" mom" who's case is unsolved. Sorry, not sorry. Have yet to watch Devil in Details, but seems DVR-worthy from what I'm seeing here. Glad to read genuine Kenda will be back in Fall! Think I read that. . .
  2. I'm totally charmed by the ladies' hard, smart work and the small townies they're assisting. Everyone seems genuine & earnest, in the best way. And the PO-lice (love me some Southern accents!) are grateful. . .so far, so good! Glad it was picked up for another season. I feel like it's a more heartfelt, less cold-hard-facts-only "First 48", but just as factual--make sense?
  3. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    MSNBC: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Vaulted)

    So it's safe to post about my secret love for "Lockdown" here? And it's lovechild, "Lockdown: RAW"? Hmm?
  4. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    General True Crime Shows

    I always ask my friends to ensure that if I die a horrific death in my small town, it's not gleefully covered by that assclown of a narrator. But yes, I'm the REAL assclown because I still watch it. :( Totes down with this. Legit and so far, no tomfoolery in terms of reenactments, BS red herrings, nor bad V/O, but just decent storytelling. MOAR please! Clearly I've been cleaning out my DVR of Cry Crap and Last Seen with Sketchy PI Work. . .wanted to catch Devil in the Details so I'm hoping it's a good one. @Andyourlittledog2: Ubervalid point re: title of said Wolfe---well played! Maybe that's the point: it's all just fakery & attention-getting. God knows the REENACTING is so god-awful my 12 y/o could do better. Hell, my 2 tiny turkey dogs could do better. Pug: That's MY bone! Brussels Griffon: You bitch! It's MINE! Next thing you know, picked up by ID for fall: Bitches with Stitches. Done.
  5. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    General True Crime Shows

    SWEET FROSTED BABY JESUS ON TOAST: CRY WOLFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What horrible awful terribleness!! The reenactments. . .the fakery. . .the questionableness. . .this is ALL REENACTED?!?!? OH MY EFFING GAWD!!!!!!!! The whole Mr Wolfe thing is KILLING me because these are actors!!!!!!!!!! All I caught was the last 2 min of that ep and Meth Face PI. . .um. . yeah, no. Sorry---I'm VERY hopped up on Cry Wolfiepoo tonight. It's so incredibad, I am beside myself and posted on the wrong thread initially!
  6. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    S03.E05: Tracie & Sammie

    I'm just now hate watching all back episodes based solely on the hilarity that is @Tara's recaps, plus the EHG "Fat Ass Kelly Price" masterpiece. I look forward to following this crep & dreck with you all and being part of the bottom-feeding Catfish community. ps. Following this watch via Tara's twitter was fantastic; I knew it'd be a stellar write up--did NOT disappoint! Stop reeling me in. . .oh, just shoot me.
  7. TheEditrixHasSpoken


    Y'all, I can't with this. I'm sorry. I tried. I might try again with a later season? But for now? Just. . .eeeerrnnngghh. I can't. Thanks for your help with understanding it better! Y'all are lovely.
  8. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    Lifetime Original Movies

    This might not be the right spot, as I'm having trouble finding out exactly what network it's on, but there's a new "Bonnie & Clyde" miniseries? Movie? Something, that's allegedly Lifetime + History (?!) + someone else (Hallmark, buy the looks of it. If you see the trailer, which runs on a loop I swear, you hear the (not Faye Dunaway) Bonnie coo, "Once I started crimin', there was just not turnin' back. . ." "'Crimin''"? Now this is (HUGE AIR QUOTES WARNING) "allegedly" based on factual statements from the era and the peeps involved, e.g. Bonnie herself. And not being what one might call the sharpest tool in the Dust Bowl-era shed, she very well might have said, "'crimin'". But it runs so often and is cooed so obnoxiously (I've asked all my Southern friends to vet it and they all say she's too high-falootin' sounding--like Dallas vs elsewhere), plus (!) I just learned a high school drama friend of mine said her very good friends were the dialect coaches on this---!!!! Oh man. I am not a crackpot. If anyone else sees this, please give a girl a shout. I'd love to know I'm not the only one perpetratin'. xoxo, y'all.
  9. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    General True Crime Shows

    How cool would it actually be to have a series of WELL EXECUTED (hope not being punny. . .yikes) follow-ups? Either, Yup: Dead & gone or Huzzah! At a truck stop! There's been at least one or two updates. . .just me? Oh crap. Really? Bummer. Well. . .aside from needing to read THROUGH the entire thread before posting, I hope it's a massive (positive? Eh?) update Very Special Episode.
  10. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    General True Crime Shows

    Great, breaking news! Coxswains with Toxins, Twisted Sister with Dee Snyder, and Harpies with Sharpies are ALL greenlit from the giants behind Southern Fried Homicide. ps. Best. List. EVAH. You guys, I'm stuck watching late 90s Bill Kurtis specials because they're actually not so terrible and fairly well done. It's THAT BAD. I've fallen asleep to "Cell Block Psychic" and I partially don't hate it. . .please don't hate me. #iamnotacrackpot
  11. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    General True Crime Shows

    Meanwhile, First 48 is humming along on what's left of A&E's non-beardy/storage/kissing-cousin-of-TLC's-programming. . .I really hope ID can come back to better programming. There's some hope: Crimes to Remember, Disappeared, Kenda. . .but they're getting fewer & far between. Let's hope we're able to discuss something actually really good, really soon!
  12. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    General True Crime Shows

    HOLY CATS, this means this is season 2?!?!?! Who greenlighted it AGAIN?!? OMFG. . . Phelps' "outrage"--and believe me, those are mighty big faux quotation marks--is just too much. And wholly agreed re: sister-in-law. Sad, no doubt, but either bring up her case and put The Good People of America on the case or shut your cake hole about it. . .getting funky. That said, started watching "Dead of Night", which has great V/O work, lets the people involved take center stage, and at least the sole one that's up on Amazon Prime was very well done. My hope is restored. . .almost. Suz---just now rereading this. In the Amazon Prime notes, apparently the one about the 2 ladies & 1 gent TAKEN at the big gothic mysterious theater (really? never proved it, but I digress) is rife with inaccuracies and b-roll of the allegedly more idyllic next-town-over. I know. This comes as a giant shock to you that anything Soul Patch is involved with would run fast & loose with deets, but I feel compelled to let you know. Carry on.
  13. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    General True Crime Shows

    It's such Detective Light that I don't even know where to begin. I feel like he barely Googles things, asks his "experts" (throwing up in my mouth a little bit), and puts it out there for Real People to solve. Come ON. The families and victims seem genuinely and truly upset and traumatized, and it just feels so exploitive; much more so than anything else. If real people weren't involved? It would be comical. This guy (shakes head, scratches soul patch, looks afar). . .has got it coming. <--typical cliched response to random killer/s' actions.
  14. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    General True Crime Shows

    Isn't he and his soul patch THE. WORST???????? Seriously. Awful. And I genuinely feel badly for the victims' families. . .doubly violated by tragedy AND MWP's soul patch and Mmmhhmmm cutaway shots. Awful. The promo's terrible, RAVEN (caCAW!) is unintentionally hysterical, and we are given NO background on his "right-hand man", the profiler. The first two episodes held such promise--I'd never heard of that guy and it's definitely an intriguing case, but he just wraps it in half-truths and never truly gets anywhere. And his Lisbeth Salmander-esque "find"? Do yourself a solid and check it out. You guys, she MAY have seen a serial killer! And now she has a map she colored!!!! She's A SAVANT! Sorry so many caps, but I just hatewatched the show about the "haunted theater" that people may or may not have been at the night they disappeared. There should be a drinking game. That said, I'm sad to say my bestie and I had a "Disappeared" drinking game. . .because I'm a terrible person. Please feel free to take this anywhere; I didn't mean to get all Dark Minds on y'all. . .I'm happy to talk about any of the crep & dreck on ID and whatever my cable channel is calling the HD channel that shows late 90s "Justice Files" and old The First 48 (which can do no wrong IMHO). I'm so new I probably just replied to the wrong spot, but thank you for this! Amen to Crime 360. I'm sure that show is costly to produce with all the aftereffects & whatnot, but it's always enjoyable and seems very thoughtfully done. Wish there was more. So it's not just me re: Redrum. I've stopped my Amazon Season Pass. too jarring, too jammed-into-22-min. . .just not well done and difficult to follow. And challenging to find empathy, too. Wholly agreed. The narrator got a more than a little overly trite and chipper with very sad stories. And also agreed re: Hey, I Go 4-Wheeling to Get My Sherlock Brain Fix! segments. So, so glad they're gone. I always tell my friend: if I'm ever chopped to bits, please, please make sure it's on something like "Murder Comes to Town" vs "NND". Small note: as a 5-year stalking survivor, if you're interested in how it genuinely feels, I can vouch for "Obsession: Dark Desires". It's not too over-the-top in reenactments and the survivors tell their own stories. I can honestly say it's a good depiction of a little-known subject. Also, watch the chyrons on that one. Misspellings a-plenty!
  15. TheEditrixHasSpoken

    General True Crime Shows

    I'm just jumping in here, but I'm positively compelled to write about the horrendous, even by ID-standards, "Dark Minds". Any other brave souls out there watching this dreck? It makes "Southern Fried Homicide" et al look like Shakespeare. . .I'm happy to expound if anyone wants to save him/herself the misery. There's so many good shows (Kenda, Disappeared--which I'm reading above is coming back: YAY!--and even Nightmare Next Door, although the V/O guy sounds eerily giddy sometimes), but when they miss? They miss so, so hard.