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  1. Pretty much this.
  2. It was when Luke was trying to figure out if the hydrogen peroxide on the table was booby-trapped. The whole scene from her "What's the Bat protocol on this?" was LOL-worthy.
  3. The show didn't even make their own point well because of the stark absence of daemons in scenes. After several shots of Mrs Coulter and Lyra walking side by side where their daemons were nowhere to be found, Lyra's shock that the monkey was so far away from Mrs Coulter fell flat for me. This is what I complained about after watching the first episode: how are we supposed to miss something that is rarely ever there? Also, that the show created a black female character to make the connection from G.O.B. to Gobblers for Lyra (in the movie, she connects the dots herself) only to brutally murder her in the next scene reached new levels of low.
  4. ETA: The murder of Lucius Fox (who else didn't know he was dead/killed? 😲😭I thought he was just retired) is looking to be another season-long story. He went to MIT.
  5. "Can you play some hold music while I wait?" The show manages to balance humor and drama. The security gaurd hitting on Batwoman was another lol-moment. I can't speak for the Lawyer but if an electric pole crashed into my car and some dude with a mask showed up in the darkness, I would have started running long before I saw the axe. Heck, I think the pole landing on my car would have been the first clue since I live in GOTHAM! "If you trust the law so much, why are you wearing that suit?" "I'm going to need backup." "What do you want me to say to that? He makes a good point." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ As irritating as Gotham's Gatfly(?) is, I surprised myself at how much I was looking forward to hearing it. When the episode was halfway through and there hadn't yet been one of those annoying soundbites, I felt oddly bereft. πŸ˜„
  6. I mean Kate's "I would have come back to crash your wedding" is straight out of Damon Salvatore's playbook and tweens went wild for him. So maybe it's not the writers thinking the same trick won't work, but not understanding that it doesn't work when the actors aren't a het white couple.
  7. It worked for the movie. If HBO didn't have the budget to do this properly, they shouldn't have bothered.
  8. Fred's death sent me reeling. I knew he was going to die sometime soon (I expected him to die in Nemesis Games) but it still shook me how he died. I liked the structural change of Tiamat's Wrath - Holden was no longer a major pov and his motivations and plot were part of the mystery for the reader to solve. I think Persepolis Rising would have been a better book if they had done that too - made other characters take the pov away from Holden.
  9. So is this a petition that James McAvoy should be the next Bond? I can already see the "Bring Bond Back to Scotland" hashtags trending. I watched it over the weekend and yes, it was really confusing but the aesthetics, including the people, was beautiful. And there were a great deal more background daemons than in the TV show where only the main characters/speaking roles seem to have any.
  10. It matters if the show is (clearly) giving them OTP status. There has to be a reason for us to want them together besides the "Lead Character Gets Desired Love Interest" trope and right now, they're not doing either of them any favors.
  11. The only thing I know about this story is that it’s The Anti Narnia. That said, I have two questions: what do daemons eat? Do real non-daemon animals exist in this world?
  12. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 This was a great episode. No complaints for a change. I can pity Beth-the-kidnapped-and-psychologically-tortured-little-girl and hate Alice-the-psychopath-mass-murderer at the same time. Always confounds me that some people struggle with this. ETA: she calls Mouse brother because Stockholm Syndrome. Also, he's probably the one that killed or helped her kill Hannibal Lecter.
  13. THIS. I severely side eye all the claims that Nicole was using Pat because he was offering help and she accepted it. And that's not even touching the fact that, as @ursula pointed out: Nicole is in this position because Pat murdered her husband. The fact that people are doing mental gymnastics to pain Nicole as the villain for not being nicer to the murderer of her husband is... astounding.
  14. If only Kat worked at Grey Sloane Memorial, the whole hospital would have known and covered it up.
  15. We tell ourselves that every season.
  16. But they don't. That's the problem. I'm just so tired of this shitty show and shitty US TV and the way it lets racism seep into everything.
  17. Gosh what a shitty episode. So much for all the hype. It's the same ol' same ol' racist ass writing.
  18. Why not? The concept of that prequel was always ridiculous. The Starks and direwolves? Were people really watching the show for those? The Long Night might have been marginally interesting if season 8 didn't kill off the build up to that arc so that Cersei could sip wine some more. Not surprisingly, the Fire & Blood based prequel is still going forward.
  19. a.k.a. Birds of Prey-lite? I'm happy for Katie Cassidy though. Who'd have thought all those years ago when she was killed off from Arrow, that she'd be starring into 2 shows in the Berlantiverse?
  20. Some people get cars, she gets a medal from Congo's Hitler. Nice to know that decades down the line, all those amputated hands are still reaping dividends for that accursed lineage.
  21. Yes, let's blame the victim for not expecting racist vitriol. Funny how the onus of dealing with directed racism is put on black people and not the people who perpetuate racism.
  22. I don't think they were the same thing at all. Both crossed boundaries but Dion was doing something he thought would make his friend happy. Even before his mother explained what he did wrong, he was already apologizing to Esperanza and trying to make it up for her. He knew he was wrong. His mother just explained why. Pat just felt entitled. He wasn't thinking about Nicole or even Dion beyond the fact that they owed him for being a Nice Guy.
  23. Goodbye Reagan, you won't be missed. Her attitude at the party when she came over to Kate talking to Sophie like a jealous girlfriend sent warning bells ringing. Maybe it's me mentally typecasting the actress in Single White Female roles, but her "intuition" comes across as more invasive than cute. Not sad to see her go.
  24. Katsullivan

    Caitlin Snow

    At this point I don't think it's even a joke that Snowflake has something in her contract against her characters being "besmirched" in anyway. What I really want, and the show will never do this but a girl can dream, is for them to write a Villain story for Caitlin - not Killer Frost - but Caitlin Snow and kill her off for good.
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