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  1. picklesprite

    Killing Eve

    I only discovered this show on Saturday, so it was very thoughtful of them to pull up to my curb with the finale just as I was ready for it. I hopped in, and wow, what a ride the whole season has been. It's inevitable that Eve and Oksana team up on something next season, yes? That'll be great. I do miss Bill, though, and I hope Konstantin's not also dead. I know who I think they'll kill off next season, but I won't speculate here. Sandra Oh is wonderful, but my god, Jodie comer is amazing!
  2. picklesprite

    S08.E08: How It's Gotta Be

    I dunno, I agree with all the criticisms but I still liked it, though maybe that's because I am kidding myself into believing that every second of every episode gets us closer to Negan dying, so that keeps me excited. But maybe he'll never die. Maybe they'll end the series 15 years from now and he'll be white-haired and limping (and still talking, but drooling by then) and starting a spin-off in which he will never die on our tv's until a world war wipes out electricity, but we'll still know he's there, hiding in the ether, just waiting for a future human to reinvent electricity, and he'll take up again in the middle of the sentence he was proclaiming when the power shut off. ". . .Rick!" I want to see an alternate universe Walking Dead in which they rebuild the world into something better. RedheadZombie, I'm sorry I didn't read yours first.
  3. picklesprite

    S03.E08: The Book of Nora

    I just binged on the whole 3 seasons over the last few days. Sigh. Bliss. I think Kevin lied at first because he was just fuckin' terrified she'd reject him if he showed up and said he'd been stalking her for twenty fuckin' years. *He* thought he was fuckin'nuts for doing it; what would *she* fuckin' think? And may I say how fuckin' much I loved how fuckin' often they used "fuckin" in this show?
  4. picklesprite

    S34.E14: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished / S34.E15: Reunion

    Ah, Michaela, can I give you an award for coolest? I just love her. If she ever needs another mom, I'm in line. And when she plays again, she will have learned and grown. Also, she looks like a movie star tonight. I'm really glad Sarah won.
  5. picklesprite

    S05.E12: The World Council of Churches

    Sophia sure looked fishy last night. If anything ever screamed, "set up," that did, to me. Speaking of. . .I'm not taking it for granted that the little family in Russia are really P's bro, sil, and nephew. Maybe they are. Or, maybe Misha is going to be groomed to follow in his dad's footsteps or there is some other nefarious plan for him. It all felt a little too easy to me, just as the Sophia story does, as if somebody's setting him up for something. His supervisor (or whoever that was supposed to be) telling him to "take as long as you want"? Really? On the other hand, this show could make God paranoid. If Gabriel shows up for dinner, we'll know. I believed Tuan would cause the bullies to increase their torture so much that Pasha would kill himself, so I thought it was a clever twist that he simply persuaded Pasha to do it in order to get his parents to take him home.
  6. picklesprite

    S02.E08: New Car

    Not a thing. I wasn't comparing them.
  7. picklesprite

    S03.E21: The Seventh Floor

    With the exception of the pregnancy, I liked it, esp. the opening. But I always love it when the cute Chinese diplomat acts indignant with Elizabeth and she's like, "Yeh, yeh, that's your line, here's mine: see ya."
  8. picklesprite

    S34: Ponderosa

    I've never watched a Ponderosa vid before, and I enjoyed these. Both of them seem like sweethearts. By which I don't mean to ship them. : ) They just seem nice, is what I mean.
  9. picklesprite

    S05.E06: Crossbreed

    Oh, show, don't take Frank Langella away from us! He grounds the show as well as P&E. That wonderful deep voice, that deliberate, soft, sedate manner of speaking, that face that can give them the most murderous and dangerous assignments while still managing to look thoughtful and kind. . .he's just the best. If you're going to take him away, can he please be my granddad for a while? Only maybe skip the assignments?
  10. picklesprite

    S34.E07: What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile

    Oh, Varner, how could you "reveal" something "everyone already knew"? Sara's words were very sweet and Zeke was dignity personified.
  11. picklesprite

    Trial & Error

    ". . .it turned out to be owls" is funny enough to be in Buffy.
  12. picklesprite

    Trial & Error

    Love this show! I'm so happy to come here and find so many like-minded lunatics! John Lithgow is not only wonderful, but I can't think of a single other actor who could do this role such hilarious justice as he does. I also especially love the Sherry Shepherd character, and fortunately for me, I've never seen the talk shows, either. She brings such a bright silly giggly glow to the show. And the young lawyer is really good at being hilariously earnest and kind. I love the surprises they spring every episode. I look forward to "what's it going to be tonight?" I don't know why I like it divided into two eps, but I really do. Okay, I do know. It's hard, I suspect, to keep an hour-long comedy plot line bouncing along. Easier to keep things lively for 30 minutes. I hope they get another season and they do it the same way.
  13. picklesprite

    S05.E05: Lotus 1-2-3

    Oh, eek, you just made me feel very anxious about Paige. She is so hideously trapped and way too young to figure a way out that doesn't literally imprison or even kill her parents. Run!
  14. picklesprite

    S05.E05: Lotus 1-2-3

    I hope I'm not repeating anybody here. I *think* I've read everything. What scared me about the meeting that didn't come off for Oleg was my worry that he was set up by the KGB to see if he'd actually go. Like, it was a test of his loyalty, and they faked an American contact in order to trap him. Like many of you, I so want a happy ending for him. I like a previous poster's idea that Stan's blackmail worked to protect Oleg, and I think that must be true, because the KGB (probably) wouldn't have known about Stan and Oleg. There's a parallel between Phillip's worry about Stan and Stan's worry about Oleg. Neither of them wants to have been the vehicle for hurting a man they like. Or, there's also the possibility that Phillip doesn't want to be left in the dark about Russian undercover work going on right across the street from him. It really will be interesting if it turns out she's FBI, instead! (As a poster suggested.) I'm a sucker for the moments that seem like genuine warmth between E and P, so I really liked this ep. Elizabeth, tell me you actually do love him. A little? I didn't think I cared if they painted the U.S. as a bad guy a lot of the time, because a.) drama; and b.) we are not angels, but I found myself feeling glad about the search for wheat to feed the world. Take that, Elizabeth. Oh, the Russian shite is so going to hit the American fan over Misha.
  15. picklesprite

    S07.E16: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

    Damn, I'm so confused. I thought both Sasha and Maggie died and they were sitting on the fence enjoying the afterlife, waiting for Glen and Abraham to come bounding toward them in slow motion across the meadow. So, okay, I was wrong, but there sure was a lot of slow motion in this episode.