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  1. Fiddler1

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    We HAVE to get another season. I just can’t leave this series without finally hearing Bortus sing My Heart Will Go On. “You will listen!!”
  2. Fiddler1

    S08.E04: Caramel Week

    I love anything caramel so this episode was right up my sweet-toothed alley. Had to laugh though at Paul biting into that filled egg to Prue’s horror, and Noel asking him at the end how sick he felt. Count me among those who are pleasantly surprised at how Prue, Noel and Sandi fit in — I like them all and still love this show. What a contrast between here where two or three others ran to help one baker get his biscuits plated in time last episode, and another (unnamed) cooking contest where the contestants nearly ran each other over to get to their ingredients. This is my happy place...
  3. Fiddler1

    S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    That's all I could think about! Straight up copy of those Dr Who angels who STILL give me nightmares!
  4. Fiddler1

    Favorite Commercials

    But doesn’t it say onscreen something like “resolutions are made to be broken”? I took that to mean Mayhem’s good intentions won’t last forever and he’ll be back to his old tricks before long! Happy to see him either way!
  5. Fiddler1

    S04.E03: Margin of Error

    That's exactly what I was doing! Poor guy was yelling and blowing his air horn and Brody never answered back after that first yell, at least that we saw!
  6. Fiddler1

    S01.E11: What's My Motivation?

    I noticed one store in the background called "Your Anticipated Needs." :-D Going to keep an eye on the names after this! I love this show more every week....there are so many funny little things you can easily miss going on!
  7. Fiddler1

    House Hunters International

    I was waiting for somebody to comment on the Sydney one. With as many times as he talked about pleasing his wife and how if she isn't happy nobody is happy? Yikes. I got kind of a strange vibe off the mother thing too. And I had to look it up to realize that a few hundred people a year name their male offspring "Anakin." :)
  8. Fiddler1


    A friend just turned me on to this and I ran through both seasons in 3 days. LOVED it and so glad Lance got to do his gold dance at the end. Really impressed with this series. I was in the last episode of Season 1 when I thought to myself, "Wow, now I know who Becky reminds me of...she has a look of Diana Rigg about her." About two minutes later the penny dropped and I remembered she has a daughter who's an actress, and sure enough.... :) Then my delight when Dame Diana herself turned up! I may just do something I don't think I've ever done --- go back and watch both seasons again slowly and savor all the little nuances this time :)
  9. Fiddler1

    S02.E12: Into The Abyss / S02.E13: The End Game

    Nice clip! I got a great deal of vicarious enjoyment from watching Larry in the bakery and at home with his cake and pastries. He wasn't my favorite, but I was really starting to worry about him, both food-wise and mentally. I'm happy with the way it ended, though.....David grew on me as he came out of his log-sitting slump and got so darn DETERMINED. I wish all the contestants all the best as they go on now!
  10. Fiddler1

    Home Fires

    I binge watched nearly all of Season 1 last night and I kept thinking that every single time the title came up! Then today I wanted to watch the last episode and blanked out on the name of the program. My thought process went: "Land Girls.....no....it was something to do with food. Um...OH! I know...Hash Browns! NO -- Home Fries -- HOME FIRES!" I guess the UK got Season 2 already but I can't find anything for us in the US beside a vague "maybe in the Fall"....anybody know? One thing I have to add: any time I watch ANY British program I end up pausing a dozen times to IMDB people because "I know them from something!" I watched Home Fires on Amazon on my computer and found they have something called XRay where you just touch your cursor and it brings up a little side panel with who is in that scene, and if you click on it, you get a short bio, filmography, etc. Saved me probably 15 trips to IMDB while I watched!
  11. Fiddler1

    Mr. Selfridge

    I'm going to miss it too! I may have gotten a little choked up when he exited his office and the staff was lining the halls....then came out of the elevator and everybody was there. And yes...the flashbacks :)
  12. Fiddler1

    Season Two Talk: Brand New Contestants, Same Old Bears

    I'm so glad this show is back, and with it, this great forum! I'm a lifelong camper and hiker, but I wouldn't last a day (well, a NIGHT) out there alone....no how no way ;) It really surprises me, especially with this being the second season, that some of these people don't seem to be prepared in some areas. If I were going, I'd make darn sure I knew every way there was to fish, that I could start a fire in my sleep, that I'd hold on to my ferro rod, etc. Of course, this is all armchair quarterbacking from the comfort of my own living room, which only adds to the pleasure of watching....though the first episode of the first season made me so anxious I had to switch it off! Couldn't resist coming back to it, though. Three weeks ago my friend and I were at the end of a four hour hike and about 100 yards away from our cars when we saw it -- a LARGE black bear browsing away maybe 25 feet off to our left. We'd been talking and laughing and making noise as we went, so it must have heard us long before we saw him but aside from looking up at us once, it went right on eating and ignored us. Our choice was either to go WAY back deeper into the woods the way we came (which we really didn't want to do...we were tired) or skirt around him (not something I really wanted to do either!) but knowing we were so close to the road and people and parking, we gave him as wide a berth as possible and got back to the cars. We then spent the next 15 minutes looking at each other, saucer-eyed, repeating "We saw a bear! We saw a BEAR! A BIG bear!!" :-D
  13. Fiddler1

    S02.E12: No Weddings And A Funeral

    It looked to me like the facade of Nordstroms at Garden State Plaza (also in Paramus) but then they gave it a name that sounds like Paramus Park Mall. I live just down the road from there and let out a yell when I saw it and they said Paramus! And yes, I totally agree with you that living in Brooklyn and going to work in Paramus would take about 90 min by bus on a good day!
  14. Fiddler1

    S06.E09: Christmas Day

    My favorite part was Robert kissing the dog on the head before handing it off to Tom as they prepared to drive off to Brancaster :)
  15. Fiddler1

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    It feels like it's on every channel I watch! It's a Windows 10 ad called "Meet the Bug Chicks." I mean, I can deal with a lot of bugs but there ARE limits to what I want to see magnified a zillion times while I'm sitting on the couch with my late-night TV snack ;)