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  1. Yeah, there was no mention of Yang in the West Coast version.
  2. I couldn't believe how long the question was that Glenn Close read. It just kept going.
  3. If I recall correctly, Ida May Mann = I Da Main Man (Phil's boast to Claire).
  4. "Tap tap tap tap tap!" I'm STILL laughing at that.
  5. Absolutely brilliant. I loved the second season even more than the first, and I wasn't sure that was possible. What an immense talent Phoebe Waller-Bridge is. Fleabag AND Killing Eve? I mean, come on.
  6. I cannot believe they blew the opportunity to finally get rid of Dane. God, that was stupid. I've disliked him from the very first episode and now he's probably going to win. Seriously, just so dumb.
  7. Speaking of silver foxes (and if we weren't, we should be), Gregory Harrison is aging extremely well. The man was born in 1950, for crying out loud.
  8. Agreed. Moira's scene with Stevie was so lovely; she really has grown (and so has Stevie, for that matter) and I wanted Crows to be a success for her. It didn't detract from my enjoyment of the episode, but it was an odd note to end the season on. And Patrick as the MC...man. He was fabulous. Stevie was terrific, too. She doesn't have the best voice, but she really sold the emotion in "Maybe This Time."
  9. This show is so special. If you would've told me five seasons ago that I would come to care so deeply about these characters, I don't know that I would have believed you. And yet, here we are. I didn't twig that Patrick was going to propose until he started acting a little squirrelly about postponing the picnic. Then David's reaction when he turned around and saw Patrick down on one knee...just wonderful. That whole scene was perfect. And hey, even Roland was genuinely relieved to find out Johnny was going to be okay. It's a Schitt's Creek miracle!
  10. That was "No Children" by the Mountain Goats and it was a terrific choice. (And Paul and Lindsay's first dance was to "Nothing" by Jennifer Sawdon, who is married to Chris Geere.) I loved the finale. Finding out that the flash forwards were not what they seemed was, frankly, a relief and it made me want to watch them all again, now that I know how it all turns out. Jimmy and Gretchen ending up unmarried (but still together) was the choice that made the most sense, I think. Paul and Lindsay remarrying...still not sure about that. This was a uniquely great show and I'll really miss it.
  11. Yes! I thought exactly the same thing. I've seen that Rosie O'Donnell stand up special where she talks about her heart attack a couple of times and when Paula was in the doctor's office, I ran through Rosie's HEPPP checklist (hot, exhausted, pain, pale, puke) -- Paula ticked every box. It's a useful acronym to remember.
  12. Pamela

    Season 5 Chat

    I believe she said "Raisinets".
  13. Hitchcock is the balding one (like Alfred Hitchcock) and Scully is...the other one. It works for me.
  14. Man, I loved this episode. The whole club scene was brilliant. Bash's reaction once he realized it was a gay club and the way his eyes kept darting around while his face barely moved...really terrific work by Chris Lowell. And the use of Bronski Beat's "Smalltown Boy" was perfect.
  15. Pamela

    I Feel Bad

    I enjoyed the second episode more than the first, and overall, it was a little better than the commercials led me to believe. It didn't rock my world or anything, but it's the type of undemanding, comfort food-type of sitcom that I could make a spot in my schedule for. Plus, it stars Paul Adelstein and I heart him.
  16. That line was a bit of a gut punch.
  17. Epilepsy, maybe? An aura can sometimes precede a seizure (which could also explain the mouth guard and the pillows).
  18. Two episodes in (I haven't watched tonight's yet) and I'm really enjoying this show. I just like the feel of it, you know? It's quirky, but not self-consciously so. And both Wyatt Russell and Sonya Cassidy are terrific; they are very convincing as siblings. Plus, that scene in the second episode when Liz is cleaning the fridge and then she just gets inside and closes the door...that killed me in the best way. (Although it did make me think of that infamous Punky Brewster episode.)
  19. I teared up at the wedding, just a little. And then again at the end. This was a terrific show and I'm going to miss it.
  20. And this time, they really mean it. Probably.
  21. I saw a couple of reports that Scorpion had been cancelled, but now those stories seem to have disappeared. Hmmmm.
  22. That may have been the shoutiest jury questioning yet. Someone really needed to remind Paras and Kaela that they were mic'd up and didn't need to yell. And colour me surprised that Paras ended up taking it. I thought the vote would be closer and Kaela would win. Not unpleasantly surprised, but still.
  23. My favourite was "Knock It Off, Pamela." For obvious reasons.
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