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  1. A lot of kissing today and NO chemistry with any of them. What a boring episode!
  2. Jay was on Antique Roadhouse a while back and showed off his Newport RI mansion. What a house!
  3. Yes they are. I have owned 2 of them. Very smart and very friendly.
  4. "Bottom of the barrel" is what we are getting lately. That first case was so stupid.
  5. I wanted the Samoyed to win. Not happy with her choice. Any other dog but that one. Who came in second, third ... Anyone know?
  6. Never saw this commercial but last night during the Westminster Dog Show on Fox it was on many times. Gross!
  7. Your last sentence said it all.
  8. The two cases today are just as bad as yesterday. Bakers with their nominal award and two lazy defendents who like watching TV.
  9. Oils in shampoo aren't good for me either. Sulfate free shampoos are the best IMO.
  10. "Out of respect for Sharon"! Say it ain't so.
  11. I wonder why Brigitte wasn't chosen for this show as permanent host.
  12. Not liking Mayim as host. Laughter and arrogance not needed.
  13. I feel like I am watching a reality show. Mary talked about her uncle Bill Green. He retired recently from News Center Maine. Great broadcaster.
  14. Dixie Chicks were big back in the day. I especially loved Landslide by Natalie. Even better than Stevie Nicks. I know that won't sit well with Stevie fans.
  15. I hope this scammer is in jail.
  16. Yes EB phones it in now but he was very good on this show.
  17. Waterworld was an embarrassment. Kevin is very good in his Paramount series Yellowstone.
  18. I agree with everyone you mentioned except Costner. IMO he is a great actor. PB is also a great actor. He outshines everybody on this show.
  19. Yes Harvey needs to get better cases. I wish JM and JJ would have commented on the cases today. Instead we get to hear about JJ and his pinball machines.
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