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  1. Mrs OldManBalls

    S05.E12: Dinner With The Goldbergs

    I needed a drink after this. It was too real. Like the writers know my life.
  2. Mrs OldManBalls

    Season 4 Talk

    When Pops told Jack he needed deodorant- "and not the all natural, the more-chemicals-the-better to kill that funk dead"? I related. Sometimes they start stinking while they are cute and small....
  3. Mrs OldManBalls

    S03.E07: Off the Record

    I'm with you all the way. I don't see the rakish charmer everyone else sees. He's a selfish, immature pain in the ass.
  4. Mrs OldManBalls

    S05.E05: Bad Beat

    I'm not missing her at all.
  5. Mrs OldManBalls

    S02.E05: Chapter Eighteen: When A Stranger Calls

    Betty's dad seems super whipped, and rarely gets to say more than a few lines. Will Lochlyn Munro ever get to do more???
  6. Mrs OldManBalls

    S02.E08: Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer

    My step father is named Bob, but he'll never hold a candle to Bob Newby Superhero. RIP, I adored you.
  7. Mrs OldManBalls

    Season 4 Talk

    I loved that, and they way everyone in the room sighed and was all "here we go again."
  8. Mrs OldManBalls

    S05.E02: The Big House (2)

    I appreciated the call back to his wife's "heavy breasts" when Holt was talking to the guard. I'm going to miss the cannibal/woodworker. Thanks Tim Meadows! Boyle's podcast would have been awesome!
  9. Mrs OldManBalls

    The Mick

    Jimmy is truly a hot mess, but he's the hot mess this family needs.
  10. Mrs OldManBalls

    S05.E01: The Big House (1)

    The repeated attempts by Jake and his woodworking cannibal cellie to film the beatdown was the least funny thing, and it was still pretty funny.
  11. Mrs OldManBalls

    The Guest Book

    The way they looked at each other, shut the door and let the exhaust do it's thing? Glad there was no dialogue because I was laughing too hard to hear it.
  12. Mrs OldManBalls

    S01.E10: Avalanche

    I'm not cool with the thought of Uncle Daddy moving toby into Juanda's house and taking over her things. Hope the story doesn't go there. Reva is very intimidating. She does not mess around. I'm glad she was nice to Brianne to the point that the little girl wanted to stay with her!
  13. Mrs OldManBalls

    S01.E03: Quicksand

    I hope it's back every summer!
  14. Mrs OldManBalls

    S05.E13: Storm-y Weather

    Come sit by me. I'm worried about her too.
  15. Mrs OldManBalls

    S05.E08: Tied to the Tracks

    Loved that Blanca was wearing Red's lipstick.