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  1. I'm about halfway through the show and I don't get why they are making Mia so unlikeable and adding this antagonism between Mia and Elena. I mean Mia burning that picture, WTF?
  2. I've been thinking about this a lot since I saw this episode. Drug and alcohol use is very normalized in upper-middle class white women circles. How many times do women joke about needing a Xanax, or drinking as soon as the kids are in bed? The pressure on women to be everything to everyone is insane. I very much empathized with Michelle. I've spent many nights up on my laptop till 2am trying to get something done, and it almost feels like having two lives. Plus she seems like the type who doesn't want to let people down. It's very possible the people close to Michelle, including Patton, had no idea how much she was using and what types of drugs. She may have asked other people to get drugs for her, each thinking they are helping out a friend, and not realizing she was getting pills from others plus her own prescriptions.
  3. I thought I was the only one who love Pete.
  4. Wow, who woulda thought working for the cartel was dangerous, huh Wendy? So glad she got that smackdown. Gee, wonder why Marty wanted out? Wanted to stay safe? Poor horse, and poor ranch lady. As soon as I heard "horses" I knew this was going to go bad, based on my previous scarred-for-life Sopranos horse storyline.
  5. Finished the season yesterday. My big takeaway from the Apollo set and aftermath is that Susie is a shit manager, besides the money stuff. She took no time to prepare Midge for performing in front of an all-black audience. I mean, a few minutes before she went on, *that's* when it dawns on Midge that hey, this isn't her usual audience? Also, Susie left Midge on perhaps the biggest show of her life. Midge got nervous, and it was left to Reggie to calm her down. Reggie isn't the Midge-whisperer, that's Susie's job. I also don't feel as though Midge outed Shy. I was afraid she would and was biting my nails through the set, but it seemed to me she walked the line of just teasing Shy about being high-maintenance and pampered. The ladies were all screaming for him still. Yes, Shy may have felt like it hit too close to home and he has every right to fire her over that. But again, if Susie had been there and had properly prepped Midge for the set, she wouldn't have had to riff. I am really over Rose and Abe's attitude towards the Maisels. They didn't have to take them in. Yeah, it was all contrived for wacky hijinks, but it got old. I thought Abe was going to want to move to Florida after that ep. Also if they are so broke, let Zelda go. I'm sure she can find other work. Make that three Joel fans. I'm not really getting the hate.
  6. Oh My God! Just STFU already! I swear every time they or the Russos try to add some kind of tidbit or explanation it just gets worse. Shut up and let me have my own headcanon and leave it be. I've read so many other endings for Steve written by random people on the Internet that were better and more in-character. My new favorite is Steve coming back de-serumed. He had to give up the serum (thing he loved) in order to put the Soul Stone back. He comes back small and scrawny again (this takes care of retiring Cap/Evans not returning to the role), and passing the mantle. See? Not so hard. I would have loved that.
  7. Right? I was like None Of This Is Helping STFU!!!! The bolded is really the crux of what's wrong with Steve's ending. I'm never really going to be over it. I have to console myself with my headcanon and stop reading anything the Russos/M&M say. Poor Chris, he was trying to help.
  8. Yeah. It's not even as much fun to discuss online, which is a lot of my television enjoyment. If I've watched a few episodes in a row, sometimes I forget what happened in which episode, so I don't post. There's also not as much chatter in the ep threads, wondering what's going to happen next and ruminating about why so-and-so did this, or what did that thing mean, etc.
  9. I'll speculate that there were Cap tributes, but because Tony was Peter's mentor/father figure, those are the ones we're seeing everywhere because Peter is seeing them. We also don't know exactly what the story is to the world of how Cap died, or if he's even dead. Going missing (I'm guessing this is what the general public thinks) is a little different than sacrificing one's self to save the world.
  10. Another thing that's bugging me, and I guess this is why you don't think about movies like this too hard - The whole deal of Peter being left the EDITH glasses. When did Tony write the note and decide to give them to Peter? It had to have been before the battle, so how did he know Peter would even be back? I don't doubt that Tony had a lot of affection for Peter, but would he have really chosen him to have control of something like EDITH? Sure, leave him his cool Tony Stark glasses that could see stuff, but the EDITH weapons part and all that? I would think he would leave that to someone like Bruce, Steve (assuming he didn't know Steve was going to peace out), or Rhodey. Yeah, I know, we wouldn't have the movie without this. I also thought EDITH would have some kind of never kill Peter Parker protocol.
  11. Saw it yesterday. I liked it, but it was also a bit meh. I'm annoyed that the villain is a disgruntled Stark employee. It honestly felt a bit Scooby-dooish. He would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids! I'm also unsure how I feel about the Fury and Hill reveal. So where was Hill? On the ship with Fury? My likes - Tom Holland. He's charming and I love his Spider-man/Peter Parker. All the kids. I'll handwave that they all just happened to be snapped so they just happen to be the same age. The school news. I can't get enough of it! It's so spot on. The In Memoriam was awesomely bad. I'm going with the world at large thinks Cap died in the battle, or didn't make it back, so that's why he's included. I did like Jake G's performance, even though I didn't love the whole Stark employee thing. The nod to Cap fighting with his shield and Mjolnir. I know some didn't like it, but I did think the presence of Tony Stark looming over was appropriate. It felt like a way to say goodbye. Happy and Aunt May. Edit to add - JK Simmons! OK, now for my logistics gripe. I wasn't sure whether to put this in the Endgame topic or here. The reveal that people who "blipped" came back to the same spot they were in. I know we've assumed Bruce wished everyone back in a safe spot, but what about Dr. Strange, Peter, and the Guardians being on Titan when they were snapped? How did they get back? Did Strange do some sort of portal thing? In which case I've wondered why he didn't just portal Thanos somewhere but whatever. I'm also wondering what bringing everyone back has meant for the universe too. Sigh, this makes me wish even more that in Endgame they just undid the snap somehow instead of the five year gap/bring them back. It really raises so many issues. ETA - I'm not sure how I feel about Peter being blamed at the end. Obviously it's setting up the next movie, but the poor kid has been through enough.
  12. OK, so I saw FFH and I interpreted this as:
  13. I agree. I am still somewhat overweight but working on it, was a lot more overweight. The health issue is real and it's disingenuous to pretend it isn't. I had a lot of mixed feelings watching this. I was happy for Annie that she accepted herself and her body, but I feel like part of self-love is wanting the best for yourself and that includes being a healthy weight. They didn't have to make the mom basically a concern troll and anyone who brought up her weight be so negative and mean. I did enjoy the pool party episode though. Ryan was the worst and he was gross. I was repulsed that Annie would sleep with him. Just no. She deserved better. I was mostly here for Aidy Bryant and I thought she did a great job. Overall the show was enjoyable and I'll watch the next season. I do hope Ryan is gone but I doubt it.
  14. I wish I hadn't read that. Although maybe I'm glad for the warning.
  15. I don't hate Sharon, I just felt like it was shoved in there in CW and they had zero chemistry. It's also kind of weird that she's Peggy's great niece. I wouldn't have minded Sharon as an addition to Team Cap but as a friend and ally to Cap. The kiss in CW didn't really have any build up or anything. And, making Steve Peggy's husband all along (which I will never accept, it's just too stupid) makes it even weirder. I am a Stucky shipper, but I also ship Steve/Peggy, but as an in the past thing. If Steve hadn't crashed in the ocean, yeah maybe he would have married Peggy. Who knows? That's why I'm ok with Old Steve being the Frozen Steve. If 2023Steve rescued the Steve in that timeline, and that's the one that married Peggy (as she would not have moved on yet), I'm cool with that. Also count me in as being upset with Steve leaving Sam. And, now that I'm thinking about it even more - leaving what's left of the Avengers. Yes, Steve is free to retire. Zero problems with that. But I would think the Steve we've known for years would stay to at least help them regroup and work through the trauma. Most of the remaining Avengers had been snapped and don't know what went down in the five year gap. I'm also wondering how Steve got the shield to bring back to Sam? That makes me think maybe he did rescue Frozen Steve.
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