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  1. That's true, but when it comes to Meeechelle and the Boob they haven't changed their hairstyles since the '80's.
  2. Yeah I'm confused too, he should have recognized the people on the show.
  3. Both sides of parents would, her parents suck as much as his do.
  4. He's living in a material world and he's a material boy.
  5. Have we seen Boob? Meeechelle posted a picture of her 'getting back in the swing of things' but I don't remember seeing Boob.
  6. Another of her tweets says that Josh was the target of the raid.
  7. I would totally watch this over the boring 'guess what, we fuck without using contraception and are totally shocked that we are expecting !!' episodes.
  8. Oh Timmy, Timmy, Timmy. There's so much to unpack in that little message and not a lot of it is good. 'Don't be mean to my mommy, she's the bestest and I love her sooooo much. If you have something to say we do not approve off, please keep your heathen mouth shut as we do not need that negativity in our lives.'
  9. They announced they would stop giving money to organizations like Salvation Army and other anti lgbtq+ groups and focus more on poverty and hunger. It also has what's his face Huckabee's panties all in a bunch.
  10. I'm not wild about Jenny's either. That girl wears a lot of not awesome clothing.
  11. If that boy had a phone he would be calling for help. 'Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, there's a crazy lady here trying to kiss me.'
  12. 'getting back in the swing' of what? Not parenting your kids?
  13. If he had been good enough to play at a top team in Europe he could have made serious money, both salary and endorsements. Unfortunately for him he was only good enough to play in Finland for a team I never even heard of.
  14. Not to mention the fact that she got send to live with a guy who molested his younger sisters.
  15. Would that be something the FBI would raid a house for?
  16. On reddit there's spec that since it's an FBI raid chances are it may be child porn. I really really hope it's s not because that's just awful on every level.
  17. And once again an undefeated team got taken down at Kinnick in November.
  18. The soup and her comment about it for Tree makes sense, Ana Gasteyer first acting job was in the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld.
  19. I saw a video on reddit recently that Derick posted a while ago, I'm sure it's been posted here when he put it on Instagram, and in the background you could see Meeechelle reprimanding one of the lost girls, I want to say Jenny, and that poor kid looked terrified like it was a regular occurrence. Once she noticed the camera Meeechelle came over to Derick and turned on her 'keeping sweet' persona. It was creepy as fuck.
  20. I had a dream that I was feeding the Rod kids and giving them apple juice. I think I may hang out here too much 😂
  21. I'm hungry so I'm suggesting Nutella. Milagro makes me think of The X-Files.
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