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  1. Aunty Sharon

    Sgt. Terry Jeffords: He Needs Nutrients!

    If anyone can direct me to a gif of Terry trying not to yawn in front of Holt in the 48 hours episode, I'd be eternally grateful!
  2. Aunty Sharon

    Chas: Big Yellow Taxi

    Nope, sorry, I cannot accept this version of Chas. He is my absolute favourite character from the comic books, I even have original comic-art from the Chase spin off, and this guy is nothing like him. I want him trying to avoid the supernatural (even those he has the most bonkers backstory out of everyone), I want him growling at John, moaning about the constant lifts he has to give John, (my fav Chas line from the comics is "Get in the cab you freeloading wanker!". I want Renee (pronounced Ree-nee because she's an Eastender!). I just want my Chas and I'm not getting him :( If this bloke was called Dave or Nathan, he'd be fine, but he's too easy-going, too willing, and I'm really not getting the years-old friendship that I expected.
  3. Aunty Sharon

    Constantine Anticipation

    I really want this to be good, Hellblazer was my favourite series until Milligan killed it.
  4. Aunty Sharon

    Supernatural Spin-Off Ideas

    I'll never stop complaining about Agent Henriksen and the Wasted Potential of Awesomeness, I don't care how many years it's been!
  5. ooh goodie, another place for me to vent my despair about the waste of Agent Henriksson. THAT was you spin-off, right there, in front of you. But you threw it away :(
  6. Aunty Sharon

    Advance Buzz For True Detective : Now with Season 2!

    I'm not a fan of Vince Vaughn at all so he would never be my first choice. But then, before True Detective, I always found Matthew McConaughey really unappealing, so I'm happy to give Vince a shot.
  7. Aunty Sharon

    S04.E01: Lazarus Rising

    ITA Daisy. I still don't understand the Christie/Kristen thing - why did Sam pretend to get her name wrong, and why did Ruby look like a kicked puppy? But oh well. And of course, Castiel's entrance is still amazing, I LOVE the music and sound effects to it. In fact, I'm off to watch it again.
  8. Aunty Sharon

    S03.E12: Jus In Bello

    I LOVE this episode, it's one of my favs, only tainted by the fact that the character of Henriksen gets taken out, and my dreams of a spin off were dashed. But I love Assault on Precinct 13, so I also love this.
  9. Aunty Sharon

    Supernatural Media: I Observe, With My Eyes

    Wow @ those e-online comments. It's actually quite nice to see crazed fans going at each other, and none of them are to do with Supernatural!
  10. Aunty Sharon

    S01.E18: Something Wicked

    I didn't have children when i first watched this, but now I have a 5 year old, and the idea of leaving her alone for days with a younger sibling before the age of about 13, freaks me out so much. John Winchester, you ass!
  11. Aunty Sharon

    S01.E14: Nightmare

    Yes, this one was just uncomfortable, I never rewatch it.
  12. Aunty Sharon

    S01.E15: The Benders

    Ahhh, this episode holds a special place in my heart because it was the first one I ever saw! Just caught it on TV one night, and then got the box set for my birthday.
  13. All of this! I can't bear being bored with Cas, but he's just not fun anymore. And he was soooo much fun. And attractive. (he's still attractive)
  14. Aunty Sharon

    Supernatural Survival Game

    I hope it's been 24hrs... ++ Pilot -- Wendigo ++ Skin 29- Pilot 27 - Scarecrow 23 - Devil's Trap 23 - The Benders 23 - Skin 21 - Faith 21 - Dead in the Water 19 - Hell House 19 - Something Wicked 17 - Phantom Traveler 17 - Bloody Mary 17 - Shadow 15 - Asylum 15 - Route 666 15 - Nightmare 15 - Salvation 11 - Wendigo 11 - Home 03 - Dead Man's Blood 03 - Hook Man GANKED: Bugs Provenance
  15. Aunty Sharon

    Supernatural Obsession: Quotes, Memorable Moments, etc

    I will never, ever, EVER stop moaning about this. If anyone deserved a spin off it was the snaky but sexy FBI agent who would have found a new lease of life in chasing real monsters. NEVER FORGET!!!! And the fact that they said they killed him off due to "actor availabilty" really annoyed me when he turned up anyway in S04E02 aaargh!