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  1. I get the impression that D&D think Bronn is some kind of fan favourite, whereas most people seem to find him aggravating. It wasn't racist. They came to Westeros to fight for Dany and there was no reason for them to stay once she was gone. Unlike many other characters, they freely chose their own fate in the end.
  2. I'm quite gratified to see the dislike for Bronn here. No disrespect to Jerome's performance, but I detest Bronn. He's obnoxious and arrogant and crude in a really distasteful, off putting way and should NEVER have been handed a seat on the council. He's totally untrustworthy. His going on about brothels was probably meant to be funny but it just grated. I hope he dies of a nasty venereal disease. I also thought I'd never dislike Grey Worm, but he seemed to turn vindictive and cruel right when Dany did. And Sansa has become completely unlikable.
  3. Argenta

    S05.E22: Legacy

    - I seem to be in a minority (on these here forums at least) in having loved Nora all along, so I'm sad that she was erased. But since her coming back changed so much, there's no reason to think her future life won't work out differently and a version of her will survive. I really hope we see JPK again on this show. - Although I long to see Matt Letscher return, I love Eobard in any form so I'm happy he escaped. Always one step ahead. Funny thing though, although he obviously did manipulate and deceive Nora, his Master Plan was basically...not being executed. Which is hardly evil in itself. -So much eyeliner on post-escape Eobard, for a moment I thought I was watching Nestor Carbonell. Also, in between breaking his restraints and killing the guards he apparently super-sped off to dye his hair. - GO SINGH! We knew you knew, you know. About time he got a promotion after all the trouble his underlings (yes, YOU, Barry and Joe) have caused him in the last five years. - I agree that Cisco ditching his powers made zero sense, if for no other reason than that they've saved the day, and people's lives, multiple times. He may well regret his decision the next time Team Flash find themselves in a tight spot that Vibe could have got them out of.
  4. I`d say the actual wedding is quite different from the bachelor/ette parties. Weddings generally have more invitees, including relatives who aren`t necessarily that well-known to the bride or groom personally, and various people`s significant others. The bachelor stuff, on the other hand, tends to be a much smaller and more intimate group consisting of the couple`s closest friends. So I would expect to see background people at the wedding, but not necessarily before it. Thinking about it further, it`s pretty easy to fill church pews with extras and just have them as faces in the background. It would have been a lot harder to have background-only people at the parties - they`d have to have actually been part of the group, i.e. sitting at the dinner table with Iris & co, or arriving at Joe`s house and watching home videos with Barry`s group. You can`t just bring complete strangers in to do stuff like that. I do agree that Iris and Caitlin should have interacted and formed a meaningful relationship way earlier in the show. But they didn`t, and all the writers can do now is try to amend this going forward.
  5. Amen to this. There have been quite a few complaints about the main characters having no friends outside Team Flash, but really, I think most viewers would be more unhappy if random never-before-seen people were dragged in for the sake of it and either a) hung around doing nothing of substance or b) did something of substance, and in doing so took action and screen time away from the regulars. I feel like the writers can't win in this situation, but for my money, they made the right call. Overall, I thought this was a very fun and funny episode, despite the flaws. I was concerned about the strip club setting because it seemed tacky and potentially disloyal to their girlfriends for the guys to go somewhere like that, but I think it was handled tastefully and they ended up there mostly by accident, anyway... The only bum note for me was Amunet. I didn't like her accent, mannerisms, makeup or outfit.
  6. I was pretty underwhelmed by Zari. I'm afraid I found both the character and the actress dull and unconvincing. I hope she improves!
  7. Re. Joe discussing the possibility of moving with Barry - I'd say that only happened because Barry dropped by at that time. It's not as if Joe actively sought Barry out to talk to him about it. Great to see Harry/Tom back, although I agree with you all that he seemed a bit off initially. Love him to bits though! Man, Becky's voice was shrill and annoying...
  8. I think you're right about that. I couldn't stand Patty, either. Felicity I like in small doses such as guest shots on Flash, but she gets a bit much over the course of a full Arrow episode.
  9. I find Tracy kind of irritating. I think she's a little ditzy.
  10. I'm glad to see that some things remain unchanged... Michael: Spends years formulating an elaborate and complex plan. Linc: Shows up and headbutts as many people as necessary. Bless them both <3
  11. I think Kellerman is really dead -which saddens me, because he has always been amazing and played to perfection by Paul Adelstein. I'm happy that T-Bag survived, though. And the Michael/Lincoln hug was one I've been waiting years for :D
  12. I'm glad you've wrapped your head around this so effectively, because I can't. It's all too confuzzling. Thanks for breaking it down. *tours the thread handing out aspirin to all those with headaches* Although the reveal itself wasn't much of a surprise, I think it was executed well. And I have to admit that I find it upsetting to think that any version of Barry would ever even contemplate the idea of killing any version of Iris. I hope the team really kicks it up next episode in exploring every option to save Iris with the new information they now have - and that they have the basic good sense to keep Barry ignorant of the details, so Savi-Bar won't know!
  13. "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!!"
  14. Oh cool, another cheery Flash episode then :)
  15. So....I keep reading that next episode Barry will go forward in time to 2024. If this is true, will that mean we get to see the events described in the infamous Future Newspaper - i.e. the Crisis, the fight between Barry, Oliver, Thawne and whoever else was mentioned, etc?
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