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  1. penbrat

    S37.E13: Finale

    Middle of the season was great. Some really epic tribal counsels. Slow start and really fizzled at the end, but the middle made up for that. Nick is okay and was definitely the best choice of the final three ( I would have much rather seen a Davie/Carl/Kara final three). Angelina was annoying and a bit of a mean girl but she never bothered me. I just kind of laughed at her and her lack of self awareness. (Her asking Natalie for her jacket was one of the funniest survivor moments ever). Angelina’s making the fake idol and wanting to put on a big show at the tribal of playing her idol was just dumb and I don’t think Angelina is dumb, but she is not nearly as smart as she thinks she is either. Gabby mildly annoyed me all season but I laughed out loud when she cried as she cast her vote. I get she is very emotional but I still think she turned on the tears at times as part of game play. Mike was a cartoon character and he took it too far with his sarcasm at times. I am a sarcastic person and get his humor but sometimes he almost crossed the line into petty meanness.
  2. penbrat

    S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    I actually laughed out loud when they announced Bobby as a winner. The look on the other contestants'' faces was pure comedy. It kind of was a fitting end to a craptasic season. Probably (for me) the worst winner since Banana Man (Helio) but since I didn't care for any of the top 4 that much, I can't muster up enough interest to really care. Milo's freestyle was the highlight for me last night. Evanna (sp?) - her freestyle was okay, but her red socks or slippers or whatever she was wearing was very distracting. Don't know if I will watch another season or not.
  3. penbrat

    7th Heaven

    I really liked the first three seasons or so of this show but then it was a rapid slide downhill....the last season was so painful to watch. The story lines got sillier and sillier with all the "strays" the Camdens starting bring home. And Ruthie turned into a snot and Annie turned into a shrew.
  4. penbrat

    Season Five Episode Talk

    I still miss Bobby Dean hosting this show – he was a dork and he owned it. But I have to say that Jessie is slowly growing on me. He is much more relaxed this season and seems to be enjoying his interactions with the contestants. So far, I don’t really dislike anyone and even have three to root for (Douglas and the guy and lady from Jamaica.
  5. I would like to see a new mix of pros (and former pros) - (bring back - if they are free and want to come- Mark or Derek or Tony or heck, even Maks. Mix them up with some new, fresh pros.) And no troupe. I would like an all-star season if they could get enough interesting runners up or whatever. Replace Erin. The only thing I would want them to keep the same is Tom. Maybe even some new judges (replacing one or more of the old ones). Also maybe have a season of either all "ringers" or no one with dance experience (if that is possible) - even out the playing field a bit
  6. penbrat

    S27.E09: Week 7: Country Night

    Now that John is gone, I doubt I finish this season. I knew he would not win but I so hoped that he would outlast Grocery and Bobby. John was the only real bright spot for me this season. Milo is okay as is JP. Don't like either of the girls left at all. I know I am in the minority but Evanna just bugs for me. Whatever. I will just pop in here for the witty snark.
  7. penbrat

    Halloween Baking Championship

    I rooted for Jamal all season but he really started to fade in the end. He is very talented and seems very sweet, so I hope to see more of him on FN. Lindsey was okay, better than Michelle, who was super annoying at the end. Not annoying as Erin, the most annoying FN Baking Championship contestant ever, IMO, but Michelle was getting up there.
  8. penbrat

    S27.E08: Week 6: Halloween Night

    Milo was incredible. He made me almost like Whitney again and that has not happened since the Alfonso season. I know John won't win this thing but I did not think his dance was anywhere nearly as bad as the judges did. I like him and his partnership with Emma and I think he has greatly improved. I thought Evanna was good last night but the whining and begging for 10's (IMO) not cute. Just annoying. Man this season is dull.
  9. penbrat

    Halloween Wars

    I didn't like either finale piece so I didn't care who won
  10. penbrat

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I never thought I would say this, but I miss Mark.
  11. penbrat

    S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    I enjoyed seeing Melissa last night. She and Tony remain one of my top 5 all time DWTS pairings. (No drama, no showmance, just seemed to really enjoy each other and had fun—I miss Tony). I also didn’t think John’s dance was as bad as the judges seemed to. I like Milo and JP and would be fine with either to win it all. And I really don’t feel that race or gender has to do with who gets voted off. This dancing is subjective – some like one person for some reason, some like a certain pro. Fan bases factor into the whole thing – and some might have a good fan base but it is not a base that is going to take the time to vote on a dance competition show. And there are discussions every season that the “best” dancer is voted off mid-show. The “best” dancer doesn’t always (or usually win) and we all have different opinions on who the “best” dancer is. I don’t see DWTS as anything more than a fun, fluffy reality show and I don’t find it a fair comparison for real life where racism and hatred exist.
  12. penbrat

    S27.E04: Week 2: Las Vegas Night

    I thought Nancy gave it a good try but those pants - oh my (not that I would look any better in them but I am not on national tv). But she is almost making me like Val. And good for Emma for trying to be creative but I thought John's dance last night was strange and didn't really get what she was going for. STOP with the Jr's. DWTS. I am not watching them and no amount of pimping will make me.
  13. penbrat


    I am guessing the trip to Hawaii was paid for by TLC with the contingency that it be filmed and the kids went along. Otherwise, why not take a shorter trip closer to home with the kids and then take an adult only trip to Hawaii? Loved Hazel dumping water on herself on the beach and then crying how she hated the beach. So cute. And when Riley had her melt down and Danielle was over it, I liked how Adam went and picked her up and held her and she calmed down. That seemed like a sweet, genuine moment. Other than that - blah. Scripted to the hilt. I do think the kids are normal 3 year olds and not brats and I do agree that Adam and Danielle do love them all. BUT if they are not going to show the kids as the main focus of this show, I am over it. I do not care about wide eyed Adam and his depression or Danielle and her tummy troubles or Mimi and her ups and downs.
  14. penbrat

    S27.E03: Week 2: New York City Night

    John and Nancy - both dances were lovely. I was rooting for them before the show started for nostalgia reasons but I actually find them both to be nice people with nice partnerships with their pros. I realize neither will go all the way but I will watch as long as they are on. I wish we could have a full season of Johns and Nancys (not necessarily an all older cast - but a cast that actually learning to dance along the way with little experience and a more even playing field - of course, that will never happen). As for the rest of the dances, there were some good ones but I only really remember John and Nancy's. Loved Tom in the recliner while Frankie and Jordon did the throw to commercial (but enough with the Jr. stuff). Tom will always be the best part of this show for me. Oh and Erin, quit making every interview you do about you, please?
  15. penbrat

    Halloween Baking Championship

    I just caught part of the marathon from a couple of years ago that was on yesterday. I forgot how much Michelle bugged me - I'm in the oven first, I'm done first, I deserve to win every challenge and then in the end she won on decorating skills even though the judges didn't like her gingerbread or her dessert - it was a baking show for goodness sakes not a decorating show (which should be secondary to taste in these competitions IMO). LOL - she still annoys me two years later. I really need a life.