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  1. The pacing on this show is truly terrible! I’ve only kept watching for Queens Latifah…
  2. For the last while it seems like Whoopie is reserving her comments to rebutt Meghan. Love how she doesn’t reference Meghan directly, but corrects most of her comments, lol
  3. John Grisham - I stopped reading his work years ago because he seemed a little too comfortable using the ‘n’ word in his work...
  4. Meghan ‘blah, blah..cancel culture’ LeVar ‘cancel culture, its misnamed, it’s consequence culture, there are good things happening in the culture right now’ 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Meghan seems a little scared this morning, lol
  6. Because Black farmers have been excluded from previous rescue packages, sometimes the bills themselves excluded them, or the people administering the packages deliberately excluded them.
  7. Whoopi said politicians fundraising on the back of gun massacres is ghoulish. She’s not wrong. meghan has a new technique - she cherry picks statements made by other cohosts, often without context, that line up with her beliefs/whatever she’s about to spew, and quotes them before commenting. She seems to think it gives her cover...
  8. Why on earth do they continue to let McCain rant? She makes the show unwatchable... Every now and then I tune in to, but end up changing the channel within seconds of her butchering the English language in her attempts to sound learned...
  9. Ana - that’s what legitimate outrage looks like! (vs. scripted from Meghan). Ana is fantastic all around.
  10. Powerful episode. When Lola jumped in front of the cop with the gun...and what she said to Mark...just wow. Simone Missick hit those scenes out of the park! I’d say the reason Lola reacted the way she did to Mark is because despite being her best friend, despite knowing her for years, his first instinct was to believe the cop was in the right. Despite being her friend he’s never walked in her shoes, and in spite of what triggered the protests, his first instinct favoured the cop. The authority of the (white) cop outweighed the authority of the (Black) judge, even to him in that moment
  11. The story didn’t make me wonder if the daughter did anything, but didn’t they start the episode with how brilliant she is? Unhappy household or not, who wouldn’t question a story about their parent being kidnapped in a grocery store parking lot, or being told to keep the death of that parent secret from family? So many points at which she should or could have asked questions but didn’t. There’s being an obedient child and then there’s being willfully blind. She was a university student, not a toddler.
  12. Are they contractually obligated to say Lauren is ‘the hottest/most attractive girl in the villa’ several times each episode? I don’t get it...
  13. (Small voice) am I supposed to like Emily? She doesn’t come across as sympathetic. And she treats Luke like crap. I know her breakdown was supposed to be powerful, and it was well portrayed, but I still can’t like her.
  14. Long time lurker here - why am I supposed to dislike Adam again? Everyone keeps talking about how evil he is, so obviously the writers want me to dislike him. But every one who is calling him evil, are pretty bad themselves...
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