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  1. Haha.....certainly agreed, DeLurker.....I just tend to usually be one of those Lonerass People {while Working included, though I do not mind every so seldom actually Working With A Badass Friend/Coworker}..... I recently was YardWorking At My Aunt's; a young 15 year-old Relative of mine {he's one of those that loves to endlessly-intellectualize everything, ad nauseum} was just buzzing-around me In Such Annoying Fashion..... Until I Put His A$$ To Work..... XD
  2. PET PEEVE: Dudes {1-7 of them at once, even} that do *NOTHING* at all whatsoever that merely periodically only come-around to annoyingly TAAAAAAALK to You for {as long as they can Push It} even Up To An Hour Or More {while maybe they only stand-around and Drink/Smoke and do NOTHING ELSE} while You alone are Doing AutoMotive/TreeTrimming/PickingUp/Cleaning/WoodWorking/Etc..... -_- #PleaseLeaveDude. #Bye.
  3. PET LOVE: Making/Wearing Costumes..... <3 PET PEEVE: Irresponsibleass 20/30/40/50-something dudes that really do seem to think that they ARE "Real Men"..... #SuckaPleeeeeeeze..... -_- http://i.imgur.com/ffbD2er.jpg
  4. Oh, yeah.....Astrology and some other Like Thangs, thereabouts: -_- ************************** http://i.imgur.com/857NdRZ.jpg
  5. PET SWEAT: "Crap, Man! Looks Like Papa Needs A Brand-New Quart-.....er, um.....BAG! I Mean BAG! Yeah, heh, heh....." >;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PET PEEVE: >_< #UGH! #GotDamnFugginassLitterBugs! ****************************** http://i.imgur.com/2mnKN4V.jpg
  6. http://i.imgur.com/WgvjV24.png *sigh* -_- ************************** http://i.imgur.com/MD1gYec.png
  7. -PET PEEVE: #THIS. http://i.imgur.com/tRQu7hv.jpg
  8. {Pet Amusement: 'Magic 8 Ball' thingamajiggiewithit, heh, heh.} -PET PEEVE: #CHAOS. #DISORDER. #INSANITY. -_- * >_< *
  9. PET PEEVE?: http://i.imgur.com/ryfWLxv.jpg
  10. <===== Is Rather Quite Blessedly-Oblivious To Stares From Others, Actually.....ha..... XD "Man, What The Phuc Is EveryOne Staring At?!?!?!?" -My Brother during one of our rare Mall Outings, ha. .....though admittedly, I *did* have A Staring Problem {at Others} for a few years, embarrassingly..... -_- Took me too many years to Learn Some Thangs; "STARING IS RUDE.", among them....... >_<
  11. I just rather MUCHLY do like the considerably-slower pace of PTV here as opposed to FB....... #Jussayin. >;)
  12. PET LOVE: "It Is My Ambition To Say In Ten Sentences What Others Say In A Whole Book." -Friedrich Nietzsche {?} PET PEEVE -_- : #OhWell. ************************************* http://i.imgur.com/JSJ6AzX.jpg
  13. Hm.....well, I suppose a recent reported example of what I mean might be something like A Certain Famous Celebrity recently sportin' new SweatPants that only cost but a mere $900-sump'n dollahs, stewedsquash..... Stuff Like That that sometimes instantly gets Cynicalass Grumpyass Cat Me to automatically-think {and guiltily-relish periodically Dripping Some Venom, I freely-admit, heh} Stuff Like This: ********************************* "Hmph...I Wonder How Many Hungry Kids That Sum Might Feed?"
  14. "waste". I Hate Waste. Wasting Time.....Food.....Resources.....Money..... {Money = Power, ergo: WASTING POWER. } -_-
  15. Heh, heh, glowlights.....Bombarding Overloadage? ;)
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