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  1. If Mel is going to be so stupid to go to a sex club that’s run in the same club as where his son broadcasts a radio show then he deserves to get blackmailed and Gina should get it.
  2. You guys! Luke Perry died! 💔
  3. So that we will know that he is sexxxy.
  4. Donna’s outfit in the 2nd to last pic looks like a gigantic tongue.
  5. Bwah ha ha ha ha!!! I went back and looked and I LOVE IT
  6. The writers really missed an opportunity here. Imagine if they would have killed off Dylan here with an overdose, they would have episodes worth of drama as everyone processes that, maybe Gina is pregnant and Kelly has to deal with Gina carrying Dylan’s legacy.. Guys, should I quit my job and go back in time and write for 90210?
  7. Is the Martin Manse a two bedroom? Was the only options for Donna and Noah either her room or her parents??
  8. At least a throwaway line about them renting from Jim and Cindy or Rush bought the house and gave it Steve. SOMETHING!
  9. She looks like an Oompa Loompa with a platinum wig in the 2nd from the bottom. So orange!!! Nobody told the staff on ER about it...
  10. Don’t worry, Teasley’s the only one they could get to come back for Donna bridal shower. Uh spoiler alert.
  11. Doctors are not supposed to write scrips for family members Dr Martin!!!!!
  12. Haven’t we already done the David and the bad influence musicians a few times already??? Once this season with the racist band? We still have to get Kelly and Brandon back together engaged and then calling off the wedding that’s a lot of show to go. I wish the writers would have let Donna read Brandon to filth during that phone call.
  13. I think Tori Spelling and Vince Young were dating in real life at the time.
  14. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/california/Police-Respond-to-Disturbance-Call-at-Tori-Spellings-House-475585113.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_BAYBrand
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