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  1. You just blew my mind. That’s the Suck It drummer kid?!
  2. I really enjoyed some of the side characters in this show mostly because of the actors that portrayed them - the AI butler made me laugh in every episode even though he usually has 1 line.
  3. My take on the last scene was that they did have sex. Claire made a whole speech how this will not be the thing that breaks her. Sex has always been one the best ways Claire and Jaime connected so she wanted to reclaim it for herself as a nonviolent act. That's why Jaime called her brave during that scene and she said she felt safe. One unintentional moment of comedy for me was the Indian asking if she knows who Ringo Starr is. Why not pick a more popular Beatle? I can't seem to remember what the orange symbolized. Was it in a past scene?
  4. I’m just glad we got closure for all the cliff hangers from last episode. As much rape as there is in this show, at least it’s taken as serious trauma and not dismissed like some other shows.
  5. Thin sweatpants was not a good choice for Bear during the make-out scene. Way too much erection for my comfort! I know it’s not nice to make fun of people but Wes’s impression of how Josh speaks cracked me up.
  6. I was going to scream if they left Bonnet on the beach. All that bickering over who gets to kill him and they leave it up to the courts?! Ok then. And at the end Bree still shoots him, could have saved a lot of time with all that. Any episode that’s short on Claire/Jamie interaction goes to the bottom of the list for me anyway.
  7. Maybe it's like in the movie Crank where you gotta get the adrenaline up 🙂
  8. I think it's BS that players in Purgatory can have the puzzles solved for them by the people in the stands. I like Jordan in general but what is that Amish getup he wears in his confessionals?
  9. Agreed, it was about their bond. Skin to skin contact is extremely important for newborns and mothers to solidify a bond so why not have it work in this case.
  10. How convenient that the buffalo wonders into their backyard, they didn’t have to carry all that meat across the Ridge. Nice engineering of the snake syringe, would have been some dark humor if Bree came in with that 5 minutes later.
  11. Either CT was gassed out from the start or he was too cocky that he'll win because it seemed like he was moving in slow motion. I always get second hand embarrassment from watching some of these women - Dee, Cara Maria, Nani...they're adults still acting like teenagers trying to make a guy jealous, being overly clingy. It's hard to watch.
  12. Is Wendy that oblivious to what's going on that she thought she and Navarro are partners?!
  13. I keep thinking the same thing, how is Roger not insisting on going back after all he has lived through? The past has not been kind to him and the war is coming. I think their kid is old enough to tell them if he hears the stones' buzzing. Time to go!
  14. I remember Jenn from Amazing Race and she was first out on that show as well...maybe reality tv isn't working so well for her.
  15. Lola82

    Onward (2020)

    We watched this today and I thought it was a pretty good movie. I loved the brothers’ relationship, especially little moments like Barley feeding Ian cheetos as they’re walking. It reminded me a bit of Frozen with the sisters. I teared up several times, most surprisingly when Barley sacrificed his van. Loved the image of the parking tickets being like wings. I was a little sad for mom that she didn’t get to reunite with dad...that was kind of glossed over.
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